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Find Backlinks Pointing To Broken Pages And Redirects

We, at Monitor Backlinks, are always looking for ways to improve our SEO tool, and we listen to our user’s suggestions. We are glad to announce that we have just implemented a new feature that allows you to find websites linking to broken pages on your site. You can easily identify all active backlinks and also determine those that are not working properly and even find bad redirects.

Find websites linking to broken pages

Sometimes, it happens that a webmaster accidentally writes the wrong URL of your website, and as a consequence, he links to a page that doesn’t exist. If you have such links, with Monitor Backlinks you can easily identify them and by doing a slightly different broken link building technique, you can change them into working backlinks.

To find all websites linking to pages with errors or redirects to your site, from the ‘Backlinks’ page, click on ‘Filters’ and then on ‘Others’. Select ‘Pages with errors/redirects’.


You’ll then get a list with all backlinks having problems. On the column ‘Links to’ you’ll see a short status of the issue found on each backlink. Monitor Backlinks checks for 404 errors and also bad redirects.

broken links

It will help you take action and fix broken links, so you can get the SEO benefits of having backlinks pointing to your site.

How to find working backlinks

With this new feature, we are also allowing users to find all backlinks that are active, no matter if they are no-follow or do-follow. Click on ‘Link found’ and select ‘Yes’.

find working backlinks

To find all backlinks you have lost because they were removed or for whatever reason they are non-functional, you can use the same filter, but click on ‘No’ instead.

Reach out to the webmasters and tell them that your backlink is not working anymore and suggest them to fix it. Doing so will help you regain your lost backlinks.

How useful is this feature for you? What else would you like to see implemented into Monitor Backlinks?




Sonia Pitt

This is a really crucial thing to know the broken link pages which got linked from other external sites. And the tool looks really good at this job. I am working with several clients and will to