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8 Awesome Affiliate Marketing Tips You Oughta Know

Want to make a serious splash with affiliate marketing?

Dreaming of making six figures from the comfort of your home?

These seven affiliate marketing tips will show you how to do just that—so stay in your pajamas and brew another cup of coffee.

You might be thinking, “Home, pajamas, coffee? Sounds like the easy life!”

Well, if it were all that easy, then wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

The truth is that affiliate marketing can be a challenge. You just get to be super comfortable while taking on that challenge in your home office.

Getting started with affiliate marketing can be fraught with trial and error, but you can take advantage of our knowledge and firsthand experience to get started the right way.

By following these seven affiliate marketing tips, you’ll have your affiliate sites rolling in dough sooner than you ever imagined.

8 Awesome Affiliate Marketing Tips You Oughta Know

1. Be Upfront, Give Full Disclosure

When it comes to affiliate marketing, full disclosure is a must. It isn’t just good advice. It’s good business.

If you operate a blog in the US that’s currently making money—or one that you expect to generate revenue—a proper disclosure is critical.

Transparency builds authority. If you fail to disclose affiliate relationships, you’ll diminish your brand, chipping away at your authority, and lessening your ability to grow.

Websites and blogs in the US fall under the purview of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and it’s working tirelessly to ensure that all online business is conducted openly and equitably. In other words, failure to disclose won’t only damage your online reputation, but it could also land you in some very real legal trouble.

A quick look at recent FTC Cases and Proceedings will give you an idea of the importance they put on disclosure. (The FTC charged Warner Bros. for failing to “adequately disclose” its payment to online influencers last year!)

If you are anything like me you would rather be running your sites than scouring government policies. So while the entire report is worth reading, here are key takeaways for your ease of reference.

Disclosures must be:

  • clear and conspicuous
  • obvious and unavoidable, even on mobile, microblogging and social media platforms
  • near the affiliate link or other “triggering item”
  • clearly visible, not hidden or covered by banner ads, graphics or buried among other text
  • in the same area as your affiliate link

2. Build Real Relationships

No list of affiliate marketing tips would be complete without advice about building relationships.

Successful affiliate marketing is based on trust. Think about the real-world version of an endorsement. When a friend or family member suggests an item or product, you pay attention.

But what about when a random stranger goes on and on about how great a certain product or service is? Are you more interested or more hesitant to believe their endorsement? Affiliate marketing effectiveness demands a solid foundation built on sincerity and trust.

One of the most effective methods for building online relationships is to network with others online. Compile a list of three or four blogs or sites with similar content and take a few minutes to post a meaningful comment on each site.

These other sites aren’t the competition. They’re the audience you need to reach. Your presence within the online community helps build your authority and grow your site’s readership.

Get real

Share information about your life, experiences and firsthand knowledge. The more your readers get to know the real you, the more they’ll trust you and the information you provide.

Look to social media communities

Joining social media online groups is another way to build relationships. Facebook and LinkedIn are great for this. Not only will you make some terrific connections, but you’ll also stay up to date with relevant issues your audience want to read about.

Stick to your niche

Blogging within your niche is perhaps the most overlooked of all affiliate marketing tips. It’s also one of the most important. Readers come to your site(s) to read what you have to say about your niche.

As wonderful as it might be to brag about the local sports team or weigh in on a political hot-button issue, you’ll be better off venting with your personal Facebook or Medium account.

Niche consistency is essential for attracting—and retaining—loyal readers who want to hear what you have to say and buy what you recommend.

3. Increase Traffic to Your Website

In the world of affiliate marketing tips, compelling content is king. If your blogs contain vague ramblings and out-of-date references, you won’t get much traction from your advertising. Writing informative, relevant blog posts that wrap up with a strong call to action is essential.

Have an active social media presence

Blogging alone isn’t enough to attract readers who convert to customers. You need a strong social media presence. However, it’s worth remembering that strong doesn’t always equal the number of followers.

Your business might have a couple of hundred followers on Twitter but have an engagement rate of 80%. That’s fantastic! It’s much better to have a smaller following that’s active and engaged than to have followers in the tens of thousands who never interact with your Tweets.

Link back to website accounts from social media

This is one of the simplest affiliate marketing tips out there! And yet, you’d be surprised to learn how many blogs forget to link back to their blog from their social media account. You’ll generate more traffic if followers have easy, direct access to your site.

4. Start by Promoting Products You Already Use

When it comes to choosing which products to promote, start with the ones you already use. Readers can tell if you know what you’re talking about and doing so automatically reinforces your authority.

If your site is hosted by BlueHost, and you couldn’t imagine your job without their fantastic customer service, then promote Bluehost. Your enthusiasm for their services will shine through.

5. Choose Products That Help Your Readers Solve a Problem

Another great way to find success with affiliate marketing is to look for products that solve a problem for the reader. When problems crop up in your day, you likely turn to the internet and type in a quick question.

And your readers do the same thing. In fact, looking for a solution to a problem is the number one search that will bring new readers to your blog or website.

If your site contains affiliate marketing for a related product, your chances of making a sale increase significantly. For example, if you run a food service related blog, promoting products that make life in the kitchen easier will practically sell themselves.

Readers are often willing to spend money on products that solve the problem they’re researching.

6. Promote with Authenticity

Of course, you’re excited about your blog and your affiliate products, but coming off too strong at the start can be the death of your online authority and affiliate marketing success.

Start small, but with authenticity

Promote products you’d recommend to your mom or your best friend. If you’re over the moon about a new line of running shoes, and you use those yourself every day, start by answering questions about running shoes, starting a running routine and runner fitness.

Later, when you begin promoting the running shoes, your posts will be received and valued. If you start sending out links to everyone you know on day one saying “click this link” and “buy now,” you’ll be pulling the plug on your success before it ever begins.

Be honest, don’t gush

Nothing is perfect, no matter how much you love it. That also applies to promoting your products. Say what you loved about a product or service, but don’t forget to mention areas where improvements could be made. An honest critique adds to your authenticity and authority, and it increases your conversion rate.

7. Think Realistically

Your readers are just like you—or they want to be. And because you know your audience, I mean really know them, you know what they realistically need.

Choose relevant products. If your blog is about luxury living, products promoting discount or off-season purchases won’t bring in the big bucks.


Of course, it would be great if consumers never considered cost, but money matters. More importantly, how much money your reader can realistically spend matters. A lot. So look for multiple price points when evaluating products to promote.


Everyone loves a great meal, but not everyone is willing to shell out a couple of hundred dollars for one. Don’t forget to think about what type of products readers will realistically be willing to purchase.

8. Keep Your Content Evergreen

If you’ve been blogging for a while, review older posts. Check your Google Analytics to find out which ones are most popular.

Then look for ways to add affiliate links to these evergreen posts.

Add them to the body of a post, not just to your sidebar, for best results


Affiliate marketing is simply one of the best ways for anyone who owns or operates a blog or a website to earn money without having to create a product or service to sell, process orders online or deal with global delivery headaches and hurdles.

Success comes when you build your authority, increase traffic to your site and choose the right products for your readers.

Now that you’ve mastered these eight affiliate marketing tips you’re ready to start earning. That’s all there is to it.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start selling.


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