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How To Import Your Links From Different Sources

If you want to monitor some specific links of your website, you can easily do this by importing them to your Monitor Backlinks account. Our tool automatically detects the file structure and recognizes links imported from Google Webmaster Tools, Majestic SEO, Moz and Ahrefs. In this article, I will give you a quick tutorial on how to import and keep track of any link, using our SEO tool.

Why you need to keep track of your backlinks

Backlinks are the most important ranking factor in Google, and, therefore, they are extremely important for any website. It’s vital to know if any of your best links are being removed or nofollowed.

Monitor Backlinks automatically detects your website’s new backlinks and status changes, when you connect your account with Google Analytics.

Table of content:

How to export links from Google Webmaster Tools

First you’ll have to export a list with the links provided by GWT. Login to your Google Webmaster Tools, click “Search Traffic”, then select ”Links to Your Site”.




From the module “Who links the most”, click on “more”.




On the next page, click on the button “Download latest links” and choose to export in a CSV format.



How to export your links from Majestic

Exporting links from Majestic is very easy. When logged in to your account, click on the button “Download all links”, from the right menu. Check screenshot below.



How to export links from Moz

To export the links provided by Moz’s Open Site Explorer, click on the button “Request CSV”.



How to export your links report from Ahrefs

From the left menu, go to the menu “Export” and select CSV. Check screenshot.



How to import links to your Monitor Backlinks account

Go to the Your Links section in Monitor Backlinks and click on the button “Import Links”.



In the popping up window, you’ll have to upload the file containing the links you want to import. You can also choose how many links from the same domain you want to be imported. This prevents importing hundreds of links from the same domain. Next, you can add a tag for all the imported links. The tags will help you filter your links in the future. Once uploaded the file, click the button “Import Backlinks”. Monitor Backlinks will automatically detect your file structure.




And that’s how easy it is to import new links to your account. Monitor Backlinks will now keep track of all your backlinks, and will inform you when any of them gets removed or its status changes. Need more support? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


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