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GatherContent Review: A Simple Collective Communication Tool for Content Strategists

Have you ever tried communicating through two cups tied at the ends of a string?

Sometimes, our modern technology doesn’t seem like a huge improvement.

Content marketers need a clever online tool that allows them to communicate quickly and clearly with their remote team members—and GatherContent appears to be just that tool.

But you might be skeptical after experiences with other online communication systems. Things always seem to get lost in the process.

Messages, emails and comments abound on all your team’s platforms.

Multiple document drafts of your content are floating around, but you’re not quite sure which is the final version.

Without a clear, straight answers to your burning project questions, you can already smell the problems this is going cause.

Tedious back-and-forth emails ultimately slows down your whole project timeline.

For teams working with higher volumes of content, this simply doesn’t work.

You’ve already got the responsibility of managing multiple projects in development, meeting deadlines, avoiding bottlenecking and optimizing your workflows.

The last thing you need is to be bogged down with poor communication.

Well, GatherContent may be exactly what you need.


GatherContent is a team-oriented content management system allowing for a highly streamlined workflow process for web-based content production.

It can be used for a wide range of content marketing projects—everything from launching a new website to the creation of regular blog content or updating landing pages.

GatherContent Calls Itself “A Platform to Run Your Complete Content Operations”

Now, perhaps you related to the scenario described earlier.

Maybe you feel your entire content development process has more hiccups than you’d like.

If so, GatherContent offers an all-in-one solution to the following issues:

  • Scattered content throughout multiple formats/platforms (Google Docs, Word, WordPress, etc.)
  • Manual copy/paste CMS migration
  • Poorly-defined (or nonexistent) workflows
  • Miscommunication with all contributors
  • Lack of standard guidelines or structured formats
  • Lack of administrative control over who can change what content
  • Confusion of roles and responsibilities throughout the process

All of these issues create frustration and delays to effectively deliver the content your business or organization needs to be successful.

Instead, imagine a user-friendly, collaborative platform that allows a team to plan, produce and approve all content from one central communications hub. Here’s an in-depth look into the features and capabilities that GatherContent has to offer.

GatherContent’s Organizational and Structuring Features

When your content marketing management approach is disorganized, it causes detrimental delays in delivering your high-value content. Not to mention, if your contributors aren’t given clear style guidelines or structure for their written content, there could be severe bottlenecking in your future.

GatherContent helps to solve those organizational and structuring headaches with its focus on team collaboration.

GatherContent Organizes Your Content

When building a website and preparing for launch, content production can easily slow down the process. With GatherContent you can organize all of your content needs into specific projects and then break down the smaller steps into items, such as

  • Draft
  • Editorial Review
  • SEO Review
  • Final Edits
  • Approved for Publishing
  • Published


Sleep soundly knowing that all content is backed up (text and media!) and stored in one location.

Additionally, you can easily assign tasks and items to specific individuals, providing a sense of clarity on where to perform work on content and who is responsible for each task’s completion.

Eliminate confusion over a copy’s latest version by updating the status or stage—drafting, review, editing, approval and so on—for everyone on the project. These stages are also easily customized for whatever steps your projects needs to take to reach completion.

Also, enjoy the ease of filtering items by stage or status so you or your team can be hyper-focused on specific tasks.

Implement GatherContent quickly with the ability to import existing content from outside sources.


GatherContent Structures Your Content

Gone are the days of endless revisions to restructure content to the correct length, format and style. GatherContent has thought of these headache-inducing issues and understands it’s a real struggle for content strategists. Instead, structuring content format is a breeze with GatherContent!

Custom templates can create content specific to your team’s needs.

Users can also store custom templates in a library for future reference and your everyday, standard content production.


Ensure clear style guides and content briefs for contributors with GatherContent’s convenient and customizable instructions section.

Set word and character limitations to provide guidelines when exporting to publishing tools. This also keeps writers within the appropriate length parameters.


