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Outranking Your Competitors in SERP

Being number one in Google for your target keyword is definitely a good Christmas gift to your boss and a good start for you in 2014. Knowing that standing out in SERP for your keywords is way better than having your ads displayed on someone else site. Also, competing in any industry you are in is really pain in the neck and requires hard work to get good results that will make your boss love you and bump fist to you.

 With that being said, a lot of webmasters always tend to build links to increase the authority of their domain through:

Although, these are quite enough to diversify your links, there is still a probability to make your website suffer from a manual or algorithmic penalty by search engines. So how can you outrank your competitors without spending most of your time in building inbound links to your website?

In this post, i will be sharing some ideas that you can use to improve your website performance so let’s get started.

 Create Content that Earn Links

Content is a good way to increase the referring domain to  your site and most likely, these links that you will earn for your website are trusted links from websites related in your industry.

So if you have good writers in your team, encourage them to create content that can attract the attention of your audience such as:

  •  Tutorials – Advanced Guide to…
  • Expert Interviews – Interview with…
  • Resource Pages – FAQs, Strategies etc.

With those content ideas in mind, you cannot only help your website earn links that you deserve but you can potentially drive traffic to your site because most likely, the content ideas above are generally used by people to look for something.

 Increase Your Trusted Links

Trusted links are important in Search Engine’s perspective, and most importantly this is the best way to judge a website’s effort to increase it’s online presence. If your site’s link profile is full of crappy or spammy links, you better not to expect to see your website ranking in SERP.

So to increase the trusted inbound links to your website you should carefully pick the domain of your target websites that you want to link to. For example, if your domain is .ca, you would not drop a link to a .uk site even if the site is authoritative on its own. Why? Because it’s not geographically related to your target market and most likely, search engines will consider it manipulative approach.

How to do this?

You increase the trusted links of your website through contributing content to other related websites.

  • You can request to other webmasters to include your site link to their resource page – to relevant websites only.
  • You can request to bloggers in your industry for an interview post.

 Cleanup Your Link Profile

Removing bad links to your website is definitely an important way to make Google love your site. Since Google spam team always strive their best to encourage websites negative SEO practices, why don’t you make the initiative to remove the bad links of your website? Right?

You can clean up your link profile by doing an investigation to your backlinks. You can use, to see what type of backlinks your website has. You can try to look for the following potentially negative SEO approach:

  • Over optimized anchor text
  • Links from Penalized sites
  • Links from low quality directory sites
  • Links from spammy social bookmarking sites
  • Links from article sites

Once you have identified the negative inbound links to your website, you can use the disavow tool of Google to tell them which sort of backlinks that you don’t want them tp count as votes to your website.

Focus on Technical SEO of and for your site

Focusing on technical SEO of your site is necessary to identify the pages on your site that have some issues such as meta data or broken internal link etc. You can help search engine bots to easily access, crawl and index your website with having no difficulties at all.

Also, having website issues on a website can lead to poor search ranking so it is better to keep an eye on possible issues that your website might be suffering from.

Important areas you can focus on your website:

  • Site speed
  • Image Alt
  • Meta Data
  • 404 pages
  • Duplicate Issue
  • Broken Internal Links
  • Robots file
  • XML site map

Technical SEO is for advanced SEO enthusiasts but it can be learned by beginners too in a short period of time. Since this is the most critical part of on-page optimization, you need to make sure that your site is still search engine friendly and still on the right track of competing in your industry with minimal or no issues at all.

Outranking your competitors don’t only happen through number of links that you have, but the content your website offers. I know that providing content to your audience takes sometime to accomplish but if you intelligently provide content to your target audience, you can then enjoy the benefits from it in the long run.

joseph gojo cruzGuest blog post: Joseph Gojo Cruz is the owner of, a blog about link building, content creation, social media  and SEO strategies. 


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