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Kompyte Review: The Closest Tool on the Internet to a Bloodhound’s Nose

As online business owners, we have a love-hate relationship with our competitors.

They make us better, but also take our customers and traffic.

Okay, maybe it’s less love and more hate, but the point remains—what can be done about their pesky habit of stealing our hard-earned customers?

The short answer: You gotta be better than your competitors.

But that’s easier said than done.

But an initial step in beating your competitors is to understand, analyze and track them.

Only then can you truly understand your competitors’ strategies to defeat them and prevent them from taking your traffic.

This is where Kompyte comes in.

Kompyte is the online equivalent to a bloodhound and the closest to following every single move your competitors make.

Kompyte is an online competitor tracking application that keeps permanent watch over your competitors’ online presence, notifying you of any and all changes. It even shows you the before and after to help you understand what changed.

The results? A tool that’s ultimately very usable and versatile, due to its wide range of tools and easy-to-use dashboard system.

Without further ado, let’s dig in.

Kompyte Review: The Closest Tool on the Internet to a Bloodhound’s Nose

Competitor Tracking

Kompyte’s fully automated competitor tracking system allows you to sleep easy, knowing you never miss a beat with your competitors.

As mentioned above, Kompyte provides detailed information when a competitor changes their website, but it doesn’t end there. It also monitors other sources of information to see if anything important is happening.

This even includes details like pricing changes, promotions, changes in their AdWords or social media account.


But what if you get so fixated on current competitors that you fail to notice the rising underdog?

Not to worry.

Kompyte notifies of any new competitors who enter your field. That way, you never wonder if somebody is sneaking up on you.

It doesn’t end there. Kompyte continuously scans your competitions web pages, social media accounts and ads, allowing you to view changes in real time, so you have the most up-to-date knowledge possible.

Competitor Analysis

Obviously, if tracking were this tools only feature, it wouldn’t do you much good.

That’s where competitor analysis comes in. Analysis takes the knowledge that Kompyte gleans from its various sources and gives you practical data to make informed decisions.

This all starts with the corporate analysis, which gives you detailed information on the competition’s company structure. Understand how their business works and you’re more prepared to compete.

Kompyte also generates detailed reports based on your specifications—perfect for those who need to present their findings.

You can also brand reports and customize the presented details, such as SEO metrics like keywords, ranks and ads. Other customizations include marketing metrics like social media and advertising performance or metrics like pricing changes, product descriptions and current promotions.

Search Marketing

One essential strategy to use in today’s market is to take advantage of SEO and online search marketing.

Kompyte helps you do this with their competitor analysis.

By monitoring profitable keywords (and how competitors use those keywords), Kompyte gives you what need to understand and control the market.

On-site SEO, A/B testing and copywriting examples—these are just a few examples of the valuable insights Kompyte provides of your competitors’ strategies.


By revealing changes your competitors make to their websites, exactly what they test to maximize conversions and what copy creates the conversions, Kompyte practically hands you a looking glass so you can cruise your way to the top.

Content Marketing

Not only does Kompyte analyze your competitors’ copy and content, but it also gives insights on how to generate content, which allows you to create conversions on your website.

Kompyte analyzes the content that produces the most conversions in the industry, which essentially delivers advice on what type of content your audience searches.


Bottom line: You’ll understand your audience better than competitors, which allows you to produce better content than any of them consistently.

How exactly do they do this?

They produce reports that rank content based on how much it engages the audience—its Impact Score.

After analyzing industry distribution strategies, Kompyte also helps you determine when to release these changes to obtain even more conversions.

Alerts and Automation

In my opinion, what makes Kompyte a valuable tool is the automation. Without it, it’s just another competitor analysis tool.

However, the automation and alert system turns it into an easy-to-use and incredibly useful system.

By just “turning on” the Kompyte system and entering what you want it to watch, you set yourself up for success. Anything significant that happens will trigger an alert to notify you. How much you log on is up to you, but Kompyte will keep working with or without you there to watch it.

That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

SEO Ranks Tracking

Another valuable tool Kompyte provides is the SEO rank tracker. This easy-to-read graph and dashboard reveal how your rank and your competitors’ ranks change over time.

With that information, you can easily know which competitor to focus on and exactly how to beat them (with Kompyte’s other tools).

Content, Blog and Social Media Analytics

We discussed content marketing earlier, but there’s another interesting facet of this tool. It can also analyze your competitors’ blogs and social media accounts, which allows you to track the content they’re developing.

With these insights, you can determine which content outperforms others.

By analyzing the entire industry like this, your content will transform to include only excellent, high-performance topics to boost your conversions and steal competitor traffic.

Plans and Pricing

Kompyte is one of the most varied and all-inclusive tools I’ve ever seen, so its pricing depends on what you need.

However, there are three basic pricing options—Enterprise, Pro and Lite—that offer varying coverage levels.

While pricing is unclear on their site’s Plans page where they offer a free 14-day trial, Kompyte prices start at $36 per monthaccording to GetApp.


Generally speaking, most companies will be fine with the Pro plan.

If you have a smaller or larger company, it might be better to look into the Lite or Enterprise plan respectively.

Competitors and Drawbacks

While there are other competitor analysis tools, most are not entirely as all-inclusive as Kompyte. Depending on what you are looking for in a tool, this could be either a good or bad thing.

Two of my favorite competitor analysis tools, SEMrush and SpyFu, are focused tools that still offer a versatile experience for their users. Their range of tools isn’t quite as broad, which may help you stay focused on goals if you’re not interested in the other tools Kompyte offers.


It’s easy to see that Kompyte is a great, versatile, easy-to-use tool to help businesses grow their traffic and customer base.

What’s even more evident is that any viable business in today’s market must stay on top of competitor analysis to remain competitive at all.

My recommendation is to sign up for the Kompyte’s free trial and get a full grasp of how much they have to offer.

If you like it, you might win yourself more traffic than ever before.

Yassir Sahnoun is a content strategist, writer and co-founder of WriteWorldwide. He helps SaaS businesses with content strategy and SEO. You can learn more about Yassir at


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