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Rank Ranger Review: The SEO and Marketing Tool That Wrangles Information

For SEO reporting, we usually find ourselves in one of two situations.

Either with too many SEO tools on our hands, resulting in infinite open tabs and a daily headache.

Or stubbornly refusing to adopt multiple SEO tools, which ends up missing valuable insights.

Rank Ranger, however, is the hero we deserve, roping and wrangling all the SEO and marketing information you could ever need.

It satisfies data nerds without paying for multiple tool subscriptions. And it’s got a surprisingly wide range of features for SEO analysis and reporting.

With Rank Ranger, you can take a good, hard look at your digital presence and gain insights to improve SEO performance.

What Is Rank Ranger?


Rank Ranger’s a full-spectrum SEO, marketing and analytics online software, which offers various tools to ensure its users can compete on all levels with other businesses.

They aim to provide the tool to fall back on for any of your SEO needs, and the wide variety of tools they offer do seem to accomplish this.

In addition to their tools, Rank Ranger boasts a hefty list of large clients who trust them, including British Airways, Pizza Hut, Lexmark, Sony and Dell.

Rank Ranger Review: The SEO and Marketing Tool That Wrangles Information

Our review is as comprehensive as the Rank Ranger tool itself. So let’s run through Rank Ranger’s seven facets to decide if it’s the right tool for your needs.

In short, you’ll find a tool with a huge breadth of information, covering many areas of SEO and marketing.

It promises to be whatever you need it to be. And with this expanse of data and customizability, we think it can generally live up to that.

Rank Ranger’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As previously stated, Rank Ranger is one of the most comprehensive tools on the market to improve your digital presence. Naturally, it covers every element of SEO analysis and reporting.

Rank Tracker

The Rank Tracker tool is divided into several sections to help cover each aspect of the rank tracking process.


The tool’s first section is the dashboard, which displays the keywords you’re tracking along with important data and graphs.

Also from the dashboard, you can access daily changes in rank and monitor traffic volume. Users can also view results by a drop-down list of filters like best rank, target rank and change over time.

In addition, users have the option to produce detailed, customized reports, which is perfect for long-term analysis and in-depth insights.

Local SEO

Reaching residents and visitors within a local area is a major priority for any brick-and-mortar business. And Rank Ranger recognizes that.

Local SEO tools are one of the most crucial aspects of SEO to understand how a website ranks in searches from a certain area—primarily the area near your business.

Range Ranker’s local SEO feature provides users information on local keyword rankings (focused on zip code, city, state or region). But the ranker also provides Google’s local 3-pack rankings, customer reviews, locally-beneficial backlinks and even Google Maps and Google My Business presence.

Enable call-tracking integrations and online customer interactions to dig even deeper.

Link Management

Link management is another crucial aspect of ranking highly in online searches. So when maintaining quality links and earning new backlinks, Rank Ranger has you covered here also.

While the link management tools are relatively basic, you might not need more than a general overview of link data. But you’ll also have the tools to track how many backlinks you receive and lose, and their relative influence on your site’s SEO.

First, Rank Ranger provides data on the links status and their certain categories (like valid and dead links), which can be broken down by graphs and downloaded as a detailed report.


Second, it provides page rank distribution data for these backlinks, which also offers graphed displays. This page rank distribution data gives users deep insight into each link’s SEO strength.

Whether or not these link management tools are enough depends on how important central backlinks are to your SEO campaigns.

So if you’re invested heavily in link building, I suggest a more in-depth and dedicated backlink tool like Monitor Backlinks.

On-page/Technical Audit

If you care about SEO, you’re probably familiar with on-page SEO, which entails keyword optimization, content richness, word count, headings, titles and meta data.

Also, a website’s backend coding may affect how it’s crawled and ranked by Google’s algorithm, making it crucial to keep an eye on.

Fortunately, one of Rank Ranger’s major selling points is the ability to track both on-page SEO and backend coding in one easy-to-use feature.


Here you can type in keywords and URLs to view important information about how well-optimized your site’s pages are. You’ll know if you’ve used keywords too many or too few times and the page content’s readability level.

