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SEOprofiler Review: Will It Groom Your Site to Better Organic Rankings?

We’ve all heard the phrase “looks aren’t everything” a million times before.

It’s true that worth and quality aren’t tied to physical characteristics alone.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s wrong to groom yourself to look more desirable in the eyes of prospects.

Think about it: What’s the one thing you always do before a big job interview or first date?

That’s right—you face the mirror and make sure you look your best.


The same thing goes for SEO. Regardless of how useful or valuable your content is, search engines will ignore you unless you groom your site and make it look its best.

SEOprofiler, a one-stop SEO platform, can serve as your mirror when grooming your website.

It has a comprehensive array of tools and features that optimize every single facet of your site for higher rankings.

What Is SEOprofiler?


Unlike a plethora of premium SEO platforms available out there, SEOprofiler keeps you in the driver’s seat throughout your campaigns.

It gives you the tools to accomplish crucial SEO activities rather than automating them on your behalf.

Sure, SEOprofiler does provide you with recommendations on important tasks, such as on-page optimization and link building. But when it comes to the actual implementation of strategies, you’re still in complete control.

SEOprofiler Review: Will It Groom Your Site to Better Organic Rankings?

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at SEOprofiler’s features.

Website Audit

The first feature you may encounter with SEOprofiler is the free audit report, which is sent shortly after registration. To view it, wait for their email or go to the “Website Audit” tab.


In the “Overview” section, the audit report will show you every issue on your website that demands attention. You can also view more specific information such as your internal links, performance metrics and sitemap.

If you want to save your data, download the PDF report or click “Export” and select the information you need.


Ranking Monitor

The ranking monitor feature is one of the big selling points of SEOprofiler. As the name suggests, it monitors the success of your SEO campaign based on metrics, including but not limited to:

  • Ranked Pages  Compares your top-performing web pages in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!.
  • Monitored URLs — Lets you specify and monitor individual page URLs, be it from you or your competitors.
  • Ranked Tags — Lets you organize your keywords into tag groups, which you can then review via the ranking checker.

Another noteworthy area of the ranking monitor is the “Keyword Suggestions” section. Put simply, it can bolster your SEO strategy with keyword ideas that are related to the others in your campaign.


Website Analytics and Optimization

SEOprofiler is a web analytics and page optimization platform rolled into one.

Not only can it check your website for readability issues, but you can also link your Google Analytics account with the platform. This will consolidate and streamline all your optimization efforts.

For those who have never applied SEO before, a great way to start is to use the “Top 10 Optimizer.”

It provides a checklist of objectives that will help you reach the first page, such as backlink anchor texts, keyword use, title tags and meta descriptions.


Link Profiler

If you’re worried that your backlink profile might be holding back your website’s rankings, then don’t fret. The “Link Profiler” allows you to understand, clean and improve your backlink profile in one place.

For older blogs, eliminating low-quality and spammy backlinks should be your priority. For this, click “Link Disinfection” and enter your web address in the URL field.

The tool will proceed to detect suspicious links that may be harmful to your SEO, and you can then disavow the dangerous ones from within the tool as well.


White Label Reports

PDF report generation with SEOprofiler involves a ton of customization options.

You can specify a date format, choose a paper size and even insert your company logo. Additionally, you can give reports a total makeover by adjusting the color settings.

Regardless of your choices, you’re guaranteed a professional-looking report that’s built to impress. And to make sure you send reports on time, SEOprofiler includes a simple “Scheduler”:


Low Pricing

For all the punch packed into SEOprofiler, its incredibly low cost makes it an absolute steal. The standard plan starts at $69.95 per month, which already includes up to 10 SEO projects and 20,000 page audits.

You do, however, need to avail the professional plan for white label reports and the link disinfection tool.


Now that you’ve gotten to know SEOprofiler’s core features, it’s time to discuss its advantages over other similar platforms.

Broader Range of SEO Tools

SEOprofiler has everything you need, whether you manage the SEO of clients or your own business. It can help you kickstart your keyword research, monitor web analytics, plan your objectives from scratch and more.

RankWatch, for example, is a very similar platform that doesn’t include the real game-changing features like the “Top 10 Optimizer” and link disinfection. This is despite the fact that it costs a tad more for the “Pro” plan.


Despite the amount of data you can obtain, SEOprofiler’s user-friendly interface prevents analysis from turning to paralysis.

Most of the on-screen items have a small question mark icon, which provides a tooltip that explains what they mean. Furthermore, the retractable main menu also makes sure you never get lost as you explore the platform.

As far as user-friendliness goes, SEOprofiler is on par with Moz Pro and Serpstat—two of the most sought-after online marketing platforms in the market today.

Competitor Analysis

SEOprofiler’s competitor analysis features may be understated, but they can make your brand a force to be reckoned with.

Nearly every tool has a competitive aspect that compares your website with the top brands in your niche. This will help you find growth opportunities that you never would’ve seen without extraneous competitor research.

Although RankWatch also analyzes the online activities of competitors, it’s not integrated a number of important features that SEOprofiler has. Another similar platform, Mondovo, even lacks competitive analysis completely outside of social media.

Free Trial

To be fair, a handful of cloud-based marketing platforms already offer free trials. By taking SEOprofiler for a spin yourself, you can gauge if it’s worth the investment and if it’s a match for your SEO needs.

Social Media Integrations

Finally, SEOprofiler supports social media integrations with major platforms like Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Although the social capabilities of the tool are limited to analytics, it’s still a welcome addition.


SEOprofiler might be an SEO powerhouse, but it’s still not perfect. So, before you grab your wallets, here’s a quick list of the disadvantages that we’ve found so far:

Problems with Customer Support

Sadly, the support system of SEOprofiler is heavily ticket-based. While it does offer a wealth of learning resources, the absence of live chat hurts the support experience.

Slow System

Another disadvantage of SEOprofiler is the time it takes to extract sufficient data. There’s also a slight delay when navigating to certain sections of the dashboard, particularly those that contain reports.

Understandably, it does dig deep and recovers everything there is to know about your website. But that doesn’t make its sluggish performance any less of an inconvenience.


As an SEO tool, SEOprofiler has everything you can ever ask for and more.

The “Top 10 Optimizer” feature, for example, is especially interesting. It makes the platform an excellent starting point—even for businesses with newly-built sites. And for full-service SEO or marketing agencies, it would also smooth the workflow and trim the costs of campaigns.

Overall, I would recommend SEOprofiler regardless of where you stand with your SEO.

It’s comprehensive, easy to use, affordable and provides a ton of insights.


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