GatherContent’s Content Management Features

While GatherContent’s platform does house powerful project management and team organization functions and features, it truly has much to offer to content marketing teams in particular.

During content production, writers and editors navigate through numerous phases. And GatherContent has tailored its platform’s feature to address and avoid the countless roadblocks content marketers and their collaborating writers experience.

GatherContent Produces Your Content

The platform that allows you to brainstorm, organize and structure your content now enables users to produce it as well?!

That’s right. GatherContent has created a highly collaborative and clean platform, allowing your team to produce and refine content seamlessly without getting bogged down by back-and-forth emails or chats.

Never lose track of who did what and when with GatherContent. The activity notifications features keep the entire team on the same page (which also encourages transparency). Additionally, this also allows users to check in on their team to see what has been worked on and what has been completed (without actually micromanaging each and annoying them).


This comprehensive platform allows multiple people to work on the same content simultaneously. This way, users like yourself will never experience those bottlenecks while waiting on another department’s task to be completed (unless otherwise determined by the project’s workflow guidelines, of course).

GatherContent’s formatting and editing shortcuts make for more extremely efficient writing. With these tools, your writers will never become overwhelmed and bogged down by over-complex tools and unnecessary features. It’s simple and user-friendly, without unneeded bells and whistles.


In-text comments and tagging abilities speed up the review process enormously. Anyone can highlight a word or phrase and make a comment or ask a question to clarify amongst team members. Also, when the issue is resolved, you can click on the “resolve” button and the comments won’t be displayed within the content page, keeping the workspace clean and less distracting. (You have no idea how truly helpful this becomes!)

Lastly, never have to wonder who changed what on which draft of your content. Revision visibility gives you and your team transparency to who changed what, leaving everyone accountable for their own personal work.

GatherContent Manages Your Content

As a content strategist, your role is highly managerial, which means to keep on top of it all through each stage can prove challenging, to say the least. GatherContent has implemented solutions for this area of content production as well.

GatherContent allows you to create custom workflows for each stage of the production process for all of your content. This way everyone working on the content is clear on the number and order of steps it takes to complete the project. These custom workflows also indicate who is responsible for which tasks. With the roles and permissions capabilities, users can also turn on the “read-only” option for certain stages or items, ensuring specific pieces of content don’t get edited or overwritten at that stage without permitted approval.


Clear status visibility within each project helps to identify any potential or occurring bottlenecks. If you see a project should be on the “review” stage but it’s still in the “drafting” stage, you can take action before it becomes an issue.

To add to this handy feature, due dates of each stage are also included for at-a-glance status checks.


With the ability to assign specific due dates to specific individuals, teams and users will never lose track of who is doing what and when tasks are due. You can also avoid the pesky issue of a team member stating they weren’t clear on the deadline, or simply lost track. It’s all clearly reflected within the project on GatherContent.

You can also view the due date in the calendar view or the date will be listed within the specific stage you’re working from.


Having all content operational tasks located in one streamlined platform means you’ll never again lose sight of a deadline or allow a specific task to slip through the cracks. It’s this type of simplicity that GatherContent does well.

GatherContent Migrates Your Content

Your content has been produced, reviewed and approved. Time to copy and paste into your publishing platform and tweak any last formatting issues, right? You won’t have to do this anymore with GatherContent’s extensive migration capabilities.

You’ll have the ability to transfer content to multiple CMS platforms with GatherContent’s integrations:

  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • WordPress: If your content publishing is done primarily from WordPress, then this integration will allow you to migrate from GatherContent to WordPress.
  • Adobe PDF: Ability to export your content as a PDF document.
  • Microsoft Word
  • Slack: This integration allows you to be still notified via Slack when updates or changes are made to content within GatherContent. You can also navigate to GatherContent from within Slack after it has been integrated.
  • Drupal
  • Kentico
  • Site Core
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Sitefinity
  • Expression Engine
  • Umbraco
  • HubSpot
  • Craft
  • Episerver

Additionally, you can automate the transfer process for regular content publications, so that you’re not bogged down by repetitive tasks. You can also use GatherContent’s API to build custom integrations and content delivery tools.