Extra Tools

Rank Ranger offers several other fascinating SEO tools worth exploring, such as the social signals page and the landing pages.

The Social signals page provides detailed data on how your visitors interact with specific social media posts. This type of data (likes, clicks, shares, etc.) can help you develop insights into the type of content and keywords that perform well.

The landing pages tool helps identify which of your website’s landing pages are busiest. This type of information, in turn, allows users to analyze performance in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) to see what keywords are helping them perform and where their traffic originates. The information even blends data from other tools to achieve a complete picture of their performance.

Rank Ranger’s Marketing Tools

The second main area where Rank Ranger provides comprehensive tools is marketing. Yes, SEO can be considered marketing, but this goes deeper into site health, competitor analysis, market reach, and opportunities to expand brand reach and increase sales.

Competition Analysis

With Rank Ranger’s competition analysis tools, you can compare SEO rankings with competitors over certain periods to analyze progress and trajectory.


You can also compare major metrics (keywords ranking, visibility score and search volume) with your largest competitors, which helps assess your position in the market and make plans to beat your competition.

According to Rank Ranger, visibility score is a ranking based on the position of your ranking keywords and average search volume. In other words, it’s a number signifying how easy it is to stumble across your website by conducting a web search.


Insight Graph

The insight graph is one of the most flexible parts of the Rank Ranger experience. It’s a great way to give you a snapshot of your marketing health through a quick look at some of your most important KPIs.

Some examples of KPIs could be Alexa rank, paid traffic, visibility score, backlinks, Twitter or Facebook activity or click and impression data.


A versatile graph becomes a huge help for both business owners and SEO professionals. It’s the easiest way to inspect a website’s health as far as marketing, traffic and visibility are concerned.

Keyword Research


Rank Ranger’s keyword research and keyword finder are excellent at discovering target keywords and analyzing the current keyword success.

By a simple keyword search, Rank Ranger suggests similar keywords along with their search volume, average CPC and PPC competition. You can easily add more keywords to compare their metrics.

In addition, you can use it alongside keyword trends and keyword traffic research tools, which integrate with Google Analytics to monitor keywords and the traffic they bring to your website.

Graphs and Widgets


Available are many different graphs and widgets, which are mostly customizable. This is a great tool for viewing key metrics through a simpler, visual analysis of graphs or widgets.

Set up these graphs to display keyword data, PPC data, rank, visibility score and any other KPI you may want. It’s a versatile and helpful way to get a snapshot of your progress.

Market Reach

Market reach is an interesting part of Rank Ranger that compares your site’s current traffic to an outlook based on search engine rank and volume.

It also includes a detailed analysis of search engine market share and landing page results.

With these two tools, you can examine each keyword’s strength and see their traffic visibility for a website. All by analyzing search volume, total reach, PPC estimated value and search engine rank.

Brand Visibility

Finally, the marketing tools’ brand visibility feature measures and analyzes a site’s total visibility through search engines and other sources.

This brand visibility tool allows Rank Ranger to see how many people interact with your business on a daily basis from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, search engine results and other sources.

Rank Ranger’s Social Analytics

Given the brand visibility feature discussed, this is a perfect time to introduce Rank Ranger’s important audience analysis feature.

However your business uses social media marketing, the information provided will be useful and relevant.

On Facebook, you can analyze important audience information. Demographics compare individual post success and ads through KPIs like impressions, clicks, likes, shares and other important data.

Similarly, Twitter analyzes impressions and interactions like retweets, mentions, replies and number of tweets.


Also, measuring Twitter engagement through views, mentions and favorites is helpful to see audience engagement.

LinkedIn is essential for both businesses and professionals, which is why Rank Ranger has included detailed analysis for this platform as well.

Monitor LinkedIn with Rank Ranger and you can analyze followers, know how they’re acquired, your reach, demographics and engagement. All done through graphs of important metrics that allow you to compare over time.

Rank Ranger also covers Instagram and YouTube, which means you see exactly how your audience interacts with image-based and video-based content. You can track video performance like minutes watched, shares, comments and dislikes.

With any of these social media platforms, you can demonstrate the results into a branded report to share with clients.

