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GroupHigh Review: Blogger Outreach Made Simple

How long did it take you the last time you tried to do blogger outreach?

Maybe you spent a few hours trolling Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

You probably spent a few more hours searching through piles of websites, removing ones with low Domain Authority or that didn’t match your business as well as you’d hoped.

How many hours (or days) did you spend populating and sorting through that list of bloggers until you found a few gems?

And then finding their contact information, crafting emails and getting in contact with each one?

As if all of this didn’t take enough time, you then have to devote more resources to tracking those conversations, and measuring whether your blogger relationships are actually doing anything for your brand.

And don’t forget, this process has to be repeated over and over again.

Feeling like you’d rather bang your head against the wall for a few hours?

GroupHigh might be the tool you need to speed up and optimize your blogger outreach efforts to get the best results.

Let’s see what GroupHigh can do for your brand.

Who Is Behind GroupHigh?

GroupHigh was founded in 2012. It advertises the bold promise of speeding up your blogger outreach by 4x.


Basically, GroupHigh wants to take your grueling blogger outreach days and turn them into speedy conversations that don’t take priceless time away from other, more important aspects of your business.

This SaaS marketing application for businesses currently has over 400 customers, and is constantly growing. It’s best for medium to large-sized businesses who are really serious about making blogger outreach work for them.

If you enjoy wasting hours doing mindless, boring tasks that make you question where your life is headed, GroupHigh might not be for you. However, if you’d rather avoid those kind of tasks, GroupHigh is truly an essential tool.

Let’s find out why.

GroupHigh Review: Blogger Outreach Made Simple


GroupHigh’s Top Features

A Search Engine for Blogs

Have you ever wished that there was a search engine specifically for blogs?

Well, that’s exactly what GroupHigh offers you.

They boast a database of over 15 million blogs, and this database is kept constantly up to date. In fact, GroupHigh indexes over five million blog posts per day, meaning you’re seeing updated information every time you search.


On top of that, GroupHigh allows you to search blogs in over 25 languages, all across the world. They even give you the option of a customized search experience, adapted specifically to the needs of your brand.

When you search for blogs in your niche, you can also filter the results that appear by how many social media followers they have, what kind of reach their blog gets and where in the world they’re located, as well as other essential metrics.

But, it gets better.

GroupHigh’s blog search also allows you to search specifically for tags that appear within the blog content of these bloggers. That means you’ll be guaranteed to find bloggers that are publishing content within your brand’s field of interest!

Discover All Essential Website and Social Metrics from Your Favorite Bloggers

When you see the results of bloggers in your search, you won’t just get a name and a website. You’ll get all kinds of useful metrics right at your fingertips, including:

  • Estimated social reach
  • MozRank
  • Domain Authority
  • Alexa Rank
  • Whether the blogger has done sponsored posts or product reviews
  • Whether the blogger works with ad networks
  • Post frequency
  • Social following and engagement on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and Vine
  • Most recently uploaded blog content
  • Most recent posts on social media

You know as well as I do that this information could take hours for you to research on your own, even for just one blogger. So, imagine how much faster you’ll be able to work with this list and these metrics right at the click of a button!

On top of that, all of this information is updated in real time, meaning you’ll know exactly which of these bloggers is the best match for your business right now.

Once you’ve curated a list of your favorite bloggers, you’ll be able to keep track of all these metrics in order to know what they’re doing at any given time.


With over 4o different data points that are updated on a daily basis, you’ll be able to watch the bloggers you think fit your brand best, and see what’s really going on with them.

Then, with your curated list of bloggers, you can also add custom filters and fields in order to organize this list even more effectively.

Track Communications and ROI in One Place

Finally, once you’ve chosen your top bloggers, it’s time to get them working for your brand.

GroupHigh makes reaching out easy by providing you with the contact information for each blogger, as well as templates to use with your emails! If you like to create your own emails, simply use the GroupHigh email editor to write, and even save these as templates for the future.

Then, you can either send out emails in bulk to your chosen bloggers, or send each one with a unique personal touch.


After you’ve reached out, you can track communication status, as well as the results that each blogger is producing for your brand.

In this list of bloggers you’ve contacted, you’ll see the status of your communications, and a special rating that GroupHigh has devised based on the strength, quality and participation of each blogger on your list.


Think you’re getting a good amount of information so far?

Well, it doesn’t stop there.

Once you’ve already started working with individual bloggers to promote your brand, you’ll be able to produce visually-appealing reports that allow you to see the specific ROI your brand is getting from each of these bloggers.


You can also integrate Google Analytics into GroupHigh in order to get the most accurate information on both traffic to your website and specific conversions from the bloggers you’re working with.


All in all, GroupHigh gives you the information you need to see not only the potential in bloggers, but also the direct results of their efforts for your brand.

The Good and the Bad about GroupHigh


  • Real-time information. With the information updated daily, you always see the most current metrics.
  • Lots of information at a quick glance. GroupHigh gathers the most relevant metrics so that you don’t have to.
  • Easy to sort through hundreds of blogs and find exactly what you’re looking for. Did you even think blogger outreach could be this easy? Neither did I!
  • Customized search for your brand’s needs. Do you have specific metrics you’re looking for? What makes a blogger right for your brand? Customize your search experience to find the right bloggers for you.
  • Import from Excel. Already have a list of contacts going in Excel? Easily import that information to GroupHigh and see it all come to life.


  • User interface is somewhat clunky. GroupHigh could definitely be more visually appealing, but this may improve as they’re constantly updating their product.
  • Lots of information, but could be presented in a more user-friendly way. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that GroupHigh presents to you. But, at least you didn’t have to search for it yourself!
  • Is hyper-focused on bloggers. Obviously, if you’re looking to work with influencers in general, or people that don’t have blogs, GroupHigh isn’t for you.


Unfortunately, GroupHigh don’t list their pricing anywhere online. This is normally a sign of something that’s truly pricey, which is confirmed by the online community.

According to some users, the price of GroupHigh can range from $5,000 to $7,000 per year.

Is this too expensive? For many brands, yes, it will be.

But if you’re a good sized brand that’s serious about blogger outreach and truly doesn’t have the time to do it right, GroupHigh will solve all your problems.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that this price is comparable to other similar tools, such as Ninja Outreach.

Is GroupHigh the Right Solution for Your Brand?

In the end, that all depends on you!

GroupHigh is a highly comprehensive tool that allows you to get the most out of your blogger outreach.

It saves you hours of work in researching bloggers, and lets you find the people that match your brand best with only a few simple clicks.

So, if you’re serious about using bloggers to further the reach of your brand, and you have the budget to go all in with a tool like this, then I’d say GroupHigh is definitely the solution you’re looking for!

It’s time to take your blogger outreach to the next level.


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