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Mondovo Review: Track and Analyze Your SEO Like an FBI Agent

Clearly, there are a lot of differences between you and an FBI agent.

You don’t need a gun, for starters, and nothing illegal is involved.

But my point is that you truly can scrutinize every tiny little detail of your SEO efforts and maximize on the return.

Mondovo is a marketing tool that allows for an incredibly close level of SEO analysis while providing you with in-depth, customizable reports.

It, in essence, turns you into an FBI agent specializing in SEO.

Mondovo’s wide array of versatile tools is the perfect setup for you if you’re looking to get serious about SEO and boost your website traffic.

Mondovo Review: Track and Analyze Your SEO Like an FBI Agent

No matter what industry or niche you’re in, your website’s success starts with great content and great SEO.

Mondovo understands that helping you refine your SEO improves your online success—and it’s clear when you take a look at their tools.

Rank Tracking

The rank tracker tool allows you to compare your search engine ranking with those of your competitors.

In addition to a list of keywords, you can also compare your rankings by search location, search engine and device (mobile vs. computer).


The first thing that the rank tracker shows you is a summary of your current ranking data. This gives you a bird’s-eye view on how you’re doing.

From there, you can access much more detailed information—like the Keyword Comparison view, which gives you a detailed look at how your best keyword rankings stack up against your competitors.


The Competitor Landscape view is another useful one.

Here, you have access to several important metrics for each competitor that you add. You can view the number of pages they have ranking, the number of keywords they have ranking, their average rank, average CTR and total traffic flow.


Without ever leaving this page, you can discover very important information about competitors which you can then use to make decisions about how to beat them.

This tool is excellent for people who are trying to learn about their competitors, discover new competitors, or refine their strategies to beat businesses in the same niche.

Keyword Research

Mondovo’s keyword research tool is incredibly useful for discovering new keywords to create content around.

When you open the tool, you’re prompted to enter a keyword. After entering the keyword, a long list of relevant search terms with data attached shows up.


Unlike a lot of other keyword research tools, Mondovo shows you a range of both short and longtail keywords. Just look for phrases with four or more in the Word Count column to find longtail keyword opportunities that can be much easier to rank for!

Along with the word count of each keyword, you’re also given its relevance, global and US search volume, and CPC. One particularly helpful metric here is the difficulty ranking, scored out of 100, which gives you an indication of how difficult it would be to challenge this keyword.

With an extensive keyword list (it goes on much further than the bottom of this screenshot), you can discover new, relevant keywords and phrases to incorporate into your SEO strategy.

Keyword Gap Analysis

The keyword gap analysis tool is useful for improving your ranking, increasing traffic and beating your competitors.

This tool shows you specific keywords for which your competitors are ranking that you are not. Essentially, it tells you how to beat them by copying their steps.


Using the incredibly expansive list of keywords that Mondovo researches for you, you can learn how to tailor your SEO strategy to your audience and design it specifically to beat your competitors.

For example, just using the information in this table, you could identify new keywords that you currently don’t rank for and how some of your competitors are currently ranking with those keywords.

From there, you can analyze the search volume to narrow your keyword search and use the best keywords based off of search volume and competition data.

Backlink Analysis

The backlink analysis tool is another tool that helps you discover backlinks, sources, domains, anchor text and other important information about your website and your competitors’ websites.


The summary tab shows you important metrics at a glance, like how many total links you have and how many referring domains there are. It also shows you the types of domains that refer to your site.

Below, more tabs show you the name of the referring websites, the anchor text, follow/no-follow status and the target page.

By going through this important information, you can learn the status of your backlinks and launch campaigns to target specific areas of your backlink situation that will help increase traffic and boost sales in the long run.


Another excellent aspect of Mondovo is the reports that are readily available on your dashboard. When you generate a report, it’s automatically saved on your dashboard for easy review.


Having these reports ready to view is a great way to stay up-to-date on all of your SEO management.

You also have access to a well-organized list of Mondovo’s tracking and researching tools right from your dashboard.



Drawbacks and Alternatives

While there are so many positive aspects of Mondovo, there are also areas that could definitely be improved.

The first potential drawback is the lack of a central location to view the main points at a glance. I would’ve liked to see a dashboard or overview page that shows you an overall summary of how your website’s going, like RankTrackr does for rank tracking or Monitor Backlinks for backlink tracking.

These well-organized and informative dashboards allow users to check on their website just by opening the application, whereas with Mondovo, there’s a bit of clicking around involved to find key information.

Second, Mondovo is, at times, lacking in depth of information on some of their reports. For example, several times I attempted to compare two websites’ keywords and there was no data that was shared between them that Mondovo could find.

In my experience, the more well-known tools like Moz are more thorough in this area. Mondovo could improve by increasing the depth of their keyword research.


Mondovo’s pricing works a little differently to other SEO tools.

You pay a monthly subscription which gets you a certain number of credits, and you can then use those credits on whichever features you want.

I rather like this model of payment because it allows you to get the most use out of the tool, and if you require more credits during a certain month, you can simply top up your account instead of having to upgrade to a higher plan.


Final Thoughts on Mondovo

Mondovo is a flexible, thorough tool that can be used by both business owners looking to increase traffic and professional SEOs.

The depth of the tool allows for a professional standard of SEO analysis, but the simplicity and ease of use really gives anybody access to this powerful suite of tools.

By making full use of the tools Mondovo has to offer, you’ll have everything you need to track your SEO and competitors, boost your rankings and keep your website running at its peak.

Yassir Sahnoun is a content strategist, writer and co-founder of WriteWorldwide. He helps SaaS businesses with content strategy and SEO. You can learn more about Yassir at


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