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How to Choose the Perfect SEO Rank Checker Tool from 7 Popular Options

Manually checking search ranking is boring.

It’s a job reserved for a data entry clerk and virtual assistant.

(Even then, you’re wasting money by making people perform a task a monkey could do.)

As painfully exhausting as it is to think about and discuss rank tracking, it’s also one of the most critical metrics you need to show to clients. So you have to track the ranking of your client sites—like it or not!

Thankfully, you don’t need people to do this job.

With the help of the right tool or software, you can automatically get the ranking of any site for its target keywords in seconds, which allows you to focus on other priorities.

With this post, you’ll discover the value of seven SEO rank checker tools and their main features. And each tool allows you to efficiently track keywords without the pain of doing it all yourself.

How to Choose the Perfect SEO Rank Checker Tool from 7 Popular Options

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is part of the SEO Powersuite bundle. You can purchase it separately or buy it with the other tools under SEO Powersuite (SEO Spyglass, Website Auditor, LinkAssistant).


It lets you list down the keywords you want to track for your site and check their rankings on demand.

Unlike most tools where you can also receive data about your keyword rankings at specific times (weekly, every three days, etc.), Rank Tracker lets you check your rankings every day or minute if you wish!

Also, you can track your ranking across 327 search engines and cross-reference your site’s performance alongside ten competitor websites for better SEO data.

What also makes this SEO rank checker tool different is—and this may be a disadvantage—that you have to download a copy of the program to your hard drive.

You need to run the program from your device to track the ranking of your keywords. You won’t be able to view the progress of your site on your client’s device or any other unless you’ve installed another copy there. Again, this may prove disadvantageous to some who wish to have access to their ranking data, regardless of which device they check from.

Other than that, Rank Tracker remains an SEO ranking checker tool you need to check out.

Other features:

  • Finds low hanging fruit keywords using 18 built-in keyword suggestion tools and SEO parameters
  • Creates white-label ranking reports that are easy to understand (for the client’s sake)
  • Automates when the tool tracks your keyword ranking so you can focus on improving your performance based on the results


Similar to Rank Tracker, SERPWatcher is part of the Mangools SEO tools. However, if you purchase SERPWatcher, the other tools (KWFinder, SERPChecker and LinkMiner) come along with it.


This cloud-based SEO rank checker tool shows the movement of your keywords in SERPs, your average ranking for the keyword over time, the highest position your site achieved for that keyword on organic search, and the monthly search volume of the keyword you’re tracking.

More importantly, SERPWatcher boasts the Dominance Index, an aggregate score for your keyword that factors in estimated visits to your site and your actual ranking for it. This metric helps you understand whether the keyword is worth tracking or not. The higher your Dominance Index is for a keyword, the more reason you should do everything in your power to increase ranking for it.

Other features:

  • Obtains daily keyword rankings for desktop and mobile with over 1-year data retention
  • Sees everything you need to know about your keyword ranking in a single dashboard
  • Uses SERPWatcher alongside other Mangools SEO tools for better efficiency and website performance

Monitor Backlinks

While Monitor Backlinks is synonymous to, well, monitoring your site’s backlinks and those of your competitors, it also serves as a very robust SEO rank checker tool.


Using the tool, you can track your keyword ranking every week and compare it to at least two competitors to scale and measure your site’s SEO progress.

It also clusters together keywords with similar positions so you can see how your site is performing on organic search based on the keywords you’re trying to optimize for.

Lastly, you can see a table of all your keywords and your ranking on SERPs with your competitors. The table also shows key metrics such as organic search volume, competition or difficulty level of ranking for the keyword, CPC and more.

Other features:

  • Exports the ranking data in CSV to include in the reports or in PDF to send straight to clients
  • Refers to the quality of your backlinks gathered by the tool to demonstrate how they influenced your ranking
  • Disavows links about critical parameters (DA, Spam Score, TF/CF) that cause your keyword rankings to drop

Advanced Web Ranking Cloud

This tool, also known as AWR Cloud, is synonymous with accurate rank tracking.

You don’t have to worry about faulty keyword data with this tool; it adds new search engine definitions every day. This ensures your ranking is always current and up to date.


Also, you have full control over when to receive the ranking for your keywords. You can manually request for the data at a moment’s notice, or you can schedule them any time and receive the updates via email.

The data covers all SERP features such as local pack, reviews, AMP, featured snippets and more to provide a comprehensive overview of your keyword ranking.