Rank Ranger’s White Label SEO

White label SEO is outsourcing your SEO to another company, which then provides a report you can put your brand on.

On Rank Ranger, this is boxed within their white label marketing dashboard, client dashboard and PDF reports and templates.

Upon initial set up, Rank Ranger’s marketing dashboard is formatted with metrics and KPIs you want to include for your clients, which is incredibly varied and includes any data deemed important such as visibility data, keywords, ranks, landing page data and many others.

The client dashboard is where you access these reports through the web interface provided by Rank Ranger. With one log-in, you can access all your dashboards and provide white label reports for clients.

With PDF reports and templates, you can construct and send custom PDF reports to clients, which include periodic updates on their progress by including any of the data mentioned above.

Rank Ranger’s Integrations

Rank Ranger is highly dependent on integrations, so there are numerous different applications that work to collect data.

Google Analytics is probably the first integration to make on the Rank Ranger platform. Many of their analyses depend on integration with your Google Analytics page to pull important traffic KPIs and display them. Visits, time on site, bounce rate and total views are all part of this analysis.

Google Search Console is another crucial integration, which enables analysis of important metrics like daily clicks, impressions, CTR and position. This integration also allows you to analyze site performance on the search engine results page by showing important data compared to your average position on the SERP.

In addition, you can integrate Google Adwords for access to your PPC (Pay per Click) data, which includes metrics like the number of ad clicks, average CPC, completions and revenue.

View this data on a timeline to see how your spending and returns have changed over time.

Plus, integrating the Rank Ranger tools Team-based Software and WeDevelop increases the collaboration.

Team-based Software includes apps for team collaboration to help coordinate and split the labor. From this portion of Rank Ranger, you can manage permissions, contacts, events, notes and performance. Using this software helps you work as a team and stay organized while you do it.

On the other hand, WeDevelop is for coordination and collaboration with the Rank Ranger team. If you or your team needs something, you can communicate directly with Rank Ranger to create new custom reports and features. This feature,  however, is for companies at the enterprise level.

Finally, you can integrate APIs to generate versatile ranking data like rank stats, average rank and market reach. API integration helps produce data by facilitating the development of new reports. An example would be a suggested search API and a related search API, which show the suggested and related options Google provides.

Rank Ranger’s Possible Drawbacks and Competitors

Rank Ranger is an excellent tool and one in which many could benefit. Some areas, however, I feel don’t quite match up against the competition.

One of these areas is its organization. I’ve used many SEO tools and am normally able to operate new ones within minutes. But it took me quite a while to find everything in Rank Ranger. While this may seem like a big deal, it’s not—more a nuisance.

Competitors like RankTracker, Monitor Backlinks, Moz and Majestic are better organized and offer more polished SEO solutions.

My second qualm with Rank Ranger is that it doesn’t produce any of its own data. Instead, it relies heavily on other integrated apps and is mainly used as a way to organize data in one place.

I think the fact that these tools provide their own data and are easier to figure out will help business owners—especially new ones—to make sense of the data provided.

Rank Ranger’s Pricing

Three pricing options are available for different sized companies with various needs. These are Basic, Standard and Pro, which are offered at $69, $119 and $399 per month respectively.

This decision should depend on what you need as a business or how many clients you serve, so I’d highly recommend testing the free trial before you settle on a package.

Final Thoughts on Rank Ranger

The Rank Ranger tool is versatile and varied.

Within this one tool, you can monitor, track and assess data that otherwise takes two, three or even four tools to cover adequately. While there are the disadvantages and drawbacks, this is a quality tool that provides analysis to anyone who needs it.

Anyone looking to optimize their SEO can do it with Rank Ranger—it’s just a matter of what your goals are and how you hope to reach them.

Give the free trial a spin and compare it with some of your other favorite tools.

Whichever SEO tool you use, I think Rank Ranger is an excellent consideration for anybody who needs to add some extra analysis to their process.

Yassir Sahnoun is a content strategist, writer and co-founder of WriteWorldwide. He helps SaaS businesses with content strategy and SEO. You can learn more about Yassir at

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