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How do I increase my PageRank ?

I get this question a lot, and people asking how to increase their website PageRank and how Monitor Backlinks can help.

PageRank is based only on your backlinks (quantity and quality). What you should focus on are quality backlinks.

To give you an example, a few years ago I registered a new domain and got only three backlinks from homepage of domains with PageRank 6, 6 and 5. When the PageRank updated, I got with that website PageRank 4. Quantity is useless; you can get thousands of PageRank 1-2 links and still have a PageRank 1 or 2.

How Monitor Backlinks can help?

1. Monitor your competitors and get some of their backlinks

We check every several days competitors top links and will notify you if they get new backlinks. You will see their top backlinks so you can focus your effort on the backlinks that matter.

competitor links email alerts

2. Recover lost backlinks

We monitor your current backlinks and if you lose a link (or it turns nofollow/robots.txt blocked …) you will get notified. In some cases, it’s worth contacting the owner of the website and ask to fix the link.

3. Fix new backlinks

When you get alerted of a new backlinks, if you see it’s a 302 redirect, nofollow or a status where Google doesn’t flow PageRank, you can contact the owner and tell him to make it good.

new and changed backlinks

As a side note, when Google decides who to rank on a search for a specific query, PageRank is only a very small piece of Google Algorithm.


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