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CanIRank Review: Where AI Meets SEO, and What It Means for You

We live in a time where cars are self-driving and machines are self-learning.

Artificial intelligence is automating everything, and that includes your data!

Before, optimizing your website meant hours of sifting through SEO data and metrics.

Trying to figure out what actions you needed to take in order to improve your ranking and grow your website’s success was long and frustrating.

But what if there was someone (or something) who could do all that heavy lifting for you?

Today, thanks to the unconventional union of AI and SEO, there’s a tool that does just that.

Who Is CanIRank?


Developed by serial entrepreneur Matt Bentley, CanIRank is a tool that makes SEO an almost completely automated process.

Dealing with data and metrics yourself is a thing of the past when you use CanIRank.

This tool was born from finding patterns in SEO data. Its automated data processing allows users to understand exactly what Google likes, as well as what they need to do in order for their websites to rank better.

Unlike other SEO tools, CanIRank uses artificial intelligence to give you actions rather than just raw data.

DIY or Full-service SEO to Suit Your Needs and Budget

CanIRank describes their full-service SEO as the Uber of online marketing. Their professional SEOs are handpicked to work with your company and provide the best results.

Best of all, since so much of the busy work is automated, you’ll be paying for less billed hours. In fact, CanIRank boasts a price that’s half of a normal SEO agency!

But what if you want to do the work yourself? CanIRank also offers their incredible SEO software as a DIY tool that you can use to improve your own SERP ranking.

CanIRank Review: Where AI Meets SEO, and What It Means for You

The best thing about CanIRank is what you can accomplish when you’re using it.

What Can You Do with CanIRank?

Customized Keyword Research for Your Website

Keyword research is one of many SEO tasks that’s time-consuming and frustrating. But, what if you had a computer to analyze the data and come up with the best keywords for your website?

With CanIRank, all you have to do is input your URL and a few of your target keywords, and it will do the rest for you.

CanIRank will search SERPs to see who’s ranking for certain keywords, analyze similar keywords, find what’s working in Google, and deliver to you the exact keywords that will help your website rank better than the competition.


Best of all, these keyword ideas are customized to your specific website!

Whether you want to maximize traffic, increase sales or see a higher ROI, CanIRank shows you the best keywords to optimize for in order to reach your goals.

Competitive Analysis That Shows You What Works in Seconds

Wouldn’t you love it if a search engineer came to your office and spilled the secrets of how their ranking algorithms work?

You’d be able to quickly get ahead of the competition by optimizing for the specific factors that were most important to that search engine.

While Matt Cutts probably isn’t going to show up at your office any time soon, using CanIRank you’ll see all of the SERP analysis data transformed into actionable information within seconds.


The AI behind this tool actually goes through and analyzes SERPs to see what’s working for your competition (and what’s not). Then, it shows you exactly how you compare to the competition, listing points by their importance in ranking.

But, what can you do with this data?

Don’t Just See Data: See Actions

Throughout CanIRank’s software, you’ll find much more than just the warehouse of data that it collects and processes.

The artificial intelligence within this software goes beyond presenting data and actually develops a specific action plan in order to improve the SEO on your website.

Under the “What do I need to improve?” section, you’ll find specific SEO tasks that will guide you towards a better ranking. You’ll see where you need to place keywords in order for them to stand out to search engines, related keywords to include for topic relevance, steps to improve your page’s quality and more!

A Comprehensive Knowledge Base to Make You a Better SEO

Whether you and your content marketing team are new to SEO or whether you consider yourselves experts, there’s always room for improvement. All of us need to keep up with changing SEO trends and new penalty triggers, which is harder and harder to do nowadays!

CanIRank includes a fantastic knowledge base that helps experienced and newbie SEO content marketers stay current on the latest SEO news and Google updates.

But it gets better: This knowledge base provides information that works along with your personal action plan, allowing you to learn more about the actions that you need to take and improve your SEO skills as you do so.

Find New Link Opportunities Easily

If you want to build links without getting penalties, CanIRank is the perfect tool. You’ll be able to see exactly what links are working for the ranking competition, helping you to see the linking opportunities that are best for your website.

Just click the “Fix” button to see an action plan specifically tailored to your website’s issues.

Avoid or Recover from Search Engine Penalties

Sometimes, the best methods to avoid penalties vary between niches. That’s why CanIRank’s automated analysis for your website comes up with the best actions for you to take in order to avoid penalties in your niche.

Whether it’s how many keyword anchor texts to use, which link building methods will produce the best diversity, or other methods to protect your website from penalties, CanIRank will show you customized actions that will work for your website.

And what if you’ve already been hit with a penalty? CanIRank will take you step by step through the data to see where the issue is, as well as show you how to fix it.

Free Consultation with an Expert When Needed

Feel like you’re not getting the most out of CanIRank’s many features? Or do you need some extra SEO help for a tricky situation?

Either way, every DIY plan through CanIRank gives you the opportunity to consult for free with an expert, making sure that you’re taking advantage of every opportunity to improve your ranking and see the best results for your content marketing team.


If you’re looking to use the CanIRank software as a tool under your SEO belt, you’ll want a DIY plan. These plans range in price from $49 to $299 per month, depending on how many content ideas, keyword reports, SEO reports, rank tracking keywords, etc. you and your content marketing team need.

If you’re interested in a full-service plan that will provide both data and solutions based on that data, you’ll need to consult with the company. They’ll provide you with a plan that’s specific to the needs of you and your team, with a price to match.

The Downside of CanIRank

Depending on which plan you choose, rank tracking, link opportunities, SEO reports and keyword reports are somewhat limited. The cheapest plan allows only three SEO reports per day and five keyword reports per day, and limits rank tracking, content ideas and link opportunities as well. It also does not include multi-country targeting.

In short, content marketing teams with small budgets will be limited when it comes to using this tool. To really get the most out of everything it has to offer, you’ll need to have a good sized budget to work with.

Is CanIRank for You?

While CanIRank doesn’t do everything, it could definitely be one of the only tools you’ll need for SEO content marketing. With so many different options and features, it provides more than your average SEO tool and is unique in that it offers customized SEO tasks and action plans alongside the data it collects.

This tool is also completely adjustable to the size of your content marketing team, and allows you to choose between DIY, full-service or even hybrid plans.

While it’s true that bigger budgets will benefit the most from this tool, content marketing teams with small budgets will still see a very good ROI.

When using CanIRank, you’ll see firsthand how AI combines with SEO for the perfect automated tool to do all the hard work for you!



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