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Ninja Outreach Review: The Supercharge Your Outreach Batteries Need

We all know what it’s like when a battery-operated toy starts dying.

Little by little, the toy starts moving slower. The music starts fading. The light dims and flickers.

Eventually, the toy just stops working altogether.

The same thing can happen to our outreach strategy.

You already know that outreach is an excellent tool to expand your business, and that it isn’t an easy task.

If you let it slide, even just a little, your success will start to slip away like the life of a toy whose battery is dying.

Whether you’re looking to contact influencers to help promote your product, or you’re looking for companies to offer services to, you need to be constantly on the ball.

So, what can supercharge your outreach batteries when your power is draining and help you have more successful connections with influencers or companies?

Ninja Outreach is a tool that does just that.

I’m going to show you exactly how you can use Ninja Outreach to improve your outreach success rate, and take a closer look at its features to help you decide whether it’s the right tool for you.

Who Is Ninja Outreach?

Ninja Outreach was started by three internet marketers who saw a problem with outreach.

It’s a problem you’ve likely encountered yourself.

There are so many different tools to research influencers, to find contact information and to formulate outreach messages.

This can make it incredibly difficult to work efficiently as you’re switching between tools and to integrate all your data between them.

But with Ninja Outreach, all of the work can be done from one single platform.

It’s an innovative startup that’s constantly improving itself, and new features and improvements are coming out every few weeks. Ninja Outreach has already been featured on popular digital marketing websites, such as Neil Patel and Moz.

In short, Ninja Outreach is a tool that allows you to do the research, find the influencers or companies that you need, reach out and keep tabs on the conversation—all in one place.

Ninja Outreach Review: The Supercharge Your Outreach Batteries Need

When you’ve hit a dead end with influencers, all your emails are going unanswered or your outreach strategy is simply falling short of the mark, that’s when you need a tool like Ninja Outreach.

It brings together everything that you need to build successful, results-driven campaigns from the ground up.

How Ninja Outreach Empowers You for More Effective Outreach Campaigns

Find the Right Bloggers, Influencers, Freelancers or Companies in Seconds

It doesn’t matter who you need to find. Ninja Outreach has you covered.

Head to the “Prospecting” section and decide whether you want to find promotion opportunities, social influencers, most shared content, new leads or emails.

To search, just enter any keyword. Then, Ninja Outreach lets you decide if you want to find a blogger, an influencer (someone with more than 3,000 followers), executive, company, journalist or article.

Beyond this, those results can be further filtered depending on what you’re looking for.

For example, when searching for social influencers, you can filter results by any number of followers either on Instagram or Twitter, or by location.


Ninja Outreach does a live search through their database of over 25 million websites, giving you exactly the results that you need.

In seconds, you have a list of prospects that can be reached out to.

Say “so long” to hours of tedious research!

Keep Lists to Organize Contacts and Campaigns

Once you’ve done all that research and found the influencers or companies that you want to contact, how do you proceed?

Well, it’s time to save those contacts in your own customized lists.


Lists are great because they allow you to keep track of all of your campaigns. Organize your lists however you want, and keep all of your outreach campaigns under control!

You can even specify who on your team is allowed to see each list, and add descriptions and tags to help your team members work together on populating those lists.

After you connect your email, you can start outreach campaigns to those specific lists.

Keep Track of Contacts and Conversations with a Simple CRM System

Whether you import your own contacts or find them with the Ninja Outreach search, you’ll be able to keep track of all of those connections with this easy-to-use CRM system.

Within your contact list, you’ll be able to see a profile, including their website, followers, Moz Rank and other metrics, along with their contact information, your notes and the emails that have been exchanged with that person.


Automatically Populate Contact Forms with Your Personalized Text

Within the Chrome add-on, Ninja Outreach allows you to seek out the contact form on any website and automatically fill it out with text that you have already personalized.

Speed up your outreach strategy with this handy tool, and keep track of responses within the Ninja Outreach system.


Customize the Pre-made Templates to Create the Ultimate Outreach Email

Need help introducing yourself? Want to make your emails sound personalized and conversational, but still be able to send out a lot of emails quickly?

Well, Ninja Outreach has templates for almost any outreach situation! They’re pre-prepared and ready for your customization, giving you the ability to send more outreach emails without sounding like the repetitive music of a dying toy.


These templates really hit the nail on the head, with tons of personality and pizzazz. You have multiple templates under categories such as:

  • Guest post requests
  • Blog promotion
  • Interview invitations
  • Welcome emails
  • Follow-ups
  • Link building

The creative and personable voice has already been written for you—all you have to do is fill in the blanks!

Get the Heavy Lifting Done for You

Of course, even with the incredible charge that Ninja Outreach will give your outreach batteries, you’ll still need to do a lot of the work yourself.

But, how would you like to be the Energizer Bunny of outreach?

Ninja Outreach actually gives you the ability to not only use their platform, but have their outreach professionals do some of the intensive work for you.

Depending on your individual needs, there are four different services you can purchase:

  • Guest Post: Have an expert write, pitch and publish guests posts on the best websites within your niche.
  • Business Consulting: 60 minutes of expert advice for your business.
  • Content Writing: Content creation by a professional writer.

Each of these services has its own price apart from the use of the platform.

Ninja Outreach Pricing

Depending on the amount of users, stored contacts and email broadcasts, the price of Ninja Outreach ranges from $52 per month to $450 per month.

I will note a major downside here: The cheapest plan is practically useless for a content marketing team. It only allows one user, and doesn’t allow automatic email broadcasts or follow-ups.

The Small Agency plan still only allows two users, but otherwise it would be useful for a small content marketing agency. The Large Agency plan would be better for any team with more than just a few members.

Is Ninja Outreach for You?

If you want to save time and accomplish more with your outreach strategy, then Ninja Outreach is absolutely for you!

While the Blogger plan is too limited to be useful, the two mid-range plans are perfect for teams with a medium-sized budget.

There may be some small interface discrepancies which cause annoyance, as is to be expected with any startup. But Ninja Outreach is in a constant process of improvement, and the team is very responsive to any needs you might have.

Still not sure if Ninja Outreach is right for you? Well, there’s a 14-day free trial, so you can try the tool for yourself without limitations. I gave the trial a spin myself, and was really impressed!

It’s time for your team to recharge your outreach batteries and start seeing real results from your efforts!


Hang On, We Have Something for You!

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With this backlink tool, you’ll be able to confirm that Ninja Outreach is doing its job. When a guest post is published with a backlink, or when an influencer has linked to you from their web pages, you’ll be notified.

You’ll also get a heads up when a hard-earned link is broken or lost.

And, perhaps best of all, you’ll be able to see who your competitors are working with, and where they’re getting their most powerful backlinks from.

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