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LinkMiner Review: How to Extract Valuable Backlinks and Strike Digital Gold

Mining is a thankless job.

You work hard digging through rocks and soil in the pursuit of valuable minerals.

Once you do stumble upon some, however, the rewards are priceless.

The same can be said about link mining (also known as link building).

It’s a hard job that you don’t want to do all by yourself, due to how painstakingly difficult and time-consuming it is. But your website can’t do without valuable links from authoritative sites.

You’ll need to dig through the digital dirt to uncover valuable backlink opportunities that improve your SEO, and you might even attempt to do this without any tools.

Can you imagine mining without tools? If not, then you shouldn’t try to imagine linkbuilding without tools.

In this post, you’ll learn about a rising player in link building called LinkMiner. I’ll review the tool based on its own merits and in comparison with the other tools in the market.

By the end of the review, you’ll have learned about its key features, the pros and cons of the tool and whether or not you should consider using it as part of your linkbuilding strategy.

LinkMiner Review: How to Extract Valuable Backlinks and Strike Digital Gold

What Is LinkMiner?


LinkMiner is part of the all-inclusive Mangools SEO suite which also includes KWFinder, SERPChecker and SERPWatcher.

So, you’ll need to sign up for the complete suite to use LinkMiner.

LinkMiner is a relatively new tool to help you check the backlinks of your site and competitor sites, as it’s only been around since January 2018. Mangools itself has only been around since 2014, but it’s a quality tool that’s quickly making a strong reputation for itself among SEOs.

Using the LinkMiner tool, you can easily check the links your site has generated over the years and filter them according to type. You’ll also be able to take advantage of the extensive metrics available within the tool, coming from a variety of third-party sites.

What Makes LinkMiner Different?

Based on what’s been mentioned above, LinkMiner doesn’t sound like such a unique linkbuilding tool, compared to what’s already out there. It does things that most linkbuilding tools do anyway, right?

However, LinkMiner does offer cool, unique features that give it a different flavor compared to other linkbuilding tools. Let’s go into some of the features exclusive to LinkMiner.

Website preview

With most backlink checkers, you need to open a window to see the page where your target link is located.

This process can be burdensome, because then you have to toggle back and forth from one window to another to see the content and evaluate the site based on the provided metrics by the tool.

While it may not seem like much of an issue, it’s one more thing to bog down the process of your research.


With LinkMiner’s website preview, you don’t have to leave the window to open another one. You can see the site preview on the right site so you can cross-reference it with the backlink data provided by the tool. Having this ability makes you make efficient in reviewing backlinks and helps you finish the process faster.

Save URLs for later

As a link builder, you want to generate as much data as possible before creating a strategy and rolling out a campaign for a site. Also, it’s probably for the best that you research everything now and build the links later so you can streamline your process.

LinkMiner contributes to making your process much more convenient by allowing you to save the URLs for later. Instead of exporting the data and parsing them in your spreadsheet, you can organize link building opportunities from the tool accordingly. You get to retain the data and enjoy the tool’s intuitive UI to help increase your productivity even further.

Categorize specific types of link

Instead of manually checking each link to see whether it’s in a blog post, forum, Q&A or others, LinkMiner will determine that for you. This helps you easily see the type of links that you have, as well as what you’ll want to prioritize for your site. For example, if you have too many links from blog posts and forums, then you may want to branch out to Q&A sites and other types.

With SEO, streamlining is the name of the game. Having more information immediately available lets you get the information you need faster, so you can move on to other pressing linkbuilding tasks instead.

How to Use LinkMiner

Now that you have the gist of what makes LinkMiner different compared to other linkbuilding tools, it’s time to take this tool for a test drive using its features.

Competitor research

As mentioned, you can check backlinks of any site imaginable, even your competitors.

Use this opportunity to find backlinks of sites similar to yours. Use the backlink data to find common denominators, as well as differences that make their link profile different, if not potentially better, than yours.

Using the ability of LinkMiner to categorize different types of links, you can analyze the number of links your competitors have for each link type.

For example, if your competitors are ranking higher than you and have more links from Q&A sites, then maybe it’s high time for you to build links from Q&A sites as well in the hopes of increasing your search ranking to their level.

Backlink analysis

To further understand your SEO performance, you need to analyze your link profile. We’ve already discussed how you can determine the most valuable links you have using the third-party metrics provided in the list.

You can cross-reference data using Alexa Rank and Majestic’s Flow Metrics, to name a few. The higher the scores from these metrics (with the exception of Alexa Rank), the more valuable the link is.

Link reclamation

Once you have organized your backlinks and identified the best ones, you need to take keep a good eye on them. It’s not uncommon to lose these links for a number of reasons.

You’ll see them by clicking on the Lost tab. However, what’s important is for you to get back the link by asking the site owner to put the link back up.

Pros and Cons of LinkMiner

It’s time to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of LinkMiner based on the features discussed above. It’s crucial to talk about what the tool offers on the table considering the volume of link building tools available.

Hopefully, what I’m about to mention will help you make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase LinkMiner for your SEO needs.

Pro: Affordable

The issue with most SEO tools is steep pricing.

It’s difficult for SEO tools and software to keep their databases updated and readily available for users. This explains the hefty prices that premium tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush offer customers, starting at at least $100/month.


Fortunately, people won’t have to worry too much about LinkMiner. For as low as $49/month, you get to enjoy all of LinkMiner’s features discussed above. More importantly, you gain access to three other tools under Mangools. If you currently aren’t using an SEO tool for your site, then you’re hard-pressed to not get this deal.

Con: Not a standalone tool

Let’s say you already have a rank tracker, keyword research, and SERP analysis tools in check and you’re simply looking for a backlink checker tool. LinkMiner, for the purpose of checking backlinks, is as competent as they come. However, there’s no way for you to get rid of the other tools included in the Mangools suite.

In other words, if you subscribe to LinkMiner, you’ll be subscribing to the other tools as well. You might find it redundant to use a backlink checker tool in LinkMiner that comes with other tools that you don’t need. It would be nice if Mangools offered its tools individually instead of selling them as a set.

However, this affordable package deal could be a huge pro if you don’t have access to any similar tools yet.

Pro: Filtering features

You’ll need all the help you can get from your link building tool since it’s a very time-intensive and data-driven practice. The filtering options of LinkMiner help somewhat lighten the load for users. They make it easier for you to identify the links based on quality and type so you can organize the links with extreme efficiency.

Con: Too simplistic

As one of the latest link building tools in the market, LinkMiner is still behind in terms of providing seasoned SEO users with more useful backlink data. It’s straightforward enough for newbies to understand and get onboard with the tool.

However, if you’re looking for more juice from this type of tool, then you might want to find something else. A data-heavy backlinks tool like Monitor Backlinks might be more your speed.


When all is said and done, LinkMiner is a promising entry in a very competitive link building market. Granted, its flaws are a result of the tool being too simple and straightforward for more advanced SEO specialists.

However, LinkMiner is a great introductory tool for newbies who want to get into the technical world of SEO without the mumbo-jumbo. Not to mention, its price point is perfect, considering that it also includes three other tools as part of an all-inclusive SEO suite.

If anything, LinkMiner is worth a try at the very least. A free account lets you search for a limited number of sites, which is good enough to help you understand how the tool works.

Ultimately, and as it stands, LinkMiner won’t be helping you unearth diamonds for your link building, but it will surely help mining for data much easier.


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