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Linkody Review: The Missing Piece to Your Link Building Arsenal

Link building is the bread and butter of modern SEO.

In order for search engines to index your site, they need to discover your content first.

Backlinks are what point them in the right direction.

Without backlinks, you’re essentially off the grid.

In other words, your brand is out of sight and out of mind to the online world.

Building backlinks is vital—but you shouldn’t rush in without a plan.

You can’t just build backlinks from anywhere.

If you want to rank highly in search engines like Google, you need backlinks from authoritative websites in your niche.

The more authoritative your backlinks are, the more authoritative your site is as a whole.

You also need to avoid dubious links from spammy sources or with unnatural anchor texts, as these can pull the strength of your backlink profile down.

That’s why a backlink profile tracker is an essential component of your SEO toolbelt.

Linkody provides a clear view of your website’s backlink profile while making valuable SEO data more readable and actionable to non-SEO-savvy business owners.

It could be the very tool you’re missing!


Linkody Review: The Missing Piece to Your Link Building Arsenal

Unlike a plethora of backlink monitoring tools out there, Linkody’s purpose isn’t just to extract data. It also aims to demystify link monitoring and makes the process as clear-cut as possible.

After adding your website details, Linkody sends you straight to your backlinks list.

It shows you all the crucial information right off the bat, such as each link’s indexation status, Spam Score, Domain Authority, anchor text and more.


It may not look like much on the surface, but Linkody is actually jam-packed with backlink management features:

1. Track and Monitor Backlinks 24/7

Search engine crawlers may take days if not weeks to update your website’s indexed data. As such, it’s important to resolve any backlink-related issue as soon as possible.

Linkody can help you stay ahead of the curve by tracking your backlinks 24/7. This’ll enable you to make fast, data-driven decisions that can influence SEO growth.

Other sections such as Analytics and Changelog are also updated in real time.

Although Linkody makes sure you receive quick results, it doesn’t skimp on valuable metrics. For example, it’s one of the few backlink profile monitoring tools that display the linking domain’s External Follow Links.


This metric shows the number of follow links pointing to the domain linking to you. It’s a value that’s usually overlooked, but it can actually be very useful for spotting spammy websites and measuring the SEO value of links.

Sort the column from high to low, and look more closely at the sites at the lower end of the scale. A low number of external follow links could indicate that the site isn’t very trustworthy and won’t pass on any SEO value.

2. Competitor Research

You can also use Linkody to track the backlink profile of competitors. This’ll enable you to dissect their anchor text strategy and find out where they’re getting their backlinks from.

To initiate your competitor research, select “Add a Competitor” under the Competitors drop-down menu and insert their URL. Give the tool a minute or two to gather sufficient backlink data and refresh the page.


Once refreshed, you should be able to see the full backlink profile of your competitor, as well as all the metrics you see for your own. You can then assimilate their most valuable link targets into your own strategy.

As a tip, look for linking domains with high Domain Authority that also give out follow links.


Check out the site and find where your competitor’s backlink is placed. Then, use that information to get a backlink for yourself!

3. Link Profile Analysis

You can say whatever you want regarding Linkody’s simplistic interface. But when it comes to link profile analysis, it’s undoubtedly one of the best.

Everything in the Analytics section is presented via interactive infographics. You can also easily export your data into CSV format.


One section that demands your attention is your Top Anchor Phrases. Bear in mind, a healthy backlink profile requires anchor text diversity, with emphasis on branded phrases.

An analysis of top brands like Best Buy proves this—41% of their backlinks use an anchor text with their brand name in it:


For a quick overview of your backlink profile, simply navigate to the Dashboard section. Here, you can find useful information such as your website’s Domain Authority, Spam Score, latest backlinks and more.


4. Disavow Bad Links

If you need to perform a backlink cleanup, Linkody can help you disavow links from within the platform.

You can choose between disavowing an individual link or the entire linking domain by clicking the gear icon on the right.


You can also automate the disavowal process by heading to the Disavow section, where you can set rules for backlink screening.


This feature follows the standard Google Disavow format, so all you have to do is add the rules that you want to use in the main text field and click “Add rules.”


Being able to disavow bad links from within the platform is a really useful time-saver, meaning less switching around between various tools and spreadsheets to keep track of your link removal strategy.

5. PDF White Label Reports

Lastly, Linkody allows you to generate personalized, white label PDF documents for reporting purposes. This makes it easy for SEO experts to communicate results with clients who aren’t exactly well-versed in the industry.

To customize your PDF reports, go to the settings screen and click the PDF reports button.

Here, you can add your logo and specify the data that you’d like to show, from Spam Score, Domain and Page Authority, anchor text, total links on page, IP address and more:


Pros of Linkody

Now that we’ve covered everything under the hood, it’s time for the breakdown of Linkody’s advantages:

Simplifies the Link Monitoring Process

Linkody is strictly focused on backlink profile monitoring and analysis. As such, its backlink tracking features are far more refined than other, “all-encompassing” SEO platforms.

SEOProfiler, for example, also offers a “Link Profiler” that checks your website’s backlink information. However, important details are scattered across different sections.

Linkody, on the other hand, keeps it all consolidated and organized on one page. A changelog also monitors and records all changes in your links’ status.

Landing Page Tracker

To help you spot your most popular content, Linkody can measure the number of backlinks to each of your landing pages. It also checks the status of each page along with details, such as page title, URL and meta description.

Linkody also allows you to set a target keyword for every landing page. This is useful for gauging their on-page optimization for click-throughs in SERPs.

Ultra-Competitive Pricing

Despite the significance of backlink profile management in SEO, Linkody keeps the costs down. Its entry-level pricing plan, which allows you to track up to two domains, is only $14 per month.

The Pro plan, at $49 per month, lets you track up to 20 domains and 5,000 monitored links.

Cons of Linkody

Investing in SEO tools is an important decision that requires careful considerations. That’s why, before you choose Linkody as your primary backlink tracking tool, here’s a quick list of its weak points:

User Interface Needs Improvement

Simplicity in software design can sometimes be pushed too far—Linkody’s user interface actually becomes less satisfying to use, the more you use it. Unlike newer platforms like Monitor Backlinks, Linkody looks slightly outdated and is less responsive.

You also have to manually refresh the page to view results when conducting a backlink profile analysis. Although minor, it’s an indication that the developers may have cut some corners in the design department.

Reports Generated After 24 Hours

Finally, Linkody generates reports 24 hours after your initial request. This can be a big issue for SEO teams that are required to deliver timely reports to their clients.

The workaround, of course, is to request the reports ahead of time. But considering the fact that most other SEO tools can generate reports within minutes, you’d wish that Linkody’s developers also did the same.


As a backlink profile monitoring tool, Linkody fits the “simple and affordable” option in the market.

While it does its job of collecting backlink information efficiently and quickly, it does have a few disadvantages that could give larger companies and more established brands a hard time.

Still, it delivers on everything it promises, and while simple, it does the job well.

All round, Linkody is a pretty great deal.


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