AWR Cloud is built for large-scale projects that require over hundreds and thousands of keywords to track on multiple search engines.

Other features:

  • White labels your app so clients can log in to your customized dashboard to see the keyword ranking and data with your logo and colors
  • Adds as many users as you want to help facilitate and manage keyword ranking for better internal efficiency

Pro Rank Tracker

This SEO rank checker tool makes it easy and affordable for startups and small businesses to track their keyword ranking. Similar to AWR Cloud, it boasts an accurate algorithm to ensure your ranking is up to date and correct.


Aside from the usual features, Pro Rank Tracker monitors how your Google and YouTube videos are ranking for their target keyword. Just enter the URL, and the tool takes care of the rest.

The tool also offers various ways to send and show your SEO reports to clients. You can share white label reports hosted on your site to help make your agency look more professional. Branded sub-accounts are available if clients want to check the reports anytime they wish.

Other features:

  • The interface supports multiple languages other than English (French, Dutch, Japanese, German, etc.)
  • Offers 24/7 ticket support and online chat to help you with other problems and concerns with the tool
  • Accesses your keyword ranking by mobile phone using the MyRanks app available on Android and iOs


This sleek-looking SEO rank checker tool is chock-full of features to help mine more data and insights about your keyword ranking. It offers the most advanced filter and segmentation features to help you sift through your keyword data with more efficiency.


Regarding segmentation, NightWatch lets you connect with Google Analytics and Search Console to unearth specific characteristics of each keyword such as clicks, impressions, CTR and position under Search Console’s Search Analytics feature, which help you identify the best performers.

These allow you to perform behavioral analysis on your site or client’s to help improve its performance and rank even higher.

Other features:

  • Visualizes data by turning gathered information into beautiful graphs for to better process your keyword ranking results
  • Processes customization commands at blazing-fast speeds (and accurately) so you can proficiently find the right information
  • Automatically discovers backlinks and analyzes them according to different parameters to understand how the links affect your current position in SERPs


Accuracy is the calling card of RankTrackr. It’s an easy-to-use rank tracking tool that gives the data you need without the additional bells and whistles. It keeps things simple and straightforward, showing your website’s performance based on the keywords you track.


While it performs similarly to the aforementioned tools, RankTrackr’s low prices excel over the others. For smaller sites that want to test a few keywords to monitor, the tool offers its most basic subscription of 50 keywords for $7.50/month.

Most tools offer their lowest package at 200 keywords at a higher price. RankTrackr fits the bill if you’re a business owner looking for an affordable ranking tracking tool to measure your keyword rankings.

Other features:

  • Imports data to a simple or extended version in PDF or CSV that you can send to clients. You can also auto-schedule reports so you don’t have to log in and send manually
  • Sends a summary of the keyword ranking via email at your preferred times (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.), so you don’t have to manually log in to see data
  • Checks your competitors’ keyword ranking so you can compare and contrast your organic ranking performance

Have You Chosen the SEO Rank Checker Tool for You?

You can’t go wrong with any of the best SEO rank checker tools mentioned above. However, not all businesses are the same and each tool possesses features that work best for specific businesses.

You should be able to identify from the list above the right SEO rank tracking tool for you.

However, here are my personal recommendations for people or business owners with distinct needs for their site:

  • Rank Tracker — perfect for those who want a keyword ranking and research software exclusive to desktops or laptops
  • SERPWatcher — for the full SEO experience at affordable costs ($49/month gives you access to Mangools’ SEO suite such as keyword research, SERP analysis and backlink analysis)
  • Monitor Backlinks — when you need a quick and easy tool to check on your site’s backlinks, find the best ones to monitor and the bad ones to remove or disavow. You can also track keywords to help monitor search positions for your keywords based on the backlinks you’ve built so far
  • NightWatch — perfect if you want to track keyword ranking and automatically gather backlinks with powerful filtering features
  • AWR Cloud — for managing multiple client sites with thousand keywords to track for multiple search engines
  • Pro Rank Tracker — great to track keywords on your laptop and mobile device using the MyRanks app
  • RankTrackr — perfect if you’re a brand new site and want flexible pricing options

At the end of the day, each SEO rank checker tool has advantages and user-friendly aspects, but it’s important to test each out to get a real, hands-on feel. Only then will you be able to choose which works best and most effectively.

Metrics are critical in tracking the ranking of any site. So make sure to take the time to choose the best tool for the job!


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