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How to build backlinks with the broken links method

Are you running low on ideas on how to improve your link building strategy? In this article, I will show you how to build backlinks to your website through broken links. This method has worked perfectly for me in many niches, and I am sure it can work well for you too. It is 100% white hat and safe for any website to use.

Before I start showing you the steps you need to take, I will try to make you understand more about this strategy.

What is the broken links strategy?

The broken link building process is used by many SEO agencies and experts to build quality one-way backlinks. How can you do this? Easy! Here’s how the process goes:

You search for broken links on websites in your niche. Most likely these links will be found on “resource” pages.
When you find a broken link, email the webmaster and notify about the problem. Nobody likes 404 pages, and it’s also considered an SEO problem to link to pages that don’t exist.
In the email approach, suggest the webmaster to replace the broken link with your website. Because you have done a favor and told them about this problem, it’s more likely that they will link to you. Your website must provide valuable information in the same niche as the broken link.
Repeat this process!

Now the questions that probably come to your mind are:

Do I have to check for broken links manually?
How do you find sites that have broken links?
How to approach the webmaster?

How to check for broken links on a page

Install the plugin “Check My Links” for Chrome.

broken links plugin

This plugin will run all the links on the website and highlight the broken links with red. Instead of having to check all the links manually, this helps you automate the process.

When you are on the page where you want to verify the links, click on the plugin icon.

check broken links

If you don’t use Google Chrome or you want to do complex searches for broken links, use our HTTP Header Status Checker Tool.
HTTP header status checker tool at monitor backlinks

How to find potential websites with broken links

Most of the time, you will find these backlinks on resource pages, where webmasters tend to link to websites or articles. There are numerous .edu and .gov websites that have this page, and you can approach those, as well. I will show you an example on how you can find broken links from dog websites.

You can use these footprints in Google:

“Your keyword” + inurl:links
“Your keyword” + inurl:resources

Do a search on Google for: “dog breeds” + inurl:links

Broken links footprint

As you can see, there are thousands of websites that have resource pages. Now let’s check the first one. Click on the “Check My Backlinks” plugin and wait for the results.
broken links

I just found 22 broken links on the first page I just checked. That’s my first opportunity. It takes about 30 seconds to verify each page. Check as many websites as you can, and create a list with the ones where you find broken links.

How to approach the webmasters and request for a link

Now that you have created a list with the websites that have broken links, you will have to contact the webmasters. Your goal is to convince them to switch the broken links with your URL. Follow these tips:

1. Present yourself as a business owner that works in the industry. Let them know that the website they link to it’s no longer available and mention your website as an alternative resource. If you are trying to approach big brands of blogs, make sure you point to the benefits of adding your website.
2. Focus your attention on helping the webmaster, instead of concentrating on your SEO goals. Make them understand why they should remove those links.
3. You can also act like a fan of their website that has found this problem. Offer some alternatives, and include your website.
4. Try to find the name of the webmaster, and customize your email as much as possible. Don’t make your email look like a spammy template.

request for a link

From my experience, 30% of the webmasters will reply with a thank you message, and about 10% will add your backlink. Of course, everything is different from niche to niche, so the percentage can be higher or lower for you.

Good luck using this strategy, and let me know how it goes.




Felix thank you a big big time buddy! 😀
I was looking for something like this for so long. How come no one has seen this post yet?? You are in my bookmark now (y) Thank a million zillion trillion times!!
I have a question if you could give me an answer please?
Suppose I found broken links on White Aussies, now I should let the webmaster of White Aussies know that he got broken links? Or go to the broken links resource?


Hey Sharmeen,

Yes, you can contact the webmaster, and let him know about the broken links. Then, provide some other resources to replace that link, and you can include your own website.



Thanks a lot! I’m giving it a try. Let’s hope it comes out well for me.


Thanks Felix. I am gonna using this strategy for our SEO campaign. Though i know this technique but don’t know a proper way. but this post helped.

Walter Whitley

I enjoyed your article on broken links and I am going to try your method.


Definitely worth a try!!

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