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Yaro Park Interview About SEO And Earning Links

It’s been a while since we’ve published an SEO interview on our blog. Our special guest for today’s interview is Yaro Park. You might know him as the blogger from Residual Incomer, but we’ll let him describe himself.  Without any further ado, here’s the interview with Yaro Park.

1. Please introduce yourself and tell us how you start doing SEO.

My name is Yaro Park, and I am a software developer and online entrepreneur as well blogger at Residual Incomer.

In May of 2014, I started looking for ways to get out from my full-time job and invest money some online business. I didn’t have any clues about SEO world, affiliate marketing and so on. But I knew that something like an online business should exist.

Why? Before I started a full-time job in the one of the biggest IT corporations I run eBay business. And was making enough money for living. So I knew there is something similar exist, but with less time involve.

And I was thinking this way. I am IT person, and I don’t have anything online which is bringing me profit every month. I started digging online and stumble upon on Flippa website where I found a bunch of online businesses examples. Marketplaces like Flippa can be a gold mine to get ideas. Then I started researching about SEO world.

After one year, I have around eight websites that I am working on and many more hanging out in the sandbox.

Also, I developed Quiz Creator plugin for WordPress and working on Amazon FBA business.

My goal is to quit my full-time job at the end of 2015. The goal is set! Now time to take action!

2. What’s your prediction for SEO, 5 years from now? Will links continue to be the most important ranking factor?

As you can see by history, SEO changed a lot, and it will be different five years from now. I think related backlinks will be still one of the biggest ranking factors, but it will be on the same position as social signals. And algorithm will adapt to humans (visitors) and will change based on visitors interactions.
Google already give a push to the websites that have big social signals and where people spend more time on the website and so on.
Major ranking algorithms will be:

  • Related Backlinks – And only related backlinks will be counted as ranking signals and spammy, not related links will hurt the website or won’t do anything at all.
  • Social Signals – Shares, Likes, Pins and so on. The more page has likes and shares the better ranking will be.
  • Visitors Behavior – If visitors enter to your website leave right away then your website isn’t what people are looking for. Why then bother to show on the top? But if visitors spend 10+ mins on average on your website and go through 10+ pages then your website is exact resource visitors are looking for.

3. What’s your favorite technique to do email outreach?

I am trying to become “an online friend” with the blogger before sending email. For example, I will start a comment on his blog, retweeting his posts on Twitter or share through other social networks. In the comments and tweet, I will try to communicate with the blogger as well so they will remember my name and who I am.

Then I will analyze his website or business model and send a helpful email or only after all of this I will send an email where I will ask about guest post or other collaboration.

4. What do you prefer, Link building or link earning? How do you get links in competitive niches?

Here is an example: SEO niche. And I think it’s the most competitive niche right now. Everyone is fighting for the spot on the first position in search engines.

I will suggest doing Skyscraper technique, but not just get the popular topic and make it better. I will look into some niche topic that wasn’t covered yet and will make the best resource of it.

Don’t try to write about Skyscraper technique and beat Brian Dean in ranking. Try to write an article about how to improve user experience on your website or how to fake it at least.

5. What’s your favorite method to build links?

I have multiple ones:

  • Make Viral Quiz – You can create a quiz with my free plugin for WordPress. Make it go viral, outreach to related websites and earn links.
  • Niche Skyscraper technique – As I explained before. Find the topic that wasn’t covered yet and make the ultimate resource. And you also can combine the quiz with the ultimate resource you created. Also, you can convert to video, infographic and so on. The sky is the limit!
  • Steal competitions links – Outreach to bloggers who linked to your competitors and asked for links. Add Wikipedia links and from others high authority websites.

6. What links are working best for you? What links you recommend avoiding?

What works best for me? Related niche tiered links.

What do I avoid? Pure spam links on not related websites.

Even if you are building links in through comments or forums to drive traffic then never write the same text everywhere. Instead provide interesting information or pitch in your opinion about the topic to continue the conversation.

7. What’s your biggest SEO accomplishment? How did you do it?

Nothing special here.
I have one of my websites ranking #1 in Bing and Yahoo for the main keyword (18k monthly searches). And other ones ranking on the first page of Google.

How did I get on the first page of Bing and Yahoo?
Bought related expired exact match domain, build better articles and posts.
That it ☺ The profile of expired domain was good as well.

8. Has any of your websites ever been penalized? Did you recovered? How?

Yes, one of my websites got penalized just after couple months since I bought it from Flippa.
How had this happened? I didn’t have any experience in SEO world, and I sell one place for backlinks in the sidebar.

Couple days after link placement I received a message through Google Webmaster Tool saying that my website has unnatural outgoing links.

How did I recover?
Right away I removed the backlinks and send reconsideration letter. It took about a week for them to review the website and disable penalization. But unfortunately, organic traffic recovered only around 35%.


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