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BrightEdge Review: Navigate the Corner of SEO and Content

Your digital marketing strategy is like a city street.

In order to get your customers from Point A to Point B, you need to provide them with the directions, information and resources they need to make it through their buyer’s journey.

However, to get them there as efficiently as possible, you need to ensure you’re creating the right marketing pathways.

Each piece of your marketing strategy should come together, creating a roadmap for your success.

When each marketing component fits seamlessly with the next, customers can easily transition through the purchasing phases.

One of the most important connections in your digital marketing roadmap is the intersection between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content marketing.

Because the two work hand in hand to provide your target audience with the right information to attract, educate and support leads, it’s crucial that their meeting is seamless.

Unfortunately, creating smooth intersections isn’t always easy.

If your strategy is bumpy or poorly maintained, it may turn your customers away or cause them to get lost in your sales process.

To help you navigate the corner of content marketing and SEO, you can use BrightEdge.

What Is BrightEdge?


BrightEdge is an SEO tool that takes a special focus in content. Because your online content fuels your SEO strategy, BrightEdge helps you create the best pieces to attract, educate and nurture your leads.

The BrightEdge software is designed to help you understand exactly what your customers are looking for, allowing you to create the content that’ll increase your visibility and make an impact on your target audience.

Through establishing genuine connections, you can move your target audience through the sales funnel more efficiently.

With a bit of help from BrightEdge, you can improve your content to get more attention on search engines. Rather than simply writing blog posts or recording videos, you can start to generate content that actually brings you business results.

Be prepared though—BrightEdge is designed for big teams with equally big goals and big budgets.

If you’re not looking to spend several hundred (or thousand) dollars per month on a content marketing tool, no matter how revolutionary it might be, then you’ll probably want to head over to our review of Monitor Backlinks, a tool with powerful keyword rank tracking and backlink management but a friendlier price tag.

BrightEdge Review: Navigate the Corner of SEO and Content

BrightEdge offers three main products that can help you improve your content strategy.

Let’s take a look at what they are, what they can do for your business and how they can help improve both your content strategy and your SEO plan.

1. Improve Content Strength with BrightEdge Content

The BrightEdge Content feature harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to help you increase your website traffic and conversions.

Within this feature, you’re able to assess market opportunities, create content, develop a strong call-to-action and even track your progress and results.

Essentially, the BrightEdge Content feature is a one stop shop for researching, creating and monitoring your content marketing strategy.


BrightEdge Content can also allow you to evaluate the SEO impact your content will have, helping you to make more strategic planning decisions.

By providing you with suggestions to help improve your content readability and optimization, you can bring each piece closer to the top of a search engine results list.

This feature is much more than just a word processor. While you’re able to input and edit your content, you’re also given deep insights into how that piece will help improve your online visibility.

With BrightEdge Content, you know that each piece you’re adding to your website will help you attract more leads and generate a larger audience pool.

2. Discover Your Strengths and Weaknesses with ContentIQ

While your content does make a major impact on your SEO strategy, the health of your website is just as important.

If your website’s lagging, filled with errors or just provides a poor user experience for your visitors, search engines may be pushing your content further down their list of results.

To discover those mistakes that may be holding you back, BrightEdge offers ContentIQ.


ContentIQ provides users with an audit of their website, allowing them to identify HTTP errors, link issues, page load time and more.

With a customizable audit feature, you’re able to get the exact information you need to pinpoint your unique website errors and generate reports to track your progress.

Through solving the website issues hurting your SEO strategy, you can give your content the right foundation to attract new attention and leads to your brand.

While ContentIQ isn’t the only website auditor on the market, being able to integrate your data with BrightEdge’s additional features and products can take your SEO strategy to the next level.

ContentIQ doesn’t just generate data about your website, it also provides you with the tools you need to solve those problems and bring your website back up to speed.

3. Get the Big Picture with StoryBuilder

Within the BrightEdge tool, StoryBuilder becomes your marketing roadmap’s navigation.

As a dashboard that allows you to see the big picture results of your content and SEO, StoryBuilder helps you shape the direction your target audience members are moving.

By measuring results, finding keyword opportunities and pulling reports, you’re able to make quick decisions and think strategically about how you’re moving your strategy forward.


StoryBuilder helps you develop deeper insights into the data and analytics related to your content and SEO strategy.

Rather than simply telling you where you are in a search, StoryBuilder helps you create a custom dashboard that allows you to focus on where you’d like to go. You can even export reports to share with team members, investors or clients.

The StoryBuilder feature helps you make strategic decisions about how to improve content and SEO.

While it’s comparable to other analytics tools on the market, such as the better-known Moz or SEMrush, StoryBuilder gives you its own easy-to-use, completely customizable dashboard that makes tracking your progress a breeze.

However, because Moz and SEMrush are leaders in the SEO industry, their products tend to set the tone for how other apps work.

Who Is BrightEdge Right For?

BrightEdge is a powerful content marketing tool, but it isn’t right for everyone. When you choose BrightEdge, you need to be ready to make a serious investment into your content and SEO strategies.

BrightEdge is secretive about their pricing, with no information about it anywhere on their website. This both hints at a high cost and makes it difficult to know whether or not it’s the right tool for your business.

Unofficial cost estimates for BrightEdge start at $1,000 to $2,500 per month and up, but to get a true quote for BrightEdge, you’ll need to contact their sales department.

This (most likely) high price tag is much too steep for many businesses, especially those just starting out.

With a number of similar tools on the market, including SEO powerhouses like Moz and even free alternatives like Google Analytics, smaller businesses and companies will probably find that a different system will be able to help them create a strong content marketing and SEO strategy for a much smaller price.

BrightEdge’s focus on content marketing does make it unique, meaning it can be a great resource for large businesses with a budget to spend.

Unfortunately, the features provided by BrightEdge aren’t entirely their own. The real benefit of the BrightEdge platform is that you’re able to put all your content information on one dashboard.

However, for some, this ease and efficiency won’t be worth the high cost.

When the road from lead to customer is clear and well-maintained, it’s easy for your target audience members to find the information they need about your brand to make a smart purchasing decision.

In order to ensure nurturing your leads is a smooth journey, you want your content marketing and SEO strategies to work hand in hand.

If you have the money to spend, BrightEdge has the features and capabilities to help you create a content marketing strategy that’ll allow your business to take off.


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