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Mangools Review: 4 Valuable SEO Tools Under One Roof

Ever wanted all your SEO tasks in one place?

Instead of tracking keywords on SerpBookstalking your competition on BuzzSumo and hunting keywords on Google’s Keyword Planner, why not consolidate all of this with one comprehensive tool?

That’s where Mangools comes in.

While most SEO tools just focus on providing one service or two, Mangools excelled at building a unique, all-in-one platform that offers a variety of features.

This tool makes keyword research extremely simple, and it presents several details and additional metrics that ease your search for the perfect keywords.

In this article, we’ll walk you through our review of Mangools and show you how to use the tools to find untapped keyword opportunities and track your website’s performance in search engines.

What Is Mangools?


Mangools first started off as a one-tool SEO service named KWFinder in 2014. After the tool had success, Mangools’ Founder and CEO took his company from a personal project to a four-man business.

Since then, the Mangools team was able to build and grow four effective SEO tools:

1. KWFinder

2. SERPChecker

3. SERPWatcher

4. LinkMiner

Let’s first briefly explain what each of these is all about.

KWFinder: This is one of the most popular SEO tools developed by Mangools. It will make the keyword research fun because you can effortlessly get exact search volume, untapped LSI keywords, keyword trends, a quick overview of the top sites in the SERPs and a lot more in a few minutes.

SERPChecker: This tool will help you analyze and do SEO research on your competitors. With SERPChecker, you can access the SEO data of your competitors’ web pages. There are around 50 SEO metrics available for your judgment, including Moz and Majestic tools information.

SERPWatcher: This SEO tool helps to track your keyword performance and rank on search engines. You can also see your keyword performance in different locations and device types, like mobile and desktop.

LinkMiner: LinkMiner is a new, effective tool for monitoring your competitors’ backlinking profiles. This tool provides you with full details on the backlinks that point to your competitor’s site. This tool can be especially crucial if you’re running an outreach campaign.

What Makes Mangools the Perfect Tool for Your SEO?

SEO is the set of rules that websites must follow to have a prominent presence in search results. And Mangools makes this easier than you might think.

Here are a few key points on what makes Mangools the perfect tool for your SEO.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Mangools’ tools won’t cost you million-dollar marketing budgets or thousands of dollars of monthly agency payments. With affordable monthly or yearly subscriptions, you can easily manage your website’s data all by yourself. Plus, many of Mangools 200k+ users get big returns on their investment, as the tool helps them attract more website traffic and leads. More on this in the pricing section later on.
  • Inclusiveness: Inclusiveness is a way of life. For example, I always order one-dish recipes at restaurants. I never want to have more than two plates on my table. Simply because I like to have all of my food on one plate. Mangools is the one-dish SEO recipe. You can access a variety of tools with different functionalities without having to jump from one website to another. For example, you can start an SERP analysis on your competition then move on to conduct research to find similar keywords to your competitors’.
  • Usability: Regardless of which tool you use for SEO, working on optimizing your website for search engines can be a real pain in the ass. But it would be definitely more helpful to optimize your website on a good-looking, error-free platform. That’s where Mangools stands out. In fact, Mangools’ marketing guru Maros Kortis has even written four full guides for each and every tool:

KWFinder Guide

SERPChecker Guide

SERPWatcher Guide

LinkMiner Guide

Mangools Review: 4 Valuable SEO Tools Under One Roof

1. KWFinder Review: The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool

KWFinder is an excellent tool that simplifies the keyword research process in a way other tools just haven’t managed to do. However, there are some metrics and terms that you might need to know before you start using KWFinder.

Here are the explanations of a few keywords you’ll need to know to start using KWFinder:

  • SERP: Search Engine Results Page
  • Visits: The estimated number of visits per month.
  • CPC: The average cost per click of the keyword. This metric is based on Google AdWords data.
  • Trend: This column shows you the popularity of your keyword of choice in search engines during the last 12 months.
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click): This abbreviation represents the keyword’s level of competition in paid advertising. It ranges from zero to 100, where 100 is maximum and zero is minimum.
  • Search: The average number of Google searches for the keyword over the last 12 months. Here, you’ll see the precise search volume for the keyword you search.

KWFinder User Interface

KWFinder operates on a web user interface. This interface allows you to search keywords and filter them based on several options.

