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Klipfolio Review: The Classy Custom Dashboard to Consolidate All Your Data

Back in the good old days, I imagine marketers reviewed their data on clipboards.

While sipping whisky neat and puffing a Marlboro in their offices.

My, how things have changed.

Getting ahold of all the hard data is just as important—and challenging—as it ever was.

Only instead of whisky we have energy drinks, and instead of a clipboard we have Klipfolio.

Yeah, there are plenty of digital marketing tools out there that will help you get your hands on data. Trust me, there are more than enough platforms out there for this job.

However, it can get to be too much.

Too many tools, each one delivering a specific subset of data.

It gets to be overwhelming when you have this amount of information flooding through a variety of sources. Just imagine having multiple browser tabs open with different analytics tools in each of them.

Tedious, right? Now, what happens when you suddenly need to present the right piece of information to a client?

Congratulations! You can now start a successful online course on “how to lose a client in one online meeting.”

Put simply, analysis quickly turns to paralysis unless you have a quick and clear view of your data. And the good news is, there are tools like Klipfolio that aggregate all your data in one place.

Klipfolio Review: The Classy Custom Dashboard to Consolidate All Your Data

What Is Klipfolio?


Klipfolio is a business dashboard software that consolidates different data sources into one interface.

It provides customizable dashboards with numerous data integrations from online services, like Google Analytics, Shopify, MailChimp, Facebook and LinkedIn.

This gives you a way to access all your key digital marketing data and to generate presentable, comprehensive reports with just a few clicks.

Currently, its features are designed to be tailored to consultants, marketers, businesses and analysts who crunch numbers for their clientele.

For the sake of this review, let’s check out Klipfolio for marketing teams.


Klipfolio Features

To get started with Klipfolio, create a dashboard by clicking the “plus” button on the upper-right corner of the screen.


This will bring up a pop-up section where you can choose a pre-built dashboard or create a new one from scratch.

Since we want to explore all of Klipfolio’s features, let’s go ahead and create a blank dashboard.


Now that your blank dashboard is ready, let’s take a closer look at Klipfolio’s features:

1. Over 100 Data Integrations or “Klips” to Choose From

One of the main advantages of Klipfolio is the sheer amount of data sources and services it supports.

If you click the “Add a Klip” button, you can view the full range of data widgets—also known as “Klips”—you can add to your dashboard.

This includes widgets in categories like cloud storage, advertising, e-commerce and SEO. These widgets take the data from one of your outside data tools and allow you to manipulate and display it however you like.

For example, you might find a Klip that displays graphs with key pageview and conversion data taken from your Google Analytics.


Klipfolio comes with a built-in search feature to help you find services you already use.

Alternatively, you can build a custom Klip with the Klip Editor, which lets you define specific variables and data visualizations.


Either way, once you find a widget you need to use, simply click the “Add to Dashboard” button.


In most Klips, you’ll be required to perform additional steps before data can be pulled.

For instance, to use the Facebook Klip, you must first connect your Facebook account so Klipfolio can review your posts and engagement metrics.


2. Pre-optimized Metrics and Visualizations for Easy Reporting

In Klipfolio, pre-built Klips are already equipped with all the metrics and data visualizations needed for great analyses and thorough dashboards.

For example, with the Google Search Console Klip, you’re immediately presented with all the important metrics you need from that tool:


This means that you can easily generate reports with your data right on your dashboard. Simply select “Download as” from the options menu and select the report format you wish to use.


Of course, you can customize the metrics and data visualizations for each Klip. You can add components such as graphs, tables, gauges and bar charts.

You can also add simple personalization elements like content separators and images.

3. Interactive Elements in Dashboards

With the Klip editor, you can also insert interactive elements such as drop-down menus, text fields and buttons.


This is perfect when you’re preparing dashboards for client presentations.

For example, you can use drop-down menus and button elements to allow users to control the date range of data.


Just remember that interactive elements, along with the majority of components in Klipfolio, have a learning curve to be used effectively.

Fortunately, you can always count on Klipfolio’s library of learning resources in the “Help” section:


4. Affordable Pricing

Despite the scalability and amount of data you can monitor with Klipfolio, it has surprisingly low pricing plans.

For example, the “Publish” plan, which costs only $49/month, has all the data management tools Klipfolio has to offer. The only feature missing would be the “Single Sign On” or SSO method for user authentication.

For marketers who only need to track their own data, they can settle for the “Starter” plan at $29/month. At this price point, you can utilize all the existing widgets in Klipfolio’s library. However, all the reporting and client management features would be missing.

Pros of Klipfolio

To help you decide if Klipfolio is the dashboard software for you, here’s a quick breakdown of its pros:

Pre-built Dashboards

If you find it hard to build your own dashboards, there are also dozens of pre-configured ones you can choose from. All you need to do is to link your accounts from the included service with each widget.

Here are a few examples of pre-built dashboards you can use:

Google Analytics Daily Overview


Facebook Engagement Dashboard


Google Analytics Organic Traffic


Quality Customer Support

For a platform as sophisticated and feature-rich as Klipfolio, customer support is crucial. Fortunately, they offer a live chat support service that actually responds to inquiries within minutes.

This can be accessed from anywhere in the platform. Just click the “Chat now and get live help” at the website’s footer. You can also get in touch with the Klipfolio support team via email, phone and their online ticketing system.

Incredibly Flexible

Klipfolio is undoubtedly one of the most flexible and customizable dashboard platforms on the market today.

Thanks to the Klip editor, you can design just about any type of widget you can think of. You just need to learn the ropes or customize an existing dashboard for faster results.

Cons of Klipfolio

When it comes to functionality and value, Klipfolio might seem like the perfect platform. Unfortunately, it has one big drawback that can make it hard to use for some marketers.

To make full use of the Klip editor, you need to have workable knowledge on web development and some coding. Otherwise, it’ll be very hard for you to modify the properties of Klip components—even if you’re using a pre-built dashboard.

On the flip side, Klipfolio’s web interface did a great job of simplifying everything. Most on-screen elements can be interacted with using only drag-and-drop movements. This means you can fully customize the way dashboards are presented and how they’re reflected in reports.

All in all, it’s definitely not the most beginner-friendly dashboards platform out there. The visual interface can also be improved to help new users be productive with Klipfolio as soon as possible.

The Verdict on Klipfolio

There’s no question that Klipfolio has amazing potential. It can help you track social media engagement, website performance, SEO metrics and everything else in your digital marketing front.

The drag-and-drop interface also makes it easy to generate professional-looking reports whenever you need to communicate data to your clients.

Finally, the low cost makes Klipfolio a great choice for small businesses and individuals who require a robust dashboards platform.

Just be prepared for the steep learning curve, which can make it nearly unusable in the first few minutes.

Once you’re over that hurdle, Klipfolio is everything you’ll ever need when it comes to data analysis and reporting.


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