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ReportGarden Review: Tend Your Clients’ SEO Gardens and Watch Them Bloom

Developing a strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is a lot like growing a healthy garden.

Without proper care, both your SEO strategy and garden can fail.

When you first begin tending your garden, you need to start with the right foundation.

If you’re not using the right seeds and soil, you’ll find that your garden won’t even get off the ground.

As your flowers begin growing, it’s important to provide them with the proper care, attention and nutrients they need to truly blossom.

If they’re ignored for too long, they may fade away or become overwhelmed with weeds.

Your SEO strategy is exactly the same.

The structure of your website and the keywords you target will determine how well your SEO blossoms.

However, if you’re not properly pruning and perfecting your search engine strategy, you may find that you’re not getting the results you hoped for.

Just like when it comes to maintaining a healthy garden, using the right tools can make it easier to grow and improve your SEO strategy.

To help keep your SEO strategy strong, you can use ReportGarden.

What Is ReportGarden?


ReportGarden provides marketing agencies with management and reporting software to help keep their clients and projects organized.

Through providing everything from invoice and proposal templates to management tools for budgeting and lead generation, ReportGarden acts as a one stop shop for agencies hoping to keep all their information in one place.

ReportGarden’s main feature is their reporting. Through the dashboard, you’re able to generate AdWords reports, PPC reports, SEO reports and more. You can even integrate various apps into your ReportGarden dashboard, including MailChimp and Call Rail, to keep all your reporting in one place.

In addition to reports, ReportGarden offers the following features:

  • Budgeting: Use ReportGarden to manage PPC campaigns for multiple clients and platforms.
  • Invoicing: Create automated invoicing within the ReportGarden dashboard.
  • SEO: In addition to auditing software, you can use ReportGarden to track organic keyword ranking and analyze backlinks.
  • Approvals: Communicate directly with your clients within the ReportGarden dashboard.

By using ReportGarden’s various features, marketing agencies of every size can help their clients succeed.

When you properly organize, monitor and track your clients’ strategies through ReportGarden, you’re able to make the right changes and adjustments to help their SEO strategies truly take off.

ReportGarden Review: Tend Your Clients’ SEO Gardens and Watch Them Bloom

While SEO may rely heavily on keyword research and backlinks, it isn’t always that simple.

In order to truly improve your clients’ online rankings, you need to ensure each element of their digital marketing strategy is functioning properly.

With ReportGarden, you’re able to do just that.

ReportGarden provides you with a bird’s-eye view of your digital marketing strategies for every client.

Through the various reporting tools, you can evaluate how each piece is contributing to improving your clients’ online presence. Between social media reports and managing PPC budgets, you can see how each small change can improve your clients’ online ranking.

In order to see your SEO strategy blossom, you want to take advantage of the right features. Here are three ReportGarden features any agency should be sure to use.

ReportGarden SEO Suite

If you’re trying to improve your clients’ SEO rankings, the most obvious place to turn is the ReportGarden SEO Suite.

When you first reach the SEO dashboard, you’re able to add unique domains for each of your clients. By efficiently separating each client into their own page, you can clearly see specific information for each website.

The ReportGarden SEO Suite provides information related to the organic search for the website, as well as an onsite analysis. Within the SEO Suite, you can monitor keywords, keep an eye on your competitors and even track the domain’s change in keyword ranking.


This overview allows you to measure how well new techniques and strategies are working for your clients. You can also identify any issues that the website may have, including content issues, slow pages or critical crawler issues.

ReportGarden’s SEO Suite is designed to help you understand how your clients’ websites are connecting with search engines.

By monitoring your search engine engagement and identifying potential problems, you can continuously ensure you’re moving your clients’ SEO strategies in the right direction.

ReportGarden Budget Tracking Software

Pay-Per-Click ads and SEO can work hand in hand. The right PPC ad will bring attention to your content and website, pushing your clients’ leads back to their page.

When you’re able to attract more attention and visitors through your PPC ads, you can improve your clients’ return on investment and start bringing in more business for them.

With this increase in attention, search engine crawlers will see that their websites are of value and push them further to the top of a search results list.

If you’re trying to improve your clients’ SEO ranking, you want to ensure you’re using their promotion budget as efficiently as possible.

Through the ReportGarden Budget Tracking Software, you can keep an eye on how much you’re spending and where you’re spending it. Additionally, you can transfer the budget between various accounts, allowing you to make strategic decisions that can increase visibility.

The ReportGarden Budget Tracking Software also automates the reporting process. When you’re using multiple advertising systems, such as AdWords and Facebook Ads, it can become tedious to bounce back and forth between apps. With ReportGarden, everything you need to know is within one dashboard.

ReportGarden SEO Reports

It can often be difficult for clients to understand how their search engine optimization strategy is working. When they don’t have experience with SEO or digital marketing, they may have no idea how to read an analytics page.

However, with the ReportGarden SEO Reports tool, you can create custom PDF reports to give to your clients so they can better understand the work you’re doing.

This tool pulls the valuable information that your clients will want to know and presents it in a way they can understand. With drag-and-drop features, you’re able to create reports that meet the specific needs and questions of each of your unique clients.

From keyword performance reports to Google Analytics reports, you can bring your clients up to speed quickly and easily.


Getting your clients on board is important for ensuring their SEO strategy can become as strong as possible. Because SEO can take a while to take root, keeping your clients updated on the progress and changes of their website ranking can keep them patient and understanding, allowing you to make the changes you need to improve their online visibility.

ReportGarden Pricing

ReportGarden offers a free seven-day trial for agencies interested in learning more. After that, you’re able to pick and choose the features, add-ons and plans that fit your unique needs.

ReportGarden pricing is broken down into four main plan areas: Reporting, SEO Audit, Management and Prospect. The Reporting plan acts as a foundation, with the other plan areas featured as add-ons.

Agencies can purchase the Basic Reporting plan for $40/month, the Pro plan for $72/month, the Agency plan for $136/month or the Enterprise plan for $312/month.

You can then choose which additional features you’d like, with the price fluctuating based on the Reporting plan you’ve selected.

Who Should Use ReportGarden?

ReportGarden can be a great tool for agencies who need to relay a lot of information back to their clients. With a number of report templates to select from and the ability to create your own custom reports, ReportGarden makes it very easy to impress.

However, depending on the size of your agency and the additional features you’re looking for, ReportGarden can become expensive rather quickly.

If keeping all your information under one dashboard is important to you, ReportGarden may be well worth the investment. Unfortunately, if you aren’t a large agency with a large budget, you may find that all of ReportGarden’s features are too costly.

For agencies looking for a system that can dig deep into analytics or pull detailed reports, ReportGarden may not be the tool for them. While it can provide a surface level look to get you started, there are better tools out there designed to provide you with better insights into your clients’ marketing strategies.

Whether you’re trying to grow a garden or you’re looking to improve your clients’ SEO strategies, it all comes down to whether or not you’re using the right tools.

With ReportGarden, you can learn new information, promote content efficiently and create beautiful reports that help your clients understand exactly what you’re doing for their business.


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