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Reality Check! 6 SEO Checker Tools Online to Get Real, Actionable Insights

You check your smartphone every two seconds.

You check your email more than you probably should.

You never stop checking your social media.

But you know what you really should be checking all the time?

Your SEO performance.

Sure, you might think you’re already optimizing your site to the fullest.

But you’ll never really know until you check.

Luckily, you can largely leave the checking to the tech experts. There’s a bunch of great SEO checker tools online that will review your site and tell you everything you need to know.

With this solid information about SEO performance, you can fix errors, see what’s working (and what’s not) and refine your SEO strategy.

Below you’ll get an introduction to some of the best SEO checker tools online today, and you’ll leave with all the information you need to choose the best tool for your needs.

Reality Check! 6 SEO Checker Tools Online to Get Real, Actionable Insights

Monitor Backlinks


Building backlinks is essential for establishing your web content as the authority on any given topic, but it’s time consuming—and it often feels like one big guessing game.

Who’s linking to your competitors? Which links are helping you and which are hurting you? Which links should you disavow completely before they tank your SERPs? You had a powerful link but now it’s gone—where did that thing go? Monitor Backlinks can save the day.


If you’re curious about your backlink profile, this is the right SEO checker tool for you. You’ll also be happy to hear that it does more than check links—it’s a great tool for all-around competitor spying, keyword rank tracking and SEO metrics reporting.

Everything from Domain Authority, Trust Flow and Citation Flow to backlinks, unique domains and organic traffic from search engines is measured and displayed neatly here.

You can really get a feel for how well this tool works with its generous, month-long free trial. That’s more than enough time to do some extensive SEO-checking on your site. Beyond this, you can also explore its additional free tools for checking on key SEO metrics, including:




That’s a lot of in-depth SEO checking you can get done—all for free!

Plans and Pricing

You can certainly get a lot done with just a month-long free trial, but you might decide you need to keep this tool on hand. The most basic paid Monitor Backlinks plan starts at a very accessible $21.67 per month, with Plus and Professional options available for those needing more powerful features.

Quick Sprout


This one’s more focused on your content than anything else.

If you want a simple, free SEO checker tool online, then you can’t go wrong with Quick Sprout. It’s one of the better free checker tools in the market and gives you an idea of what to expect from quick SEO analysis.


Offers quick analysis of your page. Once you enter the site URL you want to analyze, the tool identifies issues that you need to optimize. It checks the URL based on three factors: Site title and description, headings and images.

Optimize your page straight from the platform. Once the tool identifies the pages that you need to optimize, you can make the edits from there. It provides a short list of things you need to observe to make it SEO-friendlier.


The report even provides a list of keywords you should include in the text based on the most-used words in the content. Once you’re finished, you’ll need to create a free account on Quick Sprout to save the changes.

Plans and Pricing

Given that it’s a free tool, perhaps it’s not fair to expect too much from Quick Sprout. However, to get a little more out of it, you can sign up for a Premium plan at $15/month.

Quick Sprout Premium allows you to make instant changes on your site without messing with its code for hassle-free optimization. The queued changes you’ve made to optimize your site will be processed and applied to the site instantaneously.


When it comes to in-depth SEO checker tools that cover metrics and content quality, nobody comes close to Woorank—but you’ll need to pay to do anything much here.


Woorank creates a report about your site’s overall SEO health that you can download as a PDF. The report analyzes the site based on different technical SEO factors and provides an aggregate Woorank score.

Also, its intuitive design and the actionable items included help acquaint new-to-the-game digital marketers with basic SEO and the best practices they need to follow.

The tool is nicely suited to SEO agencies who are working on multiple SEO projects and want to store all their various SEO data in one single place.


Track keyword positions of your pages. Your search rankings determine the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. Woorank’s Keyword Tool lets you stay on top of your SEO campaigns by tracking your site’s position on SERP.

By checking your keyword rankings, you can make the necessary changes in your SEO strategy to improve your site’s search position.

Compares your site with your competitors. 

