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SEOmonitor Review: Revolutionary Features That Give Your Search Campaigns New Life

Sometimes, SEO tasks can seem a bit dreary.

It’s like any repetitive task: After doing it so many times, it starts to feel like very old news.

Think about your first job.

If you’re like me, it was probably something rather menial like getting coffee for the office or doing data entry.

At first, you were excited because everything was new.

But eventually, those menial tasks started to feel just that: Menial.

And it probably wasn’t until you got a promotion or a new task within that job that you started to feel excited about work again.

Although SEO is exciting work, sometimes the repetitive tasks that are involved seem to drag on for years.

Researching keywords over and over again, watching current trends, analyzing the effects of your actions and keeping up with the competition… I can almost hear you snoring over there.

What you need is a pick-me-up for SEO content marketers. Something that brings new life into the dull, repetitive tasks that you’re tired of.

What you need is a tool that makes SEO tasks seem fun and exciting again. Something that’s innovative and turns the whole idea of SEO on its head.

And what is this tool, you ask?

Say hello to SEOmonitor, a tool that is full of revolutionary technology and ready to make your SEO dreams come true.

Who Is Behind SEOmonitor?


Originally, the minds behind SEOmonitor were part of an SEO agency. They were just like you—a team of marketers who were doing their best to make their clients happy.

In 2013, this team came up against the same problem that every other SEO agency did: Google had encrypted organic searches, and there was much less information available with which to predict and measure SEO performance.

In an effort to solve this problem, a tool was created that became the answer for not just one SEO agency or brand, but for thousands.

SEOmonitor was launched in 2014 as a tool to measure and predict SEO performance.

Today, over 2,000 brands use SEOmonitor, and the platform won the EU Search Awards in 2016.

SEOmonitor Review: Revolutionary Features That Give Your Search Campaigns New Life

Explore Topics with a Bird’s-Eye View

We all know that regular keyword research just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Narrow keyword research focuses in too closely on specific words and makes it much easier for you to miss the true opportunities that are available within your niche.

If you want a more overall view of your niche and the best keywords for that niche, you’ll need to do topic research.

That’s where SEOmonitor comes in.

Their topic research tool goes beyond just keyword research.

Instead, it shows you an overall view of your topic, including:

  • How many semantically-related keywords exist within that topic
  • Specific search volume and trends for those keywords
  • Who your main competitors are within that topic
  • How much authority they have within the topic

This incredible overview takes keyword research to a whole new level, allowing you to add new keywords to your campaigns that are related to your topic and check out the competition all from one page!


Research and Group Keywords Automatically

Want keyword research and organization to be done for you?

When inside your SEO campaign within the platform, you can request to automatically research keywords. Then, SEOmonitor will pull keywords from your Google Search Console and your database, adding in the ones that are relevant and grouping them together.


You can then analyze these keywords for metrics such as search volume, CPC, difficulty, etc., and select which ones to track.

Grouping your keywords can also be done automatically. Just create a smart group, and set your own criteria. Then, the tool will group these keywords together, automatically adding or removing keywords according to the criteria that you set.


Innovative SEO Metrics

It’s extremely time-consuming (and frankly, not very interesting) to track daily changes in the individual keywords that you’re trying to rank for.

That’s why SEOmonitor has come up with the Visibility Score.

It’s shown as a percentage, and gives an easy overview of how visible you are in the SERPs for all the keywords you’re working to rank for. Taking the monthly search volume and your position in the SERPs, an estimated impression is calculated.

For example, if your page ranks first, you had a 100% impression share for that keyword. If you rank on the second page, your impression share is 0%.


The Visibility Score is then calculated based on the combination of impression scores in your entire list of keywords, showing you exactly what percentage of impression share you have in the Google search results for the total monthly search volume.

Just as rank shows how you’re doing with an individual keyword, the Visibility Score shows you how you’re doing with an entire group of hundreds or thousands of keywords.

Other innovative metrics within SEOmonitor include showing how difficult it would be to rank for certain keywords, along with an estimation of the value of certain keywords should you rank within the top 10 (known as Opportunity).


Content Performance Review

This analysis of external content pointing in to your site gives you a fantastic overview of how your outreach campaigns are working.

You’ll see all the normal metrics of any backlink analysis, such as:

  • Domain rating
  • Social media shares
  • Visits and conversions from this link to your website
  • Link status
  • Anchor text

Plus, you’ll see the effect on the Visibility Score for that particular landing page.


This analysis is updated daily so that you have all the current information and are updated of any significant changes.

Proactive Competition Analysis

Want to see exactly how you compare to the competition?

On the Competition Insights page, you’ll be able to compare the Visibility Score trend of your top competitors, as well as their current Visibility Score for desktop and mobile.

You’ll also see their top keywords, how many keywords you have in common and their domain score.


Below, you’ll see a list of all the keywords that your competitors rank for.

Detailed metrics show you exactly how these competitors rank, what kind of changes they’ve seen and more! You can hover over each element for even more details of what kind of content is working for the competition.


SEO Timeline: Events Correlated to Rank Fluctuations

When looking at the keywords in your SEO campaign, click on the little calendar icon to see a complete timeline for that particular keyword.

This timeline shows you events such as landing page changes, HTTPS migrations, new backlinks, Google Algorithm updates and more. It then shows you exactly how your rank for that keyword changed as a result of those events.


This fantastic tool gives you a special insight as to how your actions affect your ranking.

Want to share these insights with your client or teammates? Just click the “Share Insight” button at the top of the event timeline.

This creates a special link to a dedicated page that shows this timeline, and allows for comments and discussion at the bottom.


SEOmonitor Pricing

The price of SEOmonitor is completely customizable depending on how many websites you monitor and how many keywords you track.

This price per month ranges from $68 (one website and 300 keywords) to $4,400 (100 websites and 99,000 keywords).


This means that whether you’re an in-house SEO content marketing team or an SEO agency that works with hundreds of different clients, you can adjust your SEOmonitor plan to exactly what you need to it be. This also gives you the option to adjust the price according to your own budget!

All plans give you full access to all features of the tool, without limitations.

Who Can Gain the Most from SEOmonitor?

As we’ve seen, SEOmonitor offers an incredible amount of features. In fact, the list above hardly even scratches the surface!


Since the price is customizable, it’s a good fit for small or large teams, whether in-house or agencies.

This comprehensive and innovative SEO platform will probably be a bit pricey for freelancers and very small teams, but otherwise it can fit almost any budget and any team!

To take full advantage of all the features that SEOmonitor offers, it’s best suited to agencies who handle SEO for many different clients.

That being said, any SEO content marketing team will have a blast exploring and using the revolutionary technology within SEOmonitor. This tool will absolutely bring new life and excitement to your search campaigns.


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