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Majestic SEO Review: How Majestic Is This Backlink Tool?

All-in-one SEO tools are all the rage these days.

But are they really the right tools to use for content marketing?

Sure, they’ve pounced on a flooded market with tons of specialized little SEO tools available.

Prior to the all-in-one option, the more specialized tools were relied upon for their own unique functions and strengths.

You know, you’ve got your keyword research tools, keyword ranking trackers, SEO report generators, backlink monitors and outreach managers.

To make life easier, modern marketers often subscribe to an all-in-one SEO tool which can be used to develop and execute SEO strategies, as well as save some cash compared to buying many different specialized SEO tools.

However, there’s a reason why SEO spending will see a massive hike, up to $80 billion by 2020.


In a cutthroat industry where people with deep pockets often win, you should be brave enough to spend money for your online business.

It’s no longer wise to cut back on spending when others are pooling their resources to get a leg up on the competition in any way possible. But you don’t just need to spend. You need to spend your money wisely.

Subscribing to an all-in-one SEO tool just because it’s efficient or cheap isn’t a wise way of spending your money. You also need to consider quality.

The Missing Link to Great SEO

So, what you need to do is find the best SEO tools that will yield the results you need. Since there are different branches of SEO, you may need to pay for more than one specialized tool.

That is, if you want to get things done right.

One branch of SEO that you need to really focus on is link building. The more links you generate from authoritative sites, the higher your organic search performance will be.

It’s arguably one of the most crucial SEO factors at play right now. In fact, a majority of people in the SEO industry believe this, and a large portion of SEOs dedicate a portion of their work time to link-building efforts.

You can’t afford to skimp when it comes to backlinks.

Given the demand for efficient link building, there are lots of link-building tools available on the market. Majestic is one of them, and it’s a darn good option to check out.

There’s a reason why Majestic SEO metrics are used by other SEO and backlink tools, including the Monitor Backlinks SEO tool; this powerful tool puts the key Majestic SEO metrics of Trust Flow and Citation Flow (which we’ll discuss in depth) front and center when assessing SEO performance and link strength. While the complete SEO tool combines them with several other metrics for a more holistic view, its Free Backlink Checker relies on these two metrics almost exclusively.

So, let’s look at Majestic and what makes it so special that it’s relied upon by other key players in the SEO world.

Majestic SEO Review: How Majestic Is This Backlink Tool?


An Introduction to Majestic

Majestic, formerly known as Majestic SEO, allows you to analyze the backlinks of your site and your competitors’ sites.

This backlink analysis tool provides data to help you develop a better link-building campaign for your website, thus increasing its rankings in search engines.

Majestic continues to be the backlink tool of choice for lots of SEOs and marketers. Over the years, it has been featured numerous times alongside Monitor BacklinksAhrefs, SEMrush and other premium SEO tools. While each tool has its strengths and weaknesses, in this review, I’ll focus on how you can use Majestic to great effect for your link-building efforts.

I’ll also discuss its pros and cons to help you determine if the tool is a wise investment for you and your team.

How to Take Advantage of 7 Majestic Features

Let’s go through Majestic’s best features one by one, starting with its Site Explorer.

1. Site Explorer

You can access the Site Explorer by typing the URL in the search bar on the homepage. Once you click on the Search icon, you’ll see the summary of the site’s backlink data.


Two metrics you need to focus on when analyzing websites with Majestic are the Trust Flow and Citation Flow. Both are aggregate scores exclusive to Majestic and provide a great deal of information about a site.

Citation Flow is a number that forecasts the authority of the URL based on the quality and quantity of sites linking to it. In SEO terms, Citation Flow refers to link juice.

Trust Flow is a number that forecasts the trustworthiness of a page based on its linking proximity to authoritative sites.

Using both metrics, you can get a site’s Trust Ratio by dividing Trust Flow by Citation Flow or:

Trust Flow ÷ Citation Flow = Trust Ratio

The higher the Trust Ratio, the more formidable the site’s backlink profile is. The ratio is a great way to judge how your site’s link profile stands and what you need to do to improve it. Also, you can use the data to analyze a competitor and spy on their performance.

Scrolling down the page, you’ll see a summary of your site’s backlink performance over time.


The Topic Trust Flow shows you the categories you’ve been linked to the most and the percentage of how close you are to authoritative sites. The higher the rate, the closer you are to sites that you should be linking to in the first place.


Next is the Backlink History and Referring Domains in graph form so you can visually see your progress.


The Anchor Text feature shows you the distribution of anchor text used to link back to your site pages.


If you want to get in-depth with some of the data from the summary page, click on the links from the menu bar.


2. Bulk Backlink Checker

If you previously used a different tool to extract backlinks from your site or competitor, you can upload all of them on Majestic using this feature.


Doing so allows you to analyze the backlinks using Majestic’s data and streamline your research in a single tool.

