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Do You Know How Your Hired SEO Company Is Building Backlinks?

How do SEO companies build backlinks?

That can be a hard question to answer—and unless you’re using a high-quality SEO company, you’re probably not going to like the answer.

Shady SEO companies tend to build shady backlinks.

Well, a friend called me today and said that he’s not happy with the results of his hired SEO company, after paying for 4 months for link building services.

To start, he had no clue what SEO even means.

He was actually asking me if I provide SEO services, but I don’t have the time any more.

Luckily, he had a Monitor Backlinks premium account, and he got notified when he started to get links from Asian countries and porn websites.

how do seo companies build backlinks

When I checked his account, I saw hundreds of links from hacked websites (using GET URL variables), porn websites and so on…

Black hat links

He asked for a report on all the acquired links from that SEO company, and when he got it, he sent it to me. I just imported all the links, had a quick look, realized that there is not a single high-quality link there and quickly disavowed them all.

I also imported a previously disavowed file from GWT and resubmitted the new disavow file using Monitor Backlinks.

Took me like 30 minutes.

how do seo companies build backlinks

Without knowing about the backlinks his SEO company was building for him, he could have ended up with his website penalized by Google. That can take months or even years to recover from!

So, do you know what links your hired SEO company is building for your website? The question is equally important for SEO companies that work with freelance link-builders or that employ white label linkbuilding sevices.


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