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Backlink Beast Review: Scam Artist or Monster Link Builder?

There’s not a single marketer who wouldn’t love to automate their link building process

Backlinks are one of the most important metrics in search rankings, but building them can be a whole lot of work.

So what if you could plug some info into a magic tool that built links for you as you sleep?

Backlink Beast promises to do just that—more or less.

Sound too good to be true?

Let’s dive in and see what this beast has to offer.

What Is Backlink Beast?


Okay, I should start this off by mentioning, Backlink Beast feels like its primary goal is to take your credit card information.

At a glance, the site is riddled with errors. Key selling points include “seemless link indexing.”

Backlink Beast is a weird website.

You’ll find tons of claims on its one-page sales pitch. Among them is that the tool will guarantee the top spot on Google, regardless of algorithm updates.

Supposedly the tool is designed to find backlinks and register them automatically. It also aims to bring “hands-off” link diversity to the table, building links to your website from social media channels, press release submissions, RSS promotions and thousands of custom sites.

Unlike other link building tools, there aren’t many specifics about where the backlinks come from or how the tool works.

Backlink Beast Review: Scam Artist or Monster Link Builder?


What Backlink Beast Promises

Here’s a rundown of some of the link building items found in the Backlink Beast lineup. The site does come equipped with some tutorials that help clarify how the process works.

Here’s how you sign up, according to the official website:


Link Diversity

Backlink Beast promises link diversity by building links to press releases, RSS feeds, social networks and more.

The other part of this is they claim that the service will create thousands of links to your website through various custom sites on BuddyPress, WordPress, Drupal and more.

This link building process sounds suspiciously like the private blog network (PBN) method, a common black hat strategy. PBNs use inactive domains with pre-loaded link juice, so they can quickly add some authority to your site.

Tiered Link Building

The term “tiered link building” refers to building links beneath your links. The idea is to pass link juice between them by building links to your links.

Typically, you want to go two tiers deep (this includes tactics like guest posting), because the lower the tier, the lower quality the content you’re using. It’s a complicated process and also tends to fall on the “black hat” side of things.

That’s not to say the method always goes to the dark side, and there are some people who still build tiered links today—but it’s considered kind of a gray area.

The Beast says it hammers your site with reputable buffer links. Meaning, the buffer links function as barriers to your “money site.” The automation process works to stay out of “Google’s crosshairs” by first building links to your primary site using your URL as the anchor text.

From there, you can auto-build more links—you choose the anchor text within the tool and set parameters like target keywords.

This is how Backlink Beast explains it:


“Seemless” Link Indexing

Backlink Beast has partnered with another tool, LinkPipeline, to provide the link indexing feature.

LinkPipeline looks like a slightly upgraded version of Backlink Beast, but some of the sketchy hallmarks remain.

Anyway, the point of link indexing is that building links to your sites is great, but if they’re not indexed, Google can’t find them. Taking advantage of the link indexing feature means that LinkPipeline will automatically push link juice to the links you built with Backlink Beast.

That said, it’s not a great idea to use automated indexing tools. Google no longer supports this tactic, and as such may stick you with a penalty if you try to “force links through the pipeline.” Any index requests must be submitted through the Google Search Console portal.

The Lowdown on Pricing

Compared to the heavy hitters in the backlink game, Backlink Beast is relatively affordable at $67 a month on a monthly basis.

There’s no free trial, but they do offer your first seven days for $7, and from there, you’re automatically on the hook for monthly payments.

Your other option is a one-time payment of $397. Invest upfront and own the tool forever. The tool seems to be forever on special, too—it’s perpetually 50% off. What a deal!


What Are People Saying About It?

So, as I’ve mentioned above, Backlink Beast is something of a mystery. I didn’t get a chance to play around with the features, as honestly, I felt like this might not be the best place to store my credit card info.

So, naturally, I did some Googling to find out whether anyone had used the tool and if it was any good.

Unfortunately, there are very few people talking about their experience with the tool and close to zero reviews. Of the reviews that are available, most seem to be sponsored by the company and invite readers to sign up.

It’s a bad sign when none of the major (or even lesser-known) SEO blogs have covered this topic, at least not in recent years. Neil Patel hasn’t covered it, nor has Search Engine Land or Moz’s blog. It’s a little strange.

But, I wanted to find out more about what people thought of this tool. There are a few reviews posted on Quora—one offers some pros and cons. The others, like this one, feel like more affiliate marketing nonsense.

Additionally, I stumbled upon this thread about automatic backlink generators and the consensus across the board is, these tools are pretty sketch.

I headed to Reddit, and moderators and channels have removed many of the posts. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find, courtesy of Black Hat SEO’s post:


Finally, I stumbled upon a Facebook page where there are three whole complaints posted about the tool. One user claimed that they had trouble getting out of the autopay arrangement.


While it would’ve been nice to see a bit more from past users, these comments seem to confirm my hunch—that Backlink Beast isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The Downsides to Backlink Beast

There are quite a few “cons” associated with the tool.

I found that the company makes an awful lot of claims. They guarantee the #1 spot on Google, regardless of what’s next regarding algorithm changes.

The tool depends on a series of automated techniques, which is arguably what makes this appealing. But, the flip side of the “set it and forget it” mentality is, there’s no guarantee of quality.

You also need to remember that Google has specifically called out link schemes, including “automated programs or services” that create links to your site. I’d be concerned that automating your link building with Backlink Beast would make you a sitting duck for a Google penalty.

The site claims that the linking process is safe, but there’s literally no one that confirms this is true.

Additionally, the makers of Backlink Beast do little to help users overcome their objections. You’ll need to provide a credit card before you get to try the tool.

While other tools do this, most have a better reputation than Backlink Beast—as well as the social proof that sweetens the deal.

Backlink Beast’s testimonials don’t have names attached. The site features graphs depicting traffic increases, but again, no names linked to those “real user results.”


Do You Want to Unleash the Beast?

Honestly, I’m going to say no. Best to keep this beast contained.

While getting more backlinks is generally a good thing, putting your site in the hands of a tool with no social proof could do more harm down the road.

It’s hard to get a read on whether anyone, ever, has successfully boosted traffic with Backlink Beast, and I’d rather not learn the hard way by getting slapped with a Google penalty.

There are plenty of tools out there aimed at helping you keep tabs on your link profile and prospecting for new ones. Monitor Backlinks is a good one.

And finally, definitely do not give Backlink Beast your credit card number. All signs point to autopay scam.


A Free SEO Gift from Us to You

Listen, we know we can’t tell you what to do.

If you’re considering using Backlink Beast for automatic backlink generation, you’ll need to proceed with caution. A sudden influx of suspicious backlinks can be flagged as negative SEO and earn you a Google penalty, which can mean dramatically lower keyword rankings or even complete removal from the Google search engine results pages (SERPs). Not good.

So, we recommend that, if you start using Backlink Beast, you also subscribe to Monitor Backlinks.


It’s our favorite tool for seeing all of a website’s good and bad backlinks, detecting issues with negative SEO, and preventing and removing Google penalties.

With your Monitor Backlinks subscription, you’ll be notified right away if new backlinks come in that post a threat to your SEO performance.


Actually, even if you don’t end up using Backlink Beast, we recommend trying Monitor Backlinks. It’s a backlink tracker, website analyzer and backlink tool all in one—and, as a CoSpot reader, you can try it for free!


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