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Traackr Review: Connecting You with Influencers All Around the World

People can tell when you’re just trying to get something from them.

When I was young, I would look up at my dad with the wide eyes that only a child can pull off and say, “Daddy, I love you.”

My dad would take one look at me, and 90% of the time would respond, “What do you want?”

He could tell when I was trying to butter him up in preparation for a request.

And guess what: so can the influencers you’re trying to win over.

They can tell when you’re not entirely sincere, when really you just want them to help promote your brand.

And when people think that you’re just going to ask for a favor, they’re much less likely to respond favorably.

So, is there any way to contact influencers, build real relationships and actually succeed at influencer marketing?

Today, we’re going to talk about a tool that’s built for just that purpose.

Who Is Traackr?


Traackr lives by the motto that influence is something that you earn, not something that you can simply buy.

It’s not focused on the short-term goal of getting influencers to like you quickly and promote you for a day. Instead, Traackr helps you to build lasting influence by creating real relationships with influencers in your niche.

This international company has offices in major cities around the US and Europe. With global reach, Traackr is used by some of the world’s leading companies such as Travelocity, OpenTable, HP, Capital One and more.

Many of these saw their online influence skyrocket from using Traackr. For example, Travelocity saw a 1,000% increase in online mentions, as well as a 1,200% increase in impressions.

This tool is built for those who are dedicated to making influencer marketing a long-term part of their digital marketing strategy, and is designed for large-scale campaigns across international audiences.

Traackr Review: Connecting You with Influencers All Around the World

So without further ado, let’s dive into exactly how Traackr can help you reach new influencers around the world, create lasting relationships and build an influencer marketing strategy that works.

Use Intuitive Filters to Search for Influencers

After you seed your initial list by including the influencers who are already advocates of your brand, it’s time to search for new influencers.

The influencer search within Traackr is extremely useful. It allows you not only to search within certain topics or keywords of your choosing, but also gives you easy-to-use filters in order to narrow down those results even further for the best, most on-target influencers.


For example, let’s say you’re looking for influencers to promote a brand that sells wearable tech accessories for women, and whose audience is mainly English speakers on the West Coast. Start your search with the right keywords, and then put some filters on the search.

In this case, you could filter for English-speaking influencers who are located in California. You could also filter for just female influencers, and could even search depending on which social media networks they have the most influence on.

From the list of results, you can add the best influencers to your list in Traackr and move on to the next stage of building relationships with them.

Beyond the search function, Traackr also presents you with suggested influencers based on your topics and the influencers you’ve already listed.

Customized Organization for Your Influencers

Once you’ve added influencers you want to engage with, you can group them together with tags. This helps you keep track of specific influencers within your audience, identifying exactly what they do or who they are.


You can also organize influencers by projects. Your projects are completely customizable and up to you. You can create projects based on the topics you’re working towards, specific audiences you’re trying to reach, marketing campaigns or anything else that suits your fancy!

Listen and Engage on Social Media from One Platform

The listening stream within Traackr lets you see what your influencers are talking about, who they’re connecting with and what interests them at the moment.

You’ll be able to see posts, pictures and more from different social media channels all in one place, giving you the ability to engage as the conversation is happening.

Too much noise? Don’t worry. You can filter the listening stream to see just what you need to, whether it’s brand mentions or topics that you’re interested in.


What does this listening stream allow you to accomplish?

It gives you the ability to engage with influencers in the perfect moment. Your brand can become a relevant part of a conversation, without having to be on social media 24/7.

It also allows you to become visible to the influencers you want to attract without sounding like a Twitter-bot. You can actually use this tool to create that first contact which leads to something more down the road.

Finally, the stream also allows you to see every conversation your brand has had with influencers on all social media channels, all in one simple view!

Keep Track of Hundreds of Relationships in One Place

Keeping track of many different influencers across different social media channels, plus the conversations you have with each individual, is obviously not easy.

However, influencer profiles within Traackr help you see the details you need to, and keep track of who is doing what for your brand.


In the influencer profile, you’ll see metrics such as how many followers the influencer has on each social media platform, what they’re talking about online, the audiences that they influence and more.

You’ll also see a quick overview of conversations you and your team have had with the influencer, as well as localized conversations with your team about the influencer.

This 360-degree view of each influencer helps organize your entire team for the common goal of creating influence for your brand.

Watch Your Brand’s Influence Increase, and See Who’s Making It Happen

Once you’ve engaged with influencers, you can watch the effect this has on your brand.

Traackr gives you some excellent reporting tools that allow you to see exactly what’s going on with your influencer marketing campaign.

Traackr reports

You see exact metrics such as how many influencers you’ve activated for your brand, how many brand mentions you’ve gotten, how many of those mentions have engagement and more. Here, you can keep track of your progress and improvements in your online influence.

Beyond that, you’ll be able to see your brand’s amount of influence online compared to your competition, and see who’s getting the better share.

But, how do you know what (or who) is causing that increase for your brand?

Traackr also shows you which channels are getting better engagements and which influencers are getting people to notice you more, along with the metrics for specific pieces of content to see what these influencers are doing to engage audiences for you.


All of this allows you to fully control your influencer marketing campaigns, and adjust them to get the best increase for your brand.

Traackr Pricing

Unfortunately, Traackr doesn’t provide pricing on their website. Instead, they invite you to try their free demo, and get in contact with them for specific pricing information.

According to a representative at Traackr, they provide annual subscriptions that are tailored to fit their clients’ needs.

To me, this all smells of an expensive platform. However, for those who have the budgets to incorporate Traackr into their marketing strategies, it will absolutely enable them to succeed at influencer marketing.

Who Can See the Best Results from Traackr?

Traackr is fully equipped to take your brand to the next level through influencer marketing. If you’re already convinced that influencer marketing is the way to increase your exposure online, and if you have a relatively large budget to work with, then Traackr is an excellent tool for you.

Since Traackr is 100% focused on helping you succeed at influencer marketing, it’s packed with specific features that accomplish this task.

However, this also presents a downside for most marketing teams.

Since influencer marketing is not the only type of marketing that your company is likely doing, this means that Traackr will be one of many different marketing tools you’ll be using, and is only useful for this specific purpose.

The point is this: If your team doesn’t have the budget for multiple marketing tools, you’ll probably need to search for a tool that’s more comprehensive for digital marketing in general.

On the other hand, if you’re part of a marketing team working for a large brand, or if you’re an agency managing the influencer marketing for a good amount of clients, Traackr is the perfect tool for you.

Its intuitive features allow you to create real relationships with influencers across the globe, and make it possible for your brand to truly succeed at influencer marketing.


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