To understand where your SEO strategy stands, you need to compare it with your competitors. By adding competitors to your report, you can compare your site’s search rankings to theirs for your keywords.


The data will help you improve your SEO campaign, assuming that your competitors rank higher than you on organic search. Including your competitors on the report will also show their Woorank score so you can see their strengths and weaknesses.

Optimize your site using its checklist. There will be people who don’t know where to start with their website’s digital marketing strategy.

This reason makes Woorank even more valuable, especially for business owners without any SEO experience, because of its easy-to-follow checklist. This checklist lets you keep track of and strategically execute marketing strategies seamlessly and on-point.

Since SEO can be confusing to business owners who simply want to focus on growing their profits, the checklist makes on-site optimization simple. As a result, it can encourage you to observe best SEO practices in everything you do without having to become an SEO expert yourself.

Plans and Pricing

Woorank costs $49/month for its basic plan, which includes unlimited reports (not for download), one advanced review reserved for one site and 50 keywords to track.

The $149/month plan includes five advanced reviews, downloadable white label reports and more fancy features that serious SEOs might be interested in having.


This one’s for professional SEOs and SEO agencies.

If you’re working with an SEO agency, then it’s safe to assume that you’ve already optimized your site. You know the best practices on how to rank a website for target keywords and get that organic traffic flowing. SEO isn’t a problem for you.

However, what you’re probably struggling with is generating qualified leads for your SEO business. Getting people to your site from search engines is one thing. Getting people to pay for your SEO services is another—and even the best SEOs can use a leg up with this.

This reason is why MySiteAuditor exists. It’s an embeddable SEO audit tool for your site.


The audit form will request that visitors enter the URL of their respective site and the target keyword for that URL. They’ll also need to fill out their name and email to see results. Then they’ll see how they’re doing with SEO and hopefully say, “Oh, snap! I need SEO help from this agency!”


Choose from different audit forms. You can choose the type of form that you want to feature on your site: page takeover, large form, notification bar, slim form and small form. Choose the best form for your site to generate more sign-ups.

Automatically send the SEO report to users. Once someone fills out the form, they’ll receive a comprehensive SEO report that covers multiple on-page SEO factors.


It shows an aggregate score regarding how optimized the website is for the keyword, based on a variety of factors. The report provides people with a better idea of what they need to do to get their websites to rank for their target keywords.

Increase your sales through white labeling. You can edit the reports to be sent to people by adding your logo and business details. At the end of the report, you can summarize the report and provide your suggestions on how you can improve their site’s SEO performance. In the same section, you can also ask them to contact you if they’re interested in your services—hopefully turning site visitors into your favorite new clients.

Plans and Pricing

MySiteAuditor is available as a Basic ($39/month) or Pro ($79/month) package. The Basic only includes the ability to white label your reports. You need to manually send the emails to people if you want to convert them into clients.

The Pro package includes all features, making it the ideal choice for automating your SEO lead generation.


Similar to MySiteAuditor, SEOptimer is a website grader and SEO audit tool to help you analyze SEO data. This one also lets you white label the reports you send to your leads to convert them into customers. However, there are features that make SEOptimer stand out as an auditing tool.


Analyze your website for free. If you want to know how optimized your site is for your target keyword, you can run a free analysis. The report covers relevant SEO factors, which include social, usability and security, among others.


The form doesn’t require you to enter a target keyword, which makes the report more comprehensive. At the bottom of the report are the recommendations that you need to make to improve your site’s SEO.

The only downside of this free feature is that you can’t download the report as a PDF. You can only do so if you subscribe to their paid plans.

Use of free SEO tools. You can use SEOptimer’s suite of free tools to accomplish the recommendations in the SEO report.


These tools are perfect if you want to immerse yourself in the whole SEO experience and learn how to optimize your site on your own. For example, the Meta Tag Generator lets you create meta tags for your site pages and make it easier for search spiders to crawl your page.

Offers custom SEO services. If you want SEOptimer to take care of your SEO needs, then you must fill out a request form on their site. They also offer social media and content marketing services to make it worth your time.

