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6 Must-have Confluence Alternatives for Fast and Fluid Content Collaboration

Confluence is well-known as a powerful documentation tool in the SaaS market.

As a freelance writer, having Confluence on hand for content marketing documentation—think procedures, marketing strategy descriptions, style guides—has helped me to work effectively with editors, graphic designers and other remote team members.

But like every SasS, Confluence has competitors out there with different features, strengths and weaknesses.

Since you’re already looking for a Confluence alternative, you know that not all documentation tools are created equal.

In this post, I’ll discuss six Confluence alternatives to take for a spin. Try them all and figure out what’s the best fit for you and even your content marketing team.

6 Must-have Confluence Alternatives for Fast and Fluid Content Collaboration



Marketing campaigns are time-sensitive. And Jira keeps the lines of communication open between teams and team members.

Each project can be visualized and work can be easily coordinated, which allows easier product marketing and more efficient marketing launches.

What does that entail? We can easily see who’s doing which task and how far from completion they are. With markings such as “to do,” “in progress,” “in review” and “done,” team leaders can easily monitor the progress.


What’s more, Jira also allows the team leaders to monitor the progress of workers. This progress is seen without having to contact each team member. Therefore, both team members and team leaders are saving time. To-do lists are transparent and easily modified.


This tool also allows for team evaluation. When it comes to saving time, the “template” option is a life-saver. Repetitive tasks that occur on a daily or weekly basis are created with the help of a template.

Jira is more than a suitable alternative to Confluence, and some users say it’s more intuitive. However, while Jira can handle projects of any size, the disadvantage is that it does have a learning curve.



Project management made easy. CoSpot allows keeping track of all tasks across all levels of management.

Specifically made for content writers and content marketing teams, CoSpot makes a fine alternative to Confluence.

When it comes to content marketing, CoSpot has everything covered. It saves time and increases the productivity of writers and marketers.

Here’s a look at the default window of CoSpot.


SEO-specific features

However, CoSpot also has features specific to content. The “keyword” feature allows editors to compartmentalize their keyword strategy. No need to reveal all to everyone. Only the upper management can be “in the know.”

However, we can also keep track of which keywords are covered and which are yet to be integrated into content. Lastly, the”keyword” feature allows a bird’s eye view of keyword rankings. As we know, high rankings are the ultimate goal of content marketing. Therefore, marketers will make good use of this feature as it will cut the time needed to monitor the progress.

CoSpot also offers centralized coordination. Here’s a look at how we coordinated working on this blog post with the help of CoSpot.


CoSpot enables quick content organization

For example, it will effectively prevent two writers from submitting the same work. Editors will also never lose track of one piece in a huge workload.

CoSpot also helps with other tasks like publishing. Management tasks like these aren’t easy to manage. However, CoSpot can publish content directly from within the platform.

An entire marketing campaign can be monitored and executed via CoSpot. Such coordination allows for better information flow and more insightful content delivery. For example, CoSpot allows us to access the information and work that other writers have previously done. That diminishes the chances of producing contradictory information.



With features like the Editorial Calendar, Product Launches and Marketing Overview, Trello is equipped to make every marketing team more efficient.

What makes Trello a valid alternative to Confluence is that it’s lightweight and more intuitive. Even new team members navigate the boards quickly. What’s more, unlike Confluence, Trello offers a specific package for freelancers—something every content marketer appreciates.


It helps every member balance their workload, and it makes the marketing output quicker.

Saves both time and effort

Time-saving features, like Trello’s drag-and-drop platform, allows us to manipulate it in any way we see fit.

Each team can make its own board with separate tasks—“to do,” “doing” and “done” which increases task transparency. Time-saving is crucial in marketing, and being able to deliver the product or an update to the customer as quickly as possible is paramount.

Furthermore, with Trello, communication with customers is more accessible. Their feedback reaches the team members quickly, increasing their efficiency.

Intermember communication is also easier with Trello. For example, one team member creating content for a specific client can easily get information from another member who has done the same in the past.



Another simple alternative to Confluence is TeamClerk. Tracking everything in real time, it’s a simple and straightforward tool designed to keep track of all projects and each team member’s progress.

What’s more, it also has a great option of tracking time spent on each project. With due dates being a huge part of content marketing, this option allows insight into crucial information.


TeamClerk allows marketers to keep track of every project. However, one of the most prominent features of TeamCleark is that it allows us to prioritize tasks. For example, we can organize projects not only by their urgency but also by their difficulty.


Quick and easy content managing

This feature saves a lot of time to content managers. If we mark a task as particularly urgent or difficult, it becomes easier to keep track. In other words, we won’t have to rely on the word of the team member in charge of it. Thus, team leaders can have a transparent overview of the workload and send out finished projects faster. It also allows us to give quick feedback to clients.



Allowing data visualization, Targetprocess gives the opportunity to centralize cross-department communication. Which means users can filter everything they do or don’t want to see.

Easy to prioritize

With a few clicks, users have access to the tasks of all involved teams. All you have to do is choose which teams or tasks are a priority for that day and use the zoom option to enlarge them.

On the other hand, users can also choose to see only the most crucial department-specific tasks and their progress. This is especially beneficial for content marketing, as it allows us to jump between content-related tasks, or make them more prominent on the dashboard.


That allows the marketing team to be quicker and more efficient when communicating with the PR team, IT team, the legal team, etc. Content marketing isn’t just about creating content—it also has to be coordinated with other departments.


Much like Confluence, Targetprocess is an extensive platform catering to more than just content marketing needs. That means that it will take some time for new team members to get used to it. However, it’s very clear. We can create different boards to compartmentalize department and inter-department work.



Task manager Todoist makes delegating tasks in marketing teams simple. It schedules meetings and reminders, and it can automate everyday tasks. When it comes to being an alternative to Confluence, Todoist stands strong. Among other things, it’s available as a Windows phone app—a feature Confluence is yet to introduce.


Marketing teams will benefit from the features like assigning due dates and the “follow-up” option, which allows for better information flow. Furthermore, Todoist also allows users to sync on multiple devices. For a marketer on the go, this is a crucial feature.

Hidden features for content marketing

Aside from standard features like template to-do cards, Todoist has some hidden features as well. Project managers know how important it is to keep track of the entire project. However, sometimes teams have to complete the project in segments. To avoid confusion or sending the project before it’s actually finished, Todoist offers a handy feature—creating a task that can not be completed, allowing project managers to divide the project into smaller tasks without sacrificing transparency.

So How Do You Find the Ideal Confluence Alternative for You?

Armed with six confluence alternatives, the best way to discover the perfect content collaboration tool for you or your entire team is to try them all out.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore one or even several of these six confluence alternatives.


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