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Review: How Linkdex Delivers Big SEO Wins for Agencies and Large Teams

Nobody gets to win at everything, right?

We can’t be smart, good-looking, kind, funny and talented all at the same time.

We have weaknesses and strengths, making each of us unique.

The same is usually true with the tools that we create.

Most content marketing tools are either easy to use or fully functional.

They either work as multipurpose tools to get every job done decently, or they’re incredible specialists with one main focus that they knock out of the park.

They’re either old-school and intense or they’re lighter with a more modern and user-friendly design.

The operative word in the sentence above would be “most.”

That’s right! There are a few incredible feats of programming that can actually accomplish all of our needs in a format that’s easy to understand and use.

One such tool is Linkdex.

So, what makes this content marketing tool so special?

This Linkdex review will go into the details of how this tool helps content marketing teams win in all different areas, as well as who can get the most use out of Linkdex.

Review: How Linkdex Delivers Big SEO Wins for Agencies and Large Teams


Who Is Behind Linkdex?

This content marketing tool was founded in 2009, and in 2016 was acquired by ScribbleLive.

It was created mainly as an SEO tool that helps businesses manage their website’s ranking and achieve their digital goals.

This tool is perfect for large-scale brands and teams. It’s currently used by a number of household names including Tui, Virgin Atlantic, Lenovo, Microsoft, Skyscanner and others.

No one-size-fits-all plans here. Its solutions are intuitive, and they’ll narrow down what they provide to meet your specific needs. The tool is adaptable for either in-house teams or agency teams.

Linkdex is also the winner of multiple awards for best SEO software, both in the US and in Europe.

Features That Set Linkdex Apart

Link and Website Analytics That Work for You

With Linkdex, you can easily see all of the data that you need to. Whether you’re researching keywords, analyzing your website’s visibility, comparing your website to the competition, checking your backlinks or reaching out for new backlinks, Linkdex gives you the data you need to succeed.

To test ranking, you can easily compare the traffic, media value and SERP position of different websites, thus seeing exactly where you stand in relation to your competition.


When analyzing backlinks, you’ll be able to see the value and influence of the pages that link to you, as well as how relevant they are to your site.

Linkdex also includes unique filters that allow you to get more optimized data, including site types, specific authors, countries, video, publisher and more.

SEO Forecasts That Are Easily Understood

No more adding formulas to complicated Excel sheets that your clients might not even understand anyway!

When presenting your team and its plans to a client, it’s essential that they know exactly what to expect with your SEO content marketing services.


With Linkdex’s intuitive SEO forecasts, you can show exactly what your team can do for large-scale clients in terms of SEO keywords and ranking.

This tool allows you to spend less time creating and presenting forecasts and more time turning those forecasts into reality!

Discover High-ranking Content and the Authors Behind it

Connecting with the right people can only be done once you find them. So, Linkdex’s author discovery tool helps you find the faces behind the content that ranks well.


You can use keywords to find authors and influencers that are relevant to your website topic.

Content Strategies and Task Management All in One Place

Essential to all SEO content marketing teams is the strategy behind the content. We’ve already seen how Linkdex helps you find the right keywords to rank for, but how can it help you make the leap from listing keywords to making content that ranks?

First, you can help your team find inspiration for their content by watching what’s currently being linked to and shared around the web in your niche topic. Filter results by website or keyword, thus getting the best view of what’s popular online.

Next, plan your own content strategy around these popular topics and keywords.

This works seamlessly with the project management section of Linkdex, allowing you and your team to see not only the tasks that need to be accomplished, but how each action affects SEO and the content marketing strategy.

Tasks are organized by priority, and can be filtered by due date, action type, tags, followers and more.


Lastly, once your content is online, you can watch exactly how it performs.

More than that, you’ll be able to see metrics like internal and external links, anchor text and social shares for both your own content and that of your competition, allowing you to compare the success of your content against theirs.

Technical SEO Data: Fix Problems and Optimize Your Website

For hard-core, large-scale SEO analytics, Linkdex has you covered.

You can see exactly what’s broken on your website, with analyst-style detail and insight on how to fix it.

This SEO crawl tool is specially designed for enterprise-scale websites with hundreds of pages to track and rank.


But more than just crawl your own website, this tool also allows you to crawl the competition’s website.

This way, you can see exactly what’s working for the competition and what’s not, allowing you to get an edge in ranking.

The Best and Worst of Linkdex


  • Unlimited user accounts, domain analysis and industry data. Excellent for very large teams, and for those who want to see everything they can about the competition.
  • User-friendly design that’s easy to learn. With a recent facelift, Linkdex is now easier to understand and use than ever!
  • Extensive training provided. Entire teams can learn the program through the online library, email, video conference or in-person training. There’s also an accreditation program for senior SEO and content managers to fully understand the workings of the Linkdex program.
  • Relevant SEO alerts delivered to the right people. Facebook-style alerts within the program can be filtered so that the right SEO updates are delivered to the right people, and can specify certain keyword alerts to certain people, or traffic and rank thresholds.
  • Different solutions for in-house teams and agencies. Specific to the needs of your team, no matter how large-scale you are.
  • SEO, content and project management in one place. This tool covers the needs of agencies or large in-house teams, getting SEO content marketing and outreach done right the first time.


  • Linkdex will take a good chunk of your budget to run. As we’ll discuss below, the price per month limits who will be able to use this program.
  • Designed for enterprise-scale work. This means that small to medium-sized content marketing teams may not be able to use this program to the full.

Plans and Pricing

So, how much does this incredible multi-purpose tool actually cost?

Unfortunately, quite a bit.

The Starter Package begins at $600 per month, and prices only go up from there.

The Power Users package is $1,200 per month and there’s also a package for Enterprise Users that’s adapted to the specific needs of very large-scale users.

The price for the Enterprise Users package is discussed upon application.

Who Is Linkdex For?

As we’ve seen above, this powerhouse tool is great for SEO content marketing teams who want all their tools in one place.

Its different sections integrate perfectly and allow you and your team to see exactly what needs to be done, and how their actions work with your SEO content marketing strategy.

However, it’s obvious that this tool was not designed for small-scale operations. The solutions and pricing all point to a large-scale application, making it not as useful for small to medium content marketing teams.

In the end, only large-scale content marketing teams with a good-sized budget will find this tool worthwhile for them.

Final Thoughts on Linkdex

If you manage a large team of SEO content marketers and are eager for a tool that will help you succeed at content marketing for your own website or for that of your different clients, then Linkdex is exactly the tool you need.

Its unique features are perfect for big teams who want to win at everything from SEO and content to project management and outreach.

It’s time to win on all fronts!

Contact the Linkdex team for a free demo to see what it can do for your team.


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