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Dareboost Review: Get the Competitive Edge with a Faster, More Powerful Website

You manage your website with the best of intentions. 

But before you know it, your competitors’ websites are outperforming yours in the SERPs and winning over your customers.

Where do you go from there?

Enter Dareboost.

This tool monitors and analyzes your site’s performance and shows you how to enhance your web pages and beat out your competitors.

It keeps you informed as to exactly how your website is functioning—and how your competitors’ websites are functioning—so that you’re always one step ahead.

A better website means your business will ultimately be able to do even better online, especially in search engines.

What Is Dareboost?

dareboost-reviewDareboost is an online tool that allows you to monitor, analyze and improve your web performance.

With the analysis that Dareboost gives you, you can take specific actions to improve certain aspects of your web performance that may be lagging behind and driving away potential customers and organic traffic.

The flexible features give you the ability to fine-tune web performance and retain customers while dominating the competition.

Dareboost Review: Get the Competitive Edge with a Faster, More Powerful Website

Test Your Web Speed

The first and most important metric to know about your web performance is how fast your site is running and under what conditions.

Dareboost gives you quick and easy access to this by simulating real-life conditions and testing your site’s speed in accurate ways.


To enable you to enhance your user experience the very most possible, Dareboost actually records your site’s startup and gives you in-depth, actionable data and suggestions on how you can improve your load time.

That means that your website analysis actually becomes an actionable plan for improving user experience, search engine rankings and ultimately increasing leads.

In addition to analyzing the most important factors that affect your web speed, Dareboost also gives you in-depth metrics on a timeline of how quickly your page loads.

These stats include things like loaded requests, HTTP responses and DOM interactions.


You can access this chart from the Web Performance Report by clicking on the “Timeline / Waterfall” button.


If you have an international audience, Dareboost offers testing sites from all over the globe that can remotely test your website and give you analysis that’s accurate for your international users.

This is a major advantage because you’ll be able to ensure your clients across the pond are getting the same level of service as domestic customers.

Optimize Your Web Performance

From your Web Performance Report, you can easily optimize your site by using more than 100 data points about specific aspects of how your site runs.

These data points include things like how efficient your HTML is, which tags you use and how you define them, image weight, JavaScript parsing, font efficiency, how your page uses the DOM, and tons of other important information about the performance of your site.


Not only are the detailed metrics reported to you, but you’re also given an overall score as well as suggestions about how to improve each and every aspect of your site that’s lagging.

So all that data won’t sit idle, but will actually be put to use right away. Just click on “Read more” under every datae point to see detailed instructions and solutions.


From my research, Dareboost gives you more personalized tips on how to improve web page performance than any competing web analysis provider.

Pagelocity offers much of the same valuable information, but the lack of dashboard organization can make it more difficult to find and identify the critical issues that you need to tackle first.

Uptrends doesn’t offer the same level of insight as either Pagelocity or Dareboost—but does have many more locations to test your website from, which may be more valuable for you if you have a very diverse international audience.

But neither Uptrends nor Pagelocity has a dashboard that’s as well organized as Dareboost, which, for me, is a very important aspect of using these tools.


Personally, I used Dareboost along with Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool to speed up my website, with some technical assistance from my hosting service’s support team.

This has helped me double my website speed by taking it from a 37% score on Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool to 85%.


Compare Web Metrics with Competitors

Site speed boils down to essentially one goal: attracting and maintaining visitors.

If visitors aren’t satisfied with how quickly your site loads, they’ll simply leave in favor of a competitor.

Just as it is with customer service—if your internet provider puts you on hold for three hours, you’d probably consider switching to a provider with better customer service.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to have a faster website than your competitors.

Dareboost makes this easier than ever by giving you detailed analytics of competing websites and comparisons between your website and your competitors’.


Beyond the practical applications of comparisons with competitors, the Dareboost comparison feature breaks down your website’s performance even further by comparing your website in mobile form to its desktop form or with 3G vs 4G connection.

It even allows you to compare things like how your website runs in the US vs how it’d run in another country, or with and without HTTP/2 support, or how it loads on different devices and browsers.


With detailed competitor comparisons, or even just comparing your website’s performance under different conditions, you can make sure that your site beats all others in speed while maintaining peak performance no matter what.

Specify Your Threshold to Predict Web Performance Issues

Ultimately, all of this data is going to be combined to help you create a website that’s enjoyable to use.

What happens, however, if there’s a drop in performance?

Dareboost will monitor your website at predetermined intervals to analyze its performance. It’ll check how your site is currently running and compare it to specified thresholds that you previously input into the system.


For example, you can easily set thresholds for web speed, load times and abnormal occurrences on your site to make sure nothing throws you a curveball when you’re not ready.

Depending on your subscription plan, you can set these analyses to run at different times throughout the day or at certain intervals, and receive alerts if the site’s performance drops below the intervals that you set.

This is very important for the success of your website, as there are many unpredictable factors that could cause problems with your pages that you might otherwise take too long to discover.

You can even periodically monitor competitors and keep a running dashboard that plots your website’s performance against your competitors’ websites.

All of this additional periodic data will help you better run your site and protect against issues that may unexpectedly arise.

Monitor Your User Journeys

One of the most interesting features of Dareboost is the ability to simulate a visitor’s journey through your website.


This is especially practical if there’s a sales page or form on your website, because it’ll allow you to track how your users get to that final purchase or completion of the form.

You can actually go back and watch a screen-by-screen playback of your visitor’s journey and analyze exactly how your website functioned at each stage. This allows you to truly get to know your website and how your users experience it.

And, you can set individual thresholds for each point in the user journey so that you get alerts when a portion of the website is falling behind.

Other Features

It’s very clear that Dareboost gives you a competitive edge with their detailed metrics, competitor analysis and threshold management, but there are even more features that allow you to truly wield this information well.

First, Dareboost’s dashboard is well organized and easy to use, which gives you the capability to access all your important information in one spot.


Second, if you aren’t a fan of the dashboard or if there are other places that you need to use the data, you can easily export the data as a CSV or PDF file for easy sharing and analysis.

Finally, Dareboost offers free trials of most of their services, so you can try it out completely risk-free.

I would recommend using Dareboost to monitor web speed, but I think it truly shines in its comparative features.

It doesn’t matter how fast your website is if your competitor’s website is faster, so really taking advantage of the comparison feature will give you the competitive edge that your business needs to stay on top.


Dareboost offers three pricing options, starting at a very reasonable $21/month for 50 analysis reports.

The two larger packages, coming in at $54/month and $153/month, give you unlimited analysis reports.


You can also sign up for a free account, which gives you five free analyses per month.


At the end of the day, web speed is one of the most important interactions that your online customers have with you.

So, it’s very important to make sure that this interaction is always quick, professional and better than your competitors.

With Dareboost, you can easily increase the speed and performance of your website to provide a better service than your opponents, and get more customers.

In fact, after speeding up and improving my own website, I saw a massive growth in subscribers and website traffic over the last few weeks.


What more proof do you need?

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