The services they’ll suggest, however, depend on their initial research based on the form you submit to them. From there, SEOptimer will create an individualized plan for execution to help boost your site’s overall performance.

Plans and Pricing

To use SEOptimer’s white labeling features, you need to sign up for $29/month. This includes the ability to create unlimited reports and brand all your PDF files.

The embeddable SEO audit form is available for $59/month, along with the white labeling.


SEOmator takes the best features of My Site Auditor and Woorank. It provides users with a more in-depth SEO analysis from the embeddable form they’ll fill out on your site.


The wealth of data and information in the report helps people make an informed decision on how to proceed with their SEO strategy.


Detects a vast list of SEO issues in the report. As of writing, SEOmator checks 58 SEO factors, some of which aren’t covered by any other SEO checker tool online. It analyzes the pages on your site to determine the exact problems and issues encountered in each by the tool.

It also measures content quality to help optimize their SEO performance and make them rank higher on organic search.

Create own reports using the available data. The PDF version of the SEO report provides more than enough data to help your leads understand their current SEO campaign.


However, if you want to integrate the data found in SEOmator in your report, you can download a CSV file of the data so you can create an even better report for them.

Integrate with third-party tools. For SEO agencies, it’s important to connect all your tools so you can extract all the information you need in one place.

With SEOmator, you can integrate your WordPress, Google Analytics and Slack accounts. Connecting to these services will help you create better reports and coordinate with your team more efficiently. The Salesforce integration will follow soon.

Plans and Pricing

SEOmator has flexible pricing, starting with $5/project or site. The embeddable SEO audit tool on your site is available for plans $19/month and higher, and you can audit up to five projects and more starting with this package.

So Which Online SEO Checker Is Right for Me?

We’ve discussed five online SEO checker tools above, each of which serves a specific purpose for website owners and agencies. Some of the tools share similar features, which could make it difficult to choose the best tool for you.

However, below are my takes on which tool you should use depending on what you wish to achieve with it.

Monitor Backlinks is for anyone who wants to go super in-depth with their backlink profile, fight negative SEO campaigns that are killing their search engine ranking, track keywords and compare themselves to the competition—or just glean new insights from competitor SEO strategies.

It’s quite hands-off and automated, making it a great choice for SEO beginners and way-too-busy SEO experts alike. The lengthy free trial makes it a nice tool for cheapskates, and the entry price for paid plans is more reasonable than most paid checker tools.

Quicksprout is an entry-level SEO checker tool that should get you started, and can introduce you to better tools. While it’s simple, you can use it to familiarize yourself with how SEO checker tools work before moving your way up to paid premium tools.

If you want to use an SEO checker tool to generate leads for an SEO business, then MySiteAuditor is your best choice. It’s a lightweight audit tool with a seamless interface, making it easy for you to set up and generate leads with a few clicks of a button.

SEOptimer works the same way and is even more affordable than MySiteAuditor. However, I prefer the user interface of MySiteAuditor and the crispness of the reports. It’s just a matter of preference, so it doesn’t mean that SEOptimer isn’t as good. In fact, it compares favorably to the best SEO checker tools and at a low cost.

An even cheaper but limited alternative is SEOmator—you can embed an SEO audit form on your site even though it only accommodates a limited number of projects. Despite the limitations, it offers the most comprehensive reports with lots of data and rich insights. If you’re a startup with a limited number of clients, then SEOmator is perfect for you.

The all-around comprehensive, content-focused SEO checker tool is Woorank. Not only does it analyze your site using crucial SEO factors but it also provides actionable items to help improve your SEO ranking. The only downside of this tool is its high costs. It’s the right tool if you want to manage your site’s growth and have a budget to do so.


Feeling ready to check out a whole new world of SEO metrics?

Taking the strengths of each tool into consideration, you can be sure to choose the SEO checker tool that’s right for you.

Get started with a free trial of the best-looking tool above today, and you’ll see just how much a checker tool can accomplish!


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