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Site Analyzer Review: The Best SEO Tool You’ve Never Heard Of

This might sound obvious, but branding and SEO go hand in hand.

It’s all about spreading the word, getting people to not only look at your content, but connect with it enough to buy what you’re selling.

We’re used to our SEO tools coming with a big side of thought leadership—a dose of actionable advice alongside paid solutions.

But, what about the SEO tool that doesn’t pump out tons of content on the regular? Or have any reviews?

Enter Site Analyzer.

This vaguely-named tool doesn’t have a fancy interface.

They don’t even have a blog.

But, they do promise to give you the insights needed to take on your SEO challenges from backlinks to rank tracking, and a whole lot more.

So, is this tool the sleeper hit of the SEO world, or does it lag behind competitors with more resources and a bigger audience?

Let’s take a look.

What Site Analyzer Does


Site Analyzer is a tool best used for reporting.

It tracks over 70 different data points over a variety of sections from your Google rankings to backlinks, and within those categories, reveals some general data about your site and how your competitors’ efforts stack up against your own.

Site Analyzer Review: The Best SEO Tool You’ve Never Heard Of


Cruising Through the Features

Site Crawl — One of the more appealing features in the suite, the crawler scans your website for broken links, errors, slow page speed, duplicate content and more.

It’s a lot like Moz’s Crawl Test, as both tools illuminate all the little SEO items that come into play. The benefit with Site Analyzer’s tool is, you don’t need to install anything to highlight things like broken outgoing links, 404 errors or indexation issues.

Page Analysis  Though somewhat similar to the web crawl feature, page analysis gives users a deeper dive into the website—analyzing each landing page, one by one.

The analysis covers all bases from keywords and SEO rankings to the design and accessibility.

When you run a report, the page is assigned a number between one and 100—an average score composed of multiple sub-categories like accessibility, design and content.


Rank Tracking  The rank tracking report is a pretty neat little feature.

You’ll enter your own domain, plus up to five others, plus keywords, and Site Analyzer will generate a report. The report looks at where each domain ranks on Google SERPs for every keyword you enter.

The basic plan looks at the first 100 results, but the higher tiers go a bit deeper.

What’s cool about this feature is, over time, you’ll be able to see if the little tweaks you’ve made to your website are paying off.

Rank tracking will help you identify content that’s performing worse than your competitor’s. Once you know this, you can get to work optimizing older pieces with new keyword research or creating posts based on the gaps in your competitor’s content.


Backlinks — The backlink reporting is standard fare. The report covers anchor text, domain influence, page influence, spam score and nofollow and follow links, and presents them in a simple list format.

It does provide users with link authority, highlights problem areas and helps you see which links your competitors are getting.

Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t allow you to disavow backlinks or plug in Moz or Majestic scores. It’s a solid reporting feature, but you’re not getting the deep dive you’ll get with Monitor Backlinks.

That said, if you want a quick snapshot of your backlink status, this tool gets the job done.

Site vs. Site  Site vs. Site is quite a bit like SEMrush’s domain vs. domain feature.

How it works is, you’ll enter two domains—yours and a competitor’s—and you’ll be presented with a look at the keywords both sites are ranking for. This includes overlapping keywords, plus a look at which search terms your competitors are using—and it’s integrated with a keyword research feature.


Site Analyzer Highlights

I liked how simple the reporting tool was.

I entered a client’s domain into the rank tracking campaign, plugged in the competitors, keywords I was hoping to rank for and bam, Site Analyzer comes right back with some results.

The tool tells you what’s wrong with your site within minutes and parses it all out so you can use this information wisely. Additionally, you’ll get real-time reporting, tracking the tool’s crawl of your site—which makes waiting for bad news seem fun somehow.

I liked the visual comparing the number of healthy pages to those with problems, and the fact that the tool made it easy to switch between different reports all generated from the same initial entry.

Plus, many of the reports had overlap—so, you could switch between rank tracking and backlink analysis without generating a new report or downloading a bunch of PDFs.

I definitely can see marketers benefiting from the quick access to information—it’s something you can pull up during a phone call to a client and easily identify problems and solutions.

But, Site Analyzer Has More Than a Few Problems

Interestingly, no one seems to be talking about this tool.

I checked out what Reddit had to say, and it seems that there are several people that had the same reaction as I did: The tool seems to do all the things you need it to, but where’s the buzz?

I’d hate to hold it against the makers, but I expect a SaaS solution to be run by people who know the ins and outs of digital marketing.

But, enough snarking, there are bigger fish to fry on this platform than its lack of buzz. I’m no social media star myself.

User experience, for example, leaves much to be desired. The platform is minimal, but it feels incomplete rather than edited.

Additional gripes include the lack of a CRM and the fact that there are no ways to tackle the SEO issues that the app so clearly illuminates. Reporting is great, but being able to correct broken URLs or disavow bad backlinks from within the tool would go a long way in saving harried marketers’ time.

Site Analyzer is affordable, easy to use and you’re getting all these data points, but honestly, other offerings are better.

For a comprehensive experience, Moz or SEMrush are a better bet—despite the higher price point. Neil Patel’s SEO Analyzer is free and just as easy to use.

Pricing Deets

The good thing about Site Analyzer? It gives you the ability to try before you buy. The tool comes with a 14-day free trial, giving you full access before committing to monthly payments.

Pricing is as follows:

At the lowest level, the service costs $49 a month for an individual user. From there, pricing goes up to $232 a month for agency subscribers.


Is Site Analyzer Worth a Try?

Does it really matter that no one is talking about this tool? Yes and no.

Because there are so many SEO tools in the game that offer even more features, Site Analyzer is going to have a hard time keeping up with the likes of Moz, SEMrush or Monitor Backlinks.

And it doesn’t seem like the makers of Site Analyzer are doing much to get their name out there or stand out in a crowded space.

Now, I’m all for the underdogs of the world and don’t have a huge commitment to brand loyalty, but the fact that there are virtually no reviews or mentions of people using the tool comes off as something of a red flag.

Still, at $49 a month, Site Analyzer is one of the cheaper options out there, though it is still outcompeted price-wise by Monitor Backlinks, which is still arguably a more powerful SEO tool.

You’re getting a ton of revealing data, sure. But, is it the best? I think the answer is no—Site Analyzer has a ways to go before it can compete in the big leagues.

Take advantage of its free trial along with the free trial of Monitor Backlinks, and compare them head to head.


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