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5 Inbound Link Checkers to Help You Build a Stronger Backlink Strategy

Do you remember playing with blocks as a kid?

You’d stack and stack and stack, building towers, houses and castles.

When assembled the right way, your building blocks could help you create just about anything you could imagine.

But if just one brick was out of place, the entire structure could come tumbling down.

When it comes to your link building strategy, the same rules apply.

A solid link building strategy is made up of many different pieces, or many different building blocks.

If just one piece is out of place, the whole strategy could blow apart in the slightest wind.

At the foundation of your link building strategy is your inbound links.

As the first block that the rest of your strategy is built upon, you need to ensure your inbound links are giving the rest of your plan the support it needs to take off.

In order to do this, you can use an inbound link checker.

Why Is an Inbound Link Checker so Important?

Your website’s inbound links, also known as backlinks, are one of the most important components of an SEO strategy.

With each backlink that pushes to your website or content, your page is given a “stamp of approval” in the eyes of search engine crawlers. The more backlinks you have, the easier it is to reach the top of SERPs.

However, because backlinks are out of your control, they can be difficult to manage. When websites are constantly adding, removing and updating their own content and web pages, it can be nearly impossible to keep an eye on all your backlinks without some kind of help.

An inbound link checker tool can scan the web and provide you with reports about who’s linking to your website, what specific page they’re linking to and how that particular link is improving your online presence.

With an inbound link checker tool, you can keep an eye on how your inbound links are growing, as well as monitor your competition.

5 Inbound Link Checkers to Help You Build a Stronger Backlink Strategy

There are many inbound link checkers on the market. Here are five of the best that can help you create a solid foundation for your backlinking strategy.

Monitor Backlinks

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Monitor Backlinks is a powerful tool in the link building world.

They offer a Free Backlink Checker for quick inbound link checks of any domain, while the main tool also focuses on automating the entire link checking process.

By sending you alerts when you or a competitor secures a new backlink, you can keep an eye on your strategy (and your competition) without needing to go out of your way to track results.

The Free Backlink Checker can tell you the total number of backlinks to any website, the Citation Flow and Trust Flow of those links, follow status and anchor text.


However, if you register for the main tool, you’ll get more in-depth information about your (or your competitors’) links, plus the ability to monitor your links round the clock.

The full version of Monitor Backlinks gives you all the essential metrics you need to check and assess your links. On top of what’s shown in the Free Backlink Checker, you’ll also see the indexation status, Moz Rank, Spam Score, Domain Authority, Page Authority and more.


The best part about the tool is that it constantly monitors your links for you, and sends you automatic updates whenever anything changes, such as when you gain or lose a link (or when a competitor does).

This makes the backlink checking process super easy, as you don’t even have to manually do it yourself!

Pricing for Monitor Backlinks will depend on how many domains you’re looking to manage. Although there are custom plans available, packages begin at a very reasonable $24.90/month to monitor all the links of one domain and two competitors.

Check My Links

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Check My Links is a simple Chrome Extension that allows you to easily comb through a website’s links while you’re browsing.

Although it doesn’t technically check all the inbound links pointing to a domain, it’s a great tool to use to make sure that both the inbound and outbound links on a single webpage are working and functional.

When the Check My Links extension is installed, you can quickly scan a page to find which links on it are working and which are broken. This basic tool will highlight broken links in red, allowing you to clearly see which links need fixing.


You can incorporate Check My Links into your backlink strategy first by ensuring the links on your own website are strong.

The tool can also help you find new inbound link opportunities. When you scan websites that you’d like to be featured on, you can find broken links, then reach out to the web manager to offer a link replacement of your own.

As a Chrome Extension, Check My Links is free to use. However, you’ll need to use the Chrome browser to access this tool. This allows you to check backlinks while you’re surfing the web, without needing to open a new tool or app.

It’s a nice, simple tool that does the job, but at the same time, it doesn’t provide you with the same level of insight that the other tools on this list give you.


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Moz is a leader in the SEO world, so it’s no surprise that they offer an inbound link checker that can help you improve your backlink strategy.

With the Moz Open Site Explorer, you can do everything from explore new backlink opportunities to find inbound links that may be damaging your online reputation.


The Open Site Explorer gives you a complete overview of your inbound links. Not only can you see the title and link anchor text, you can also assess your Spam Score to determine how strong your current inbound links are.

You can also use the Open Site Explorer to get an idea of what sites are linking to your competitors.

Moz does offer a limited version of the Open Site Explorer for free. With the free version, you can assess the top 50 of your inbound links.

However, if you choose to upgrade to Moz Pro, you can pull up to 10,000 links, run unlimited reports and even track your links over time. Moz Pro pricing begins at $99/month for the Standard package.


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SEMrush is another big player in the SEO world, meaning they have a strong inbound link checker available to you.

The backlink tool within SEMrush provides you with an overview of your inbound links, featuring everything from a graph showing your new and lost links, to your Domain Score and Trust Score.


The easy-to-read new and lost backlinks graphs can allow you to see the new links you’re bringing in compared to the links you may be losing. Knowing how your inbound links are growing or shrinking over time can help you understand if your strategy is strong or if you need to make some changes.

The SEMrush tool allows you to use the inbound link checker for free as a limited version. However, you do need to register for a free account.

If you choose to upgrade, you can access up to 10,000 inbound links, as well as 3,000 reports per day and 500 keywords, making it easier for you to compare your inbound links to your competition. Pricing for an upgraded SEMrush account begins at $99.95/month.

Raven Tools

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Raven Tools is another all-in-one SEO monitoring tool on the market.

With their Backlink Explorer, you can uncover up to 50,000 backlinks for your website and your competitors’ websites. The tool gives you the option of exploring just one page or an entire domain.


Raven Tools can give you a clear overview of the recent links going to your site.

By keeping each report within your dashboard, you can refer back to the backlink scans you’ve already done, allowing you to save some time. This helps you keep your report, as well as reports from your competitors, handy and easy to access.

Like the other tools on this list, Raven Tools does allow you to use their Backlink Explorer for free. However, the free version only allows five reports per month, making it difficult to properly monitor your competitors.

You can upgrade your Raven Tools account to a paid package, with plans beginning at $99/month.

Choosing the Right Inbound Link Checker

The right inbound link checker for you depends on your goals, your level of familiarity with backlink strategies, and what you’re hoping to learn about your website or your competitors’ pages.

While there are a number of inbound link checkers available to you, finding the one that fits your unique need is important for assembling a strong and sustainable backlink strategy.

The right backlink checker should help you evaluate where your current link building strategy is while also providing you with insightful opportunities for growth.

With the right tool, it’ll be easy to develop a link building strategy that helps your website reach the top slot of the SERPs.

Each of these tools offers a free version of their inbound link checker. Go ahead and try them out to see which one’s right for you!


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