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The Complete FlexOffers Review: 9 Strong Features We Love

You know that shirt you wear that isn’t your very favorite special occasion shirt, but always fits well and somehow manages to go with every outfit?

FlexOffers is like that shirt.

It doesn’t necessarily have to blow your mind with unique affiliate features. It’s a solid, dependable and functioning network for publishers and advertisers alike.

It will give you a chance to flex your marketing muscles and start building real affiliate strength—even if you’re still a beginner.

FlexOffers is the “Old Reliable” of the affiliate world.

The Complete FlexOffers Review: 9 Strong Features We Love About This Reliable Network

1. Quick signup

Getting started with FlexOffers couldn’t possibly be easier.

Publishers simply fill out a short online application answering simple questions like the name of their website. As if that isn’t easy enough, you can expect to hear back about your application within one business day.

FlexOffers invites most publishing platforms to join, so bloggers, media buyers, email marketers and everyone else can find their new home with the network.

Advertisers have it pretty good with FlexOffers too, just needing to fill out a relatively quick application and make their initial payments to get started. Easy registration means more advertisers join—in fact, there are currently over 5,000 advertisers registered with FlexOffers—and requesting payment to join filters out the less committed advertisers. So, publishers will find a wide variety of high-quality advertisers to work with here.

2. Free for publishers, not for advertisers

Signing up with FlexOffers is completely free to publishers, which is pretty standard across the top affiliate networks.

For advertisers, things are more expensive. With the basic package, they’re required to pay $500 upfront plus a $100 deposit. After that, they must pay the network a 5% cut of what’s paid to publishers—which is okay, considering that some networks demand up to 20%.

There’s a pricier advertiser package available that’s geared toward those with less experience. The more hands-on package walks new advertisers through the process of building and maintaining their network for 90 days, functioning as a coaching program.

An expert who doesn’t need the full-service plan can sign up for the self-managed plan, where they can build their own tools and links at a cheaper price.

The fact that there’s an advertiser signup fee bodes well for the publisher because it drives only the most serious, highest-quality advertisers to the network. And publishers can also rest assured that the newer advertisers have ample support from the network.

3. Publisher referral program

As Old Reliable, FlexOffers is pretty predictable, but it does have a few cool features unique to its network.

One feature worth noting is the referral program for publishers.

How it works: You (as a publisher) refer another publisher to FlexOffers, and if they’re accepted you earn a portion of their sales.

To make a referral, you just need to fill out a Refer-a-Friend form and wait for approval. How much you earn is based on a set calculation—but basically, the more your referral earns, the more you’ll earn. Even better, there’s no cap for referrals and the payout increases with each one.

4. Publishing models are set by advertisers

Advertisers have access to a feature that lets them choose which publishing models their products can appear on.

This means as a publisher, you might not be able to promote certain products depending on your publishing model.

If you look on the bright side of things, this also means that, if an advertiser is allowing your publishing model to be used to promote their products, history has probably shown impressive sales for that model.

5. Tracking progress is a breeze

One of FlexOffers tried-and-true traits is its tracking capability. This platform offers accurate link tracking with important stats updated within an hour, every hour.

FlexOffers easily tracks clicks, earnings per click, transactions, conversion rates and commissions. You can choose specific date ranges to zoom in and monitor progress. Also available are more detailed reports which can be filtered by category, advertiser, product and campaign.

There’s even a live, real-time tracking component which allows you to check clicks, impressions and conversions as they’re occurring, along with a map feature to visually project the location statistics of your customers.

6. Very user-friendly

All publishers are greeted with an extremely user-friendly dashboard. When you sign into your FlexOffers account, the first thing you’ll see is your personalized dashboard front and center.

To stay up to date with FlexOffers, the announcements tab stores network news and new available features. Check it if you want to, ignore it if you don’t.

While you shouldn’t expect many bells and whistles within Flexoffers, you can expect a reliable, trustworthy affiliate marketing tool that’s simple to access. Whether you’re building links or tracking your sales, FlexOffers makes the whole process easy from beginning to end.

7. Logistics aren’t a pain

While the main focus of FlexOffers is on cost per sales, it supports several types publishing models and ads.

Every type of content delivery you could need for promotion is available for download in FlexOffers, including banner links, deep links and HTML links.

To make things easier, FlexOffers has millions of product links available for publishers to use. Plus, the web services feature helps you automate content delivery for each advertiser.

Publishers will be in good company on FlexOffers since there are more than 10,000 publishers currently registered with the affiliate network.

They’ve used their extensive experience in the affiliate marketing space—over 10 years!—to gain momentum, adding an average of 50 new advertisers daily.

8. Payments are reliable

All publishers are paid on a NET30 basis, which is pretty much a best case scenario for a publisher using an affiliate network.

NET30 means that payment is due to the publisher within 30 days of a sale being made.

Pretty impressive, right? Wait, it gets even better.

Many networks wait until sales are processed to pay the publishers, but FlexOffers makes payments quickly—without waiting for the sales to be completely processed and finalized.

To incentivize top-performing publishers, publishers who have brought in at least two months of traffic to FlexOffers, and who have made at least $5,000 in revenue for those two months, may qualify for payment on a NET7 basis. That means you’ll get paid within 7 days of a sale!

Advertisers are able to submit payment via credit cards or direct deposits in the US and by PayPal or wire transfers outside the US. Wire transfers are only allowed when at least $5,000 has been reached in commissions. All advertisers are billed monthly.

All in all, quick payment system is a sign of a healthy, well-managed affiliate network. More points for FlexOffers!

9. Support when you need it

Customer service representatives can be contacted by their contact form, phone or email. That said, it’s mainly a hands-off, do-it-yourself kind of affiliate network. You’ll largely be expected to manage on your own.

Perhaps the most important customer service feature they offer is fraud protection. In fact, there’s an entire team at FlexOffers solely dedicated to monitoring publishers for fraud.

Their attention to fraud is just one more reason FlexOffers is a trustworthy affiliate network, and publishers working with FlexOffers gain a good reputation that advertisers can trust.

Both publishers and advertisers have access to high-quality customer service, and advertisers who choose the self-managed plan are allowed the same level of customer service capabilities as those using the full-service plan.

FlexOffers customer service handles all publisher payments without any assistance from the publishers. Plus, they take care of currency selection and tax compliance without your help too.


Pay no mind to the negative reviews online. It seems that this network has far outgrown its original growing pains from a few years back, and has generally garnered positive reviews in recent years.

Like your trusty shirt, FlexOffers is a reliable, well-fitting basic.

Dependable features, timely payments, a huge pool of advertisers and high-quality customer support are just a few of the reasons this network has gained a positive reputation.

If you’ve been looking to join a trustworthy affiliate network with all the basics—and a little something special, to boot—FlexOffers is what you need.


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