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LinkConnector Review: Why This Spitfire Affiliate Network Is Growing Faster Every Day

“That company is going downhill. I’d stay away.”

That’s what a good friend of mine was told just one week before a big interview with a very large tech company. He was warned that management was micromanaging, workers were overworked and the company was falling apart.

Despite these warnings, my friend still went to the interview and ended up getting the job.

So what happened?

The company had been floundering, at one point. However, in one life-changing year, they had replaced nearly all of the management, restored the office space and created a new atmosphere that promoted work-life balance.

A dying brand was resurrected as a valuable resource.

So, what does this story have to do with the LinkConnector affiliate network?

Well, a handful of affiliate reviewers have called this network a dying brand. They say it’s going downhill and that it’s not worth an affiliate’s time. Most of those reviews are from a long time ago, though. The affiliate network’s monumental growth and improvement over the last 10 years says otherwise—as do current reviews from affiliates who love what this network has to offer.

We’re going to dive into the details of LinkConnector and see what’s going on beneath the surface. Is there trouble brewing for affiliates in this network, or has it made major breakthroughs leading to sustained, long-term success?

Let’s find out!

LinkConnector Review: Why This Spitfire Affiliate Network Is Growing Faster Every Day

Who’s Behind LinkConnector?

LinkConnector has been on the affiliate marketing scene for over 13 years. In that time, they’ve given new meaning to the phrase “practice makes perfect.”

Their company leadership oozes professionalism, and they’re all about using new technology to deliver results that make both merchants and affiliates happy.

In 2017, this company was ranked by mThink among the top 10 affiliate networks currently available.

More than that, mThink mentioned that LinkConnector is consistently reaching higher on their yearly list of the best affiliate networks. Why? Mainly, it’s due to their wide range of trusted brands, as well as their unique technology which has been developed with a personal touch.

LinkConnector claims to stand out from other affiliate networks. How so? Let’s dive into some of the main features that put them a step above the rest.

What Makes LinkConnector Stand Out?

A Dedicated Team That Works for You

LinkConnector’s dedicated affiliate management team is available nearly all day, every day. They boast that their average reaction time is within hours instead of weeks, like other affiliate networks.

This team is here to help you grow your affiliate promotions. They do this in several ways.

First, the affiliate team will help you by working to get private coupon codes for your affiliate website. Just let them know which merchant you’d like coupon codes from, as well as the format you prefer, and they’ll do the heavy lifting to get those codes for you.

Also, the affiliate team helps you by automatically applying you to campaigns that match your needs. All you have to do is define your preferred criteria, and you’ll be automatically applied to programs that fit your affiliate strategy!

Protecting Your Coupon Commissions

Have you ever been a victim of coupon hijacking? LinkConnector has solved this tricky issue for affiliates by giving coupon attribution to individual affiliates.

You’ll earn commissions from a private coupon code that’s specific to you. This means there’s no need for a click, no matter what the source is.

While preventing coupon hijacking, this also allows you to use other nice promotional platforms like Pinterest!

Stepping Ahead with New Link Technology

Another innovative technology that LinkConnector has pioneered is called Naked Links. This alternative to the standard linking method means that clicks don’t have to be rerouted through the affiliate network.

These naked links look just like normal links, which is good for conversion purposes. They appear to be raw links that go directly to the merchant’s site. However, these links are still tracked and will still earn you commissions!

This technology is amazing for the SEO of both the merchant and the affiliate. More than that, merchants that use this technology within the network are encouraged to give a higher payout to the affiliates working with them.

Easier Social Media Sharing

Remember the private coupon codes that earn you commissions without clicks? Well, that’s just the start. LinkConnector has taken social media sharing of affiliate products to the next level with shareable creatives.

There are all kinds of attractive creatives that you can get from merchants. But these fancy banner images aren’t solely for your website. With LinkConnector’s Shareable Offers technology, banners can be easily shared across multiple social media channels.

What does this mean for you? That your affiliate links can be promoted across multiple channels. You might even have your own readership promoting these banners on their social media pages!

Advanced Pay Events

Most affiliate networks are satisfied with the CPS (cost-per-sale) model of affiliate marketing. However, LinkConnector has taken pay events to the next level.

Through this network, merchants can choose to pay affiliates for different events, including Pay Per Call, Pay Per Go, Pay Per Lead and Pay Per Click.

In Pay Per Call, affiliates get paid when a customer makes a phone call to the merchant after visiting the affiliate’s website. In Pay Per Go, affiliates are rewarded when users click out from the merchant’s site to one of their partners’ sites, or to other pages within their own website.

These innovative pay events create more opportunities for affiliates to get paid.

Everything You Need to Know About LinkConnector


  • Exclusive Naked Link technology. This technology is only available with LinkConnector. Affiliates benefit through better SEO results and higher payouts.
  • Dedicated team makes your life easier. If you’re looking for an affiliate network that has your back, LinkConnector promises to do so.
  • Access to big name brands like Disney Store and Writer’s Digest. LinkConnector’s merchant list includes some very big names across many different categories.
  • Full reporting customized to your needs. Affiliates can see performance data based on variables such as location, device type, browser and more, delivered in the way that’s most convenient for you.
  • See Earnings Per Click (EPC) based on the type of promotion. Stepping beyond generic EPC, you can see how different promotion types affect EPC for each merchant.
  • Individual attribution for coupons to prevent coupon hijacking. Now you can promote coupons to your readers, knowing you’ll get full commission for them!


  • 60% of applicants rejected by FraudFREE. LinkConnector boasts a meticulous screening process for affiliates, and over 60% of applicants are rejected due to their zero-tolerance fraud policy.
  • Brands select where links are displayed. Merchants can control on exactly which websites and which landing pages their brand is displayed. This may be an inconvenience for affiliates with multiple websites.
  • Platform more focused on making merchants happy than affiliates. Much of the technology and innovation that LinkConnector provides is based on making merchants happy, not affiliates.

Who Can Truly Benefit from Using LinkConnector?

Since LinkConnector has such a wide range of big-name merchants, many different types of affiliates will find themselves a perfect niche within this network.

However, skimming through the list of merchants that LinkConnector provides, a couple of categories certainly stand out.

The fashion and apparel niche certainly has a strong presence in this network. Fashion affiliates will be happy to see big names like Ann Taylor, Charlotte Russe, GUESS, J.Crew, Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria’s Secret, Jos. A. Bank, and others.

Also, the home niche has quite a few names in this network, including Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Factory Bunk Beds, Rocky Mountain Decor, etc.

Other affiliates who would enjoy using LinkConnector are those who long for easier access to social media sharing. With LinkConnector’s innovative coupon technology and shareable banners, affiliates who have a strong social media following will definitely benefit from using this network.

Final Thoughts on LinkConnector

Obviously, we’ve seen some clear evidence in favor of LinkConnector.

While they may have been through some hard times in years past, this affiliate network is now emerging as a top contender.

With dedicated affiliate support, exclusive technology and a long list of big-name brands for merchants, this affiliate network is certainly a valuable resource for affiliate marketers.


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