What’s New and Coming Soon for GatherContent?

GatherContent is continuously updating and improving the features and functionality of their platform and also updates its users on the What’s New page.

Over the last few months, there have been some noteworthy updates: 

  • Users can format guidelines with rich text formats
  • Users assigned to items will now receive an email notification of a status change
  • A visually engaging bottom status bar to display the style and format of the selected text
  • Users can now loop someone into a workflow status change within the item
  • Filter comments history by resolved, unresolved or all comments
  • Migrate content from WordPress to GatherContent making it a two-way migration feature
  • Overdue task notifications are sent via email to assigned users
  • Choice of a collective GatherContent email notification or individual ones
  • Advanced search function for content items
  • Long comment threads updated to display the first and last comments for a conversation snapshot
  • Festive mode for Christmas season, which includes festive jokes across the bottom of the page
  • Two-factor authentication now available for added security

GatherContent Pricing Packages

GatherContent allows you to start with a 30-day free trial, but has a variety of pricing packages available:

  • Pay Monthly vs. Pay Annually
  • Starter
  • Plus
  • Pro
  • Company and larger!

The good news is they don’t limit the number of users at any package level, which is important to note since this is a highly-collaborative software tool.

Unfortunately, the packages do limit the number of items (pieces of content) and the number of projects (containing multiple items).


Who Benefits from GatherContent?

Breaking down GatherContent and all of its wonderful features is all well and good, but let’s paint a clearer picture of who will benefit the most from this comprehensive platform.

Agencies: Content issues can cause enormous bottlenecks for agencies that offer web building services for their clients. GatherContent knows that you and your agency’s team have probably faced one or more of the following:

  • Received content in multiple formats making it difficult to organize
  • Late content delays website launch (which can have a negative impact on your other ongoing projects!)
  • Tracking down the right point-of-contact for said late content and getting approval
  • Muddy waters regarding who is responsible for what content

These are the types of problems that can be caused by a lack of control over the project itself which creates communication blunders. Once the unbillable hours pile up in an attempt to make up for lost time you end up losing money. Poorly managed content can reduce the overall success of your project and reflect negatively on your agency’s brand.

Here are a few examples of other organizations that have a massive undertaking of managing their content efficiently:

Higher Education: This could involve online schools, multiple schools within an organization, and not to mention the plethora of programs that have content to be created and delivered regularly.

Enterprises: There’s a number of businesses that could benefit from organizing their content within a central platform such as GatherContent.

Government: State and Federal entities have their own web content to be managed and updated regularly and GatherContent can provide the collaboration tools for this need.

Non-Profit: Never lose track of what version a piece of content is on again. Many non-profit organizations, like others, have trouble managing the stages of revision that content undergoes being finalizing.

Closing Thoughts on GatherContent

GatherContent was born out of the frustration and stress felt by other content strategists trying to rustle up web content in a timely and organized manner. The team of people behind this platform have gone through the same struggles that come with content-heavy projects, companies or organizations. The solution to many of the issues discussed here and experienced by those managing the output of content regularly can be solved by GatherContent.

GatherContent is working to break the mold of traditional CMS platforms that only offer partial solutions for content producers and managers. Most of the existing platforms available for content management don’t include features for authoring or the actual creation of content. This means that there’s a substantial gap in most CMS platforms that don’t have the capacity for the creation, collaboration and revision processes that content production requires.

Whether you’re an agency offering website building services, and educational institution or a non-profit organization, GatherContent knows your content production struggles and strives to eliminate them with their intuitive platform.

GatherContent allows you to get back to what’s most important: delivering high-quality content without all the stress and hassle.

Lindsey Horton is a Professional Freelance Writer for hire. She specializes in B2B writing such as case studies, white papers, and articles. She helps businesses express vital information concisely and engagingly to their audience.


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