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LINKCheetah Review: Chasing Down Your Backlinks

This Cheetah is coming out of nowhere, moving as fast as his slim legs can push him.

But he’s not chasing wildebeests—this Cheetah has a different type of prey.

He’s chasing backlinks.

If you enjoy running around chasing down all your backlinks, figuring out which ones are valuable, disavowing dangerous backlinks, and keeping track of all the changes within your current backlink profile, then this tool might not be for you.

But if you prefer to let someone else do all that legwork, then LINKCheetah could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Let’s face it: Keeping a handle on your backlink profile isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

Especially since you’ve got more important work to do, like running your business!

That’s why more and more companies are letting LINKCheetah hunt down those valuable backlinks and the metrics that go along with them.

Who Is Behind LINKCheetah


This tool just passed its first birthday, so it’s still quite new in the world of backlink analysis tools.

That being said, it’s showing quite a bit of promise.

Run by a small team of only three people, LINKCheetah has already developed its way into the big leagues. So far, it’s living up to its name, racing ahead to become a fully functional and surprisingly useful backlink tool.

So, what exactly can LINKCheetah do for your website?

Let’s find out.

LINKCheetah Review: Chasing Down Your Backlinks


Top Features

Backlink Profile Overview

The hub of LINKCheetah’s power, the main area where your efforts will be focused, is the Overview section.

This is where you’ll see a quick overview of the backlinks to your website and their general metrics. After this, you’ll see a list of all the individual backlinks coming in to your domain.


Something unique about this page is that it doesn’t just show you the number of follow/no follow or indexed/not indexed links.

Instead, you’ll see the numbers combined.

In the example above, you’ll see we have 19 links that are indexed and followed, and 15 links that are indexed and no follow.

This unique way of categorizing your links allows you to get a clearer picture of your overall backlink profile.

Scrolling down, you’ll find a list of domains that link back to your website, along with metrics such as Ahref’s Domain Rank, and the same combination metric of follow/no follow vs indexed/not indexed.

When you click on a domain, you’ll see other essential metrics including the anchor text, target URL and referring page. If you have more than one backlink from the same domain, they’ll all show up here together.

LINKCheetah review

This list can be organized as you wish, filtered by Google indexing or follow/no follow, and sorted by whichever metrics you prefer. You can even select your favorite referring domains using the star feature, and then easily access those popular domains by filtering for starred items.

Want to take some action with your backlinks?

For each domain and link, you can delete, refresh, disavow or add a comment. With the select feature, you can even do these actions in bulk.

Link and Anchor Text Distribution

Under the Anchor Text section, you’ll be able to see an excellent view of the top anchor text coming back to your website.


Here, you’ll see the top 10 most-used anchor texts, as well as how many backlinks and domains are using them. You can filter this list by the number of words.

Want to see which backlinks are using which anchor text at a glance? Well, simply select the anchor text, and scroll down to see a list of domains using that anchor text in their links to your website.


Here, just like on the Overview page, you can see all the other metrics related to these individual links. Simply click to expand.

In the Page section, you’ll be able to see backlink distribution around your website.

LINKCheetah review

This list shows you exactly which pages under your domain are having real success with backlinks. Your website’s pages are ranked by how many domains are referring back to them.

To see which domains refer back to a specific page, simply click that item to unfold information on the referring domains.

LINKCheetah review

Now, are you curious about the individual links coming from those domains?

Then just click again to open another fold which gives you more information on each link, such as anchor text and referring page.

But what if you’re curious about the anchor text of all the links coming in to a certain page on your website, but you just can’t be bothered doing all that clicking? Well, there’s a handy shortcut!

From the main list, just click on the little graph icon under “Anchors.” This opens a pop-up that allows you to see what anchor text was used on all links coming in to a certain page.

LINKCheetah review

In this pop-up, you’ll be able to see all anchor text used, as well as how many links and domains are using each anchor text.

Quick Disavow

When you want to get rid of those nasty links that are threatening your website’s SEO, it’s time for the disavow feature to kick in to gear!

As I mentioned above, there’s a quick disavow option available in the list of backlinks. This allows you to quickly mark any dangerous backlinks for disavowal as you see them.

Under the Disavow tab, you’ll be able to see all of the domains and backlinks that you’ve selected from your list, as well as manually add in any more disavow files as you need to.

LINKCheetah review

Once you have your list of backlinks to disavow, just click “Export file” to download your disavow file, which you can then upload to Google.

Change Tracking

Keeping track of your backlink profile has a lot to do with being aware of any changes.

Under the Changes tab, LINKCheetah allows you to see how your links have changed over a specific period of time. This shows you new vs. lost links, your SEO value and other metrics over time.

LINKCheetah review

The bold graphs in this section really bring your backlink profile to life and help you visualize how it’s changed or improved.

Below the graphs, you’ll also see a list of the links that make up those metrics, such as a list of new and lost links within the time period that you selected.

The Good and the Bad About LINKCheetah


  • Multiple backlink import options. Whether you want to connect Google Analytics, import with Ahrefs, import manually or simply allow LINKCheetah to auto-search for backlinks, you’ll always have an accurate view of your backlink profile.
  • Add comments to each link in lists to keep track of ideas or notes. Keeping your thoughts organized is super easy with this fun feature.
  • Cleverly dispersed “i” icons give you information at each step. If you’re curious about what a metric means, or about any feature of this tool, information is always available.
  • Very visually friendly. The designers of this tool should really give themselves a pat on the back.
  • Easy-to-learn system packs a lot of information into a simple format. This tool has everything you need to see a clear view of your backlink profile, without being complicated or confusing.


  • Lots of unique metric abbreviations that you’ll need to learn. NN, IN, DI, DN, what? These abbreviations will sound confusing when you start using the tool, but you’ll get used to them pretty quickly.
  • Missing some metrics, like Citation Flow, Trust Flow, etc. Personally, I feel that more metrics are always better. While LINKCheetah has the essentials, I’m hoping they’ll add more in the future.
  • Is solely a backlink tool. For any other SEO tasks, you’ll need to purchase other tools.

LINKCheetah Pricing

LINKCheetah starts at $49 per month with 500 domains. The most expensive plan is $199, with 10,000 domains.


All plans include all the features we discussed above, without any extra limitations.

LINKCheetah’s pricing is straightforward, and honestly quite reasonable.

Is LINKCheetah the Right Tool for You?

After what we’ve discussed above, are you thinking of letting the Cheetah do all the running for you?

What’s great about this tool is that, whether you’re new to backlinks or have plenty of experience, it’s still extremely useful. And, since the price is really adapted to small to medium businesses, pretty much everyone can take advantage of it!

Here’s a word of caution, however: Backlinks, while being an essential part of SEO, are not everything.

Since this tool only manages your backlinks, you’ll need to purchase other SEO tools for keyword research, rank tracking, content management, etc.

If you’re willing to do that, there’s nothing stopping you from choosing LINKCheetah.

It’s time to race ahead with fast and accurate backlink management!


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