Why should you monitor your backlinks for SEO?

People that work on promoting websites (SEO,PR or Marketing) know that every obtained link is important for ranking in Google (advertorials, campaigns, bought, sold, exchanged or natural links).

I’ve seen lots of times people that write all the obtained links in Excel, but rarely they go back and check each link because it is a painstaking work, it’s time consuming and most of the times you don’t check if the link was modified to nofollow.

A really good solution for this is Monitor Backlinks. Everything you need to do is add the links there (manually, import from file or from bookmark) and they will be automatically checked every few days and an e-mail will be send to you only if a link status has changed.

An enormous advantage  is that it detects possible SEO problems: nofollow, robots.txt blocked, 302 redirects, 404 not found etc.

Give it a try!


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