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How to setup your account & get email alerts

This is a step-by-step tutorial that will teach you how to start using Monitor Backlinks and take advantage of all the great features this tool has to offer.

In order to have a successful website, outrank your competition, not chase them. It only takes 2 minutes to setup your account, and then you can sit back and relax. Monitor Backlinks takes care of everything for you. Get email alerts automatically when:

  • Your website gets or loses backlinks
  • Your competition is doing an aggressive link building campaign
  • The backlinks status changes from “OK” to “broken”
  • Somebody has started a Negative SEO campaign against your business
  • An important website has written a review about your company

All these alerts are vital for your reputation and SEO rankings.

How to add the domain you want to monitor

Once you have created your account, it’s time to add the domain you want to monitor.

1. Login and click the button “Add domain” from the left menu.

How to add your domain on

2. Choose to add your domain with the most popular method: Connect with Google Analytics (SEO Auto Discover)


SEO Auto Discover on MB

3. Monitor Backlinks will now request you to grant access to your Google Analytics account. Select the profile that you want to monitor. Once selected, click “Add domain”.



Grant access to Google Analytics on Monitor Backlinks


4. On the next page you can choose to add your two main competitors. Our tool will track their backlinks and keep you informed with their latest link building strategies. When they will get or lose links, you will be the first one to know. Keep up with them!

We recommend you to add your competitors, but if you don’t want to do this now, you can skip this step and add these later.


Add your competition

5. Monitor Backlinks will automatically extract your most important keywords.
The rank tracker tool tracks your keywords and also of your competition. You can compare the results and see where you can improve your rankings. Each week, you get a detailed report about your keywords position in Google.
Review the list generated and make sure your main keywords are inside. You can add or remove them later.
Add your keywords for ranking checker
6. You are done, your domain will now be monitored! You can concentrate your efforts on improving your SEO campaigns.
Monitorbacklinks dashboard

Alternatives to add backlinks

If you don’t want to add your domain using your Google Analytics account you can choose to select one of the 4 other alternatives:

1. Add quick link (manually add a link).

Add a manual link on Monitorbacklinks

With this option, you can manually add a backlink that you want to monitor. Here are some scenarios where this can be very useful:

  • You have bought a link or a banner that expires in 3 months. You can monitor the link, and know if it’s removed before it should be.
  • If your website received a Google penalty and you are trying to clean your backlinks profile. After you have sent email requests to webmasters for links to be removed, Monitor Backlinks will check your links status, and alert you when removed.
  • An important website has placed a link to your website, and you want to check if they will keep it live.

2. Backlinks checker

The Advanced Backlinks Checker generates a list with your website’s backlinks, anchor text reports and website statistics.

You can import these links to your domain profile by clicking the button “Monitor all Backlinks”.

Monitor your backlinks

3. Import links from file

If you already have a list with the backlinks that you want to monitor, you can choose to import them.

Select your Excel file, and use the format recommended in our sample.

Import from file

4. Bookmarklet

With Bookmarklet, you can easily add backlinks from any page. All browsers are supported: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

Drag the “Backlinks Bookmarklet” to your bookmarks bar.

Bookmarklet to add backlinks

From the page, you want to import the backlinks, drag a selection around the links you want to import and press the “Bookmarklet”.

You must be logged in to Monitor Backlinks for this option to work.

If you are facing difficulties in adding your domains or your have any questions, contact us.


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