3. Compare Domains

This feature lets you analyze multiple sites on Majestic in bar graphs.


You can compare your site to your top competitors and see how you match up with them.

You can also check on other data like backlink history, Flow Metrics history and more.

4. Clique Hunter

When comparing websites, you can check the domains that linked back to them. Clique Hunter shows not only the linked domains but also the number of site links from the domains.


By spying on competitors’ backlinks using this feature, you can find link-building opportunities that you weren’t able to see before.

For example, if they have lots of links from Forbes, then you need to find a way to get links from that site too. Writing a guest post or applying to become a contributor to the site are actionable ways that you can extract from the data.

5. Search Explorer

Majestic’s Search Explorer is equivalent to Google for SEO. As Google shows results of websites for their search phrase, Majestic does the same using its proprietary algorithms.


Upon entering the keyword into the search bar, you’ll see the results ranked from the highest Search Score to the lowest.

The most crucial factor that influences Search Score is the InAnchor metric. Clicking on the link shows the top anchor texts that link back to your site.


You can drill down the data further by clicking for the Topic Trust Flow of each anchor text.

The information found in Search Explorer can help you identify the best sites for your target keywords. Aside from analyzing their backlink, you can spy on related keywords they’re ranking for. The data here can help you fill in the gaps in your link-building campaign by taking a cue from theirs.

6. Keyword Checker

If you want to research and analyze keywords that you want to optimize for your site, then use Keyword Checker. It lets you qualify the keywords in your research by referring to Majestic’s Search Volume data.


The data is validated by the information provided under the Domains and URL.

The higher the Search Volume data, the more difficult it will be for you to rank for that keyword. It’s best to target keywords with a reasonably competitive Search Volume score, so you have a puncher’s chance of ranking on top for that keyword.

7. URL Submitter

If you want Majestic to index your newly published content in hours, then you must use the URL Submitter. This feature is similar to Google’s “Suggest a site” where you can get Google to index your site pages so you can see them appear in search results.


URL Submitter won’t guarantee a crawl of your site pages in Majestic due to factors beyond its control. Nonetheless, you can help hasten the process by submitting a batch of your site pages that haven’t been crawled yet using this feature.

Majestic Plans and Pricing


Majestic’s pricing is comparable to that of other premium SEO tools. A few other tools have lower entry prices for people who don’t need a massive tool (for example, people with only one domain to manage) but Majestic is reasonably priced.

The lowest plan of $79/month (or $49/month with payments made quarterly) is perfect for established small businesses who want to get more from their link-building campaigns.

SEO specialists and agencies should opt for the Pro package of $149/month (or $99/month with payments made quarterly), so they can dig deeper for the multiple sites they manage.

The Pros of Majestic

Majestic offers a distinct set of parameters to help people make actionable and informed decisions with their sites. The data provided by the Flow Ratio is arguably the best feature the tool has. While Moz’s Domain Authority is the benchmark score that people use for measuring a site’s quality, the Flow Ratio is is just as valuable, if not more. Instead of analyzing each link in a site’s profile, they can refer to the Flow Ratios for a general overview of the site’s link-building campaign.

Another advantage that Majestic holds over other SEO tools is its focus on backlinks. As mentioned, you want to shell out for premium tools if you want to succeed in organic search. Majestic, for better or worse, is all about providing the best backlink index for all possible sites. While Majestic does one thing, it is one of the best backlink index platforms online, if not the best.

By providing you all the backlink data of a site, you can develop a sustainable link-building strategy using the best keywords for your anchor text.

The Cons of Majestic

While the Trust and Citation Flows are easy to follow, everything else can be a blur for beginner and intermediate SEO practitioners. There’s a steep learning curve that people must anticipate before using this tool. The numbers and figures can be intimidating enough even for seasoned link builders.

Final Thoughts on Majestic

Majestic is powerful—not for the faint of heart.

If you’re serious about making the most out your link-building efforts, then take a long, hard look at Majestic. It offers features and data that will ease the burden of researching and implementing link building on your sites.

The problem you’ll encounter is the user interface. You may find equally great SEO tools that are much easier to use and more intuitive for newbies.

For example, the Monitor Backlinks SEO tool we recommended earlier is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It’s a simple and intuitive approach to tracking keywords, backlinks, key SEO metrics and even competitor SEO performance. Throw in its automatic email notifications (so you always know when something important changes in your SEO profile, or in that of a competitor) and its an ideal tool for both SEO beginners and experts who just don’t need the bells and whistles of a complex platform like Majestic SEO. Read our full review of Monitor Backlinks here, or take advantage of its free trial period to see how it compares to Majestic.

Still, Majestic is perfect for people who know their way around link building and appreciate crunching numbers.

If that sounds like you—or if you’re just curious enough to check this tool out anyway—you should try Majestic for free!


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