KWFinder has three keyword research options for different functions:

1. Suggestions

2. Autocomplete

3. Questions

Suggestions: This is the default search option. It pulls in keywords through an algorithm to calculate relevant keywords the same way you’d expect from using Google’s Keyword Planner.

Autocomplete: This tool searches terms that are related to your chosen keyword. The data of Autocomplete comes from Google Search API. This section is especially helpful when you’re conducting keyword research.

Questions: We often Google how to do something, which means that it’s easy to extend the keyword into a question. That’s why Mangools created this section. By searching your preferred keyword here, you’ll get tons of questions your audience might be asking, which makes it easier for you to turn your keyword into a blog post.

The KWFinder Search Results Filter

The search filter allows you to narrow your results range.

You can filter out keywords that don’t meet a certain search volume threshold if you keep seeing lots of low volume keywords, or put the CPC or PPC into ranges that fit your ad budget if you’re planning to run paid ads on Google Adwords.

Why Should You Use KWFinder?

  • You get your KWFinder analysis tool in one place.
  • It generates localized keyword suggestions.
  • It gives you the most accurate keyword information.
  • You get to sort out your search results based on your needs.
  • It helps you find blog post ideas using the Questions section.

2. SERPChecker Review: The Last Tool You’ll Need to Stalk Your Competition


Looking for the best way to stalk your competition? Try SERPChecker. By only searching your preferred keyword, you get to see all the data of the pages your competitors are ranking well with. And you can start using SERPChecker automatically if you already have a Mangools account.

Just enter a keyword that you want to rank for, and it will provide you with accurate ideas alongside essential SEO metrics.

Let’s say you’re working on optimizing a blog post for the keyword Mangools review, and you want to see how your competition for this keyword is doing.

Step 1: Enter Mangools review in the search bar.

Step 2: Click on the “Analyze SERP” button.

You’ll get access to a page with full details and information related to your target keyword. Your results will include:

  • SEO difficulty (the closer to 100, the harder to compete)
  • Classified results based on your preferred keyword’s SERP
  • Other SEO metrics, like PA, DA, MR and many more


Furthermore, you’ll have the ability to manage your metrics by adding and/or deleting displayed ranking factors on your dashboard.

For example, you can track the number of backlinks to every item, the Facebook shares or the MozTrust ranking of the root domain of every URL.

The steps above are how you use the SERPChecker tool to analyze the competition for any particular keyword.

Generally, keywords with top results’ SEO difficulties (under the column Rank) ranging from zero to 50 tend to be easier to rank for than keywords in the 50 to 100 range.

Why Should You Use SERPChecker?

  • Get localized SERP results.
  • Easily identify desktop vs. mobile search results.
  • Quickly evaluate organic search results.
  • Conduct an in-depth research on your competition.

3. SERPWatcher Review: The Rank Tracking Tool


Now that you’ve stalked your competition, and you’re well aware of the keywords they’re ranking for, you need to start tracking your SEO results and metrics.

That’s where SERPWatcher comes in.

SERPWatcher is the go-to tool for tracking your keywords and website pages. By only adding a new tracking to your dashboard, you’ll have unlimited access to SERPWatcher.

Here’s how you can get started:

Step 1: To start using SERPWatcher, you’ll need to create a new tracking for your website. You can do this by pressing the button “Add new tracking” in the right corner of your screen to be directed to a page where you can add your domain name and keywords.

Step 2: Click the “Start Tracking” button, and SERPWatcher will immediately begin tracking your keywords.

Step 3: You’ll get all the tracking data of your keywords on SERPWatcher within a few seconds.

On your dashboard, you’ll see a Dominance Index, an aggregated metric that signifies your unique share of organic traffic and that’s based on current keyword positions. This index is calculated based on the following five factors:

  • Search volumes
  • Current positions
  • Tracked keywords
  • Average CTR for a particular position
  • Potential value as if you ranked first for all tracked keywords

For example, if you’re getting around 50% Dominance Index from the keyword, then it’s currently getting about that percentage of the whole organic search traffic.


In addition, you’ll see all the metrics related to the keywords you have added to your tracking on the same dashboard. This way, you can see which pages are performing well, and which are not.

For a more detailed explanation of SERPWatcher, check out this video:

Why Should You Use SERPWatcher?

  • You can track both desktop and mobile results.
  • You can efficiently use tags to organize all of your keywords.
  • You’ll get access to reports that you can download in CSV format.
  • You’ll get daily updates about your keyword positions in Google search.
  • You can track results for the specific locations of your target audience.
  • You can quickly find the estimated visits, daily rankings, dominance index and ranking distribution charts for any particular keyword.

4. LinkMiner Review: The Backlink Checker Tool


LinkMiner is a very easy-to-use backlink checker from Mangools.

This new tool is built to evaluate the backlink data of your competition by providing several metrics, embedded link features and previews for filtering and saving potential backlinks.

How Run a Backlink Analysis with LinkMiner

To get started, you’ll only need to type a valid domain or exact URL into the main search window and click on the green “Find backlinks” button.

Leave the checkbox blank to display multiple links for each referring domain. You can also select the option to show only one link per referring domain.

Classified by the types of backlinks, LinkMiner displays:

  • Lost backlinks: Based on deleted backlinks.
  • New backlinks: Based on daily updated backlinks from the last 30 days.
  • All backlinks: Based on daily updated backlinks from the last 90 days.

Plus, the LinkMiner tool comes with following metrics for analyzing URLs and domains:

  • Referring IPs: The number of referring IPs.
  • Referring domains: The number of referring domains.
  • Total Backlinks: The total number of backlinks based on the Fresh Index.
  • Citation Flow: An estimated score between zero to 100 that helps to measure the link power or the affect the link carries based on how many links point to it.
  • Trust Flow: An estimated score ranging from zero to 100. The score is calculated based on how many trustworthy websites link to your page.

LinkMiner Metrics

The most important metrics for link evaluation are Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF). Besides, here are four other metrics you might want to consider while using LinkMiner.

  • AR: Alexa Rank
  • LS: Link Strength
  • FB: Number of Facebook shares
  • EL: Number of external links from page


Why Should You Use LinkMiner?

  • It previews websites that contain backlinks directly in the tool.
  • You can categorize the links you want to be using with an advanced, easy-to-use search filter.
  • The favorites panel allows you to save and favor top backlinks.

Mangools Plans and Pricing

If you’re just starting out and looking to use Mangools SEO tools, here’s all that you need to know about pricing.

Mangools Free Account

To try Mangools, you can register on their site to get a free account. Every free account includes three lookups per 24 hours and 25 related keywords per search. The tools are all very limited for free accounts.

Mangools Paid Accounts

If you’re serious about working on your SEO and think Mangools is the right tool for you, you’ll need to go for a paid plan.

There are currently three main pricing plans on Mangools: Basic, Premium and Agency.


Let’s take a look at these plans, so you can get a better idea of the best plan that suits your business and budget.

1. Mangools Basic plan: This plan costs $29 per month (billed annually, $349 per year) and is suitable for bloggers and SEO enthusiasts. You’ll get these features with this plan:

Daily rank updates

Unlimited tracked domains

200 Tracked keywords

100 SERP lookups per 24 hours

100 KW lookups per 24 hours

100 SERP lookups per 24 hours

200 Related keywords per search

2. Mangools Premium plan: This plan costs $39 per month (billed annually, $469 per year) and is suitable for entrepreneurs, full-time bloggers and SEO experts. Here are Mangools Premium features:

Daily rank updates

Unlimited tracked domains

700 Tracked keywords

500 KW lookups per 24 hours

500 SERP lookups per 24 hours

500 SERP lookups per 24 hours

500 Related keywords per search

3. Mangools Agency plan: This plan costs $79 per month (billed annually, $949 per year), is suitable for digital marketers and is ideal for those who are running agencies. If you move on with this plan, here are the top featured you’ll get:

Daily rank updates

Unlimited tracked domains

1500 Tracked keywords

1200 SERP lookups per 24 hours

1200 KW lookups per 24 hours

1200 SERP lookups per 24 hours

700 Related keywords per search


For all Mangools subscriptions, you can only request refunds within 24 hours of your purchase.


If you’re someone who’s looking for one SEO tool that provides access to everything from keyword research to competition analysis to rank tracking, Mangools is the right tool for you.

Yassir Sahnoun is a content strategist, writer and co-founder of WriteWorldwide. He helps online businesses with SEO and content marketing. You can learn more about Yassir at

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