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Review: What Makes Sprinklr a Powerhouse Platform for Social Media Management

For content marketers, social media feels like a monolithic beast that’s determined to destroy you.

Much of success in today’s online world depends on success in social media.

This beast can have a nasty temper. But it can be tamed—transformed into a purring, docile house pet.

Many times, companies sink under the weight of negativity on social media. Even more often than that, individuals and companies who are trying to promote themselves online are silenced by the sheer size of this beast, getting lost in the constant stream of information and updates.

To tame the beast of social media, you need to strategize and coordinate with all involved in order to attack with precision. Then, you need to be able to see in-depth how your actions have worked to tame the beast.

Today, we’re discussing a platform that can help you do all that and more: Sprinklr.

So what is Sprinklr, and how can this platform help you tame the beast of social media?

Review: What Makes Sprinklr a Powerhouse Platform for Social Media Management


What Is Sprinklr and How Does It Work?

Sprinklr boasts itself as the complete social media management system. It can help you in content creation and curation, social engagement, customer service on social media and so much more.

All of what Sprinklr does for you is for the benefit of your followers and customers, allowing them to have the best possible experience with your brand.

Sprinklr’s services are provided at large-scale capacity. Since the program is first and foremost designed for enterprise, even the largest and most international brands can find everything they need with Sprinklr.

Many household names in business use Sprinklr to help them manage the beast of social media, including companies such as Nike, Virgin America, Bayer, Cisco, HP and even NASA.

Sprinklr’s 5 Top Features and Why They Matter to You

1. Real-time Collaboration from Anywhere

Getting your entire social team on board with Sprinklr allows specific tasks such as content creation, posting and customer care to be taken care of efficiently.

Whether you’re managing social media for yourself, your agency or whether you manage social media for your clients, everyone who’s involved can have full, real-time access to what’s happening.

More than that, this collaboration can be done even from mobile devices. This means that no matter where you and your team members are, everyone can be on top of what’s going on with your brand on social media. This makes it much easier to respond to crises and take better care of your customers.

Sprinklr is available as an app for iOS, Android and Windows.

2. Synchronized Management of Over 20 Global Social Channels

When presenting either your own brand or your client’s brand on social media, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain the same image and impression across many different channels.

Also, ensuring that your entire team acts, posts and responds in a unified, consistent way across all channels can be a difficult task.

With Sprinklr, all of your social media channels are in one place. Managing them all at once becomes much easier. You can see exactly how your brand appears across different channels, and for different customers.

You can set compliance rules to ensure that all team members act in a unified way for the brand on social media. This ensures a synchronous experience across all social media channels and gives your customers access to better care—it’s what they call their “omnichannel view.”

With Sprinklr, you have access to over 20 different social channels, including the biggest names (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) as well as others such as Zendesk, SurveyMonkey, Renren, Flickr and LiveChat.

3. Plan and Optimize Marketing and Advertising on Social Media

Creating uniform content for your own brand or that of your client on a global scale is a beast-like task that’s nearly impossible without help.

That’s why Sprinklr helps you to adapt your content to different social media channels, ensuring a unified and smooth content marketing strategy, even at a global scale.

As for advertising, knowing how, when and where to post your social advertising campaigns can be a daunting task. To make this job easier, Sprinklr integrates first-party data so that you can see the specific results of your campaigns, adjusting your strategies in line with their effectiveness across many different channels.

4. Easy Problem-solving for Your Customers

Especially for agencies that manage social media for large companies, you’ll often find many of the same complaints from different people on social media.

While responding to each of these complaints across all social media channels would be an exhausting task, Sprinklr simplifies it with finesse.

With their case management services, Sprinklr allows you to group similar complaints together into a shared case. This lets you see the needs of each individual while keeping an eye on the situation as a whole. Each message gets a unique ID, and you can even assign one specific user to a customer.

Along with this, within the group cases, you can assign priority, check the status of each individual case and collaborate instantly with all team members.

5. Customizable and In-depth Reporting

Analyzing the cacophony of noise that’s constantly made by the beast of social media can be an overwhelming task. How can you as a brand or a social media manager stand out from the crowd? How can you truly understand and listen to your customers (or potential customers)?

With intuitive social listening, Sprinklr gives you the ability to see a complete view of your tribe on social media. With a customized research dashboard, you can see exactly what they’re thinking and talking about in real time.

Sprinklr’s system allows you to see the customers of your brand or your client as real people, not just as data on a screen. You can get a complete view of their interests, dislikes and even past interactions with the company.

All of this information, gathered from more than 20 social media channels, gives you a completely well-rounded view of your customer profile.

The Pros and Cons of Sprinklr: Where This Platform Stands Out


  • Easy collaboration for the whole team. Your whole team has real-time access and knows exactly what they’re doing to make your customers happier, even on mobile!
  • Detailed data that helps you see customers as people. See a 360º view of your customers in a simple and synchronous way.
  • Big brands stand as a testament to the platform’s success. Companies like Nike, TSA, Virgin America, Phillips and more use this Sprinklr for their social media management.
  • Integration with CRM and email. For a complete customer care experience.
  • Access to nearly every social channel. With over 20 social media channels available for management on this platform, you can’t go wrong!
  • Training to understand the product. Onsite and online education is available to understand the product, plus every account gets a Success Manager to help with use of the system for life.


  • With so many options, it can be difficult to use. To say that using Sprinklr has a serious learning curve would be an understatement. This platform can do so much that it will take quite some time to use it fully.
  • Users complain about slow response from support. Take that with a grain of salt, as there may be many more users out there who are totally satisfied with the support but are less vocal about it.
  • Platform is relatively pricey. While the price is certainly worth all of the features you get, the price is something that smaller content marketing agencies will need to take into account.

Who Should Be Interested in Using Sprinklr?

Obviously, Sprinklr isn’t for the everyday social media user. If you’re a large content brand, such as an international corporation’s blog, with a team set up for social media management and the budget for a truly professional system, this platform would be extremely useful to you.

However, I would say that the best fit for this platform are content marketing agencies looking to manage social media for large-scale clients.

If this is you, Sprinklr is one of the best platforms you could be using. Taking advantage of Sprinklr’s features will set you apart in social media management for your clients and will bring you quite a bit of business.

Since there are no plans or set pricing, you’ll need to contact Sprinklr in order to decide which features are best for your business and to hammer out pricing for your specific needs. Other users have mentioned that the price is quite steep, though reasonable for what you’re getting.

This being said, those who are only doing social media management on a small scale may prefer a system that’s less expensive.

Final Thoughts on Sprinklr

Sprinklr is one of the most comprehensive social media management tools currently available online. For content marketers who are looking to do social media management on a global scale, this platform is absolutely one of the best choices you could make.

Gone are the days of social media fear and rejection!

Using Sprinklr enables you to tame the social media beast into a friendly, harmless house pet.

Take full advantage of Sprinklr to burst into the social age with style and uniformity on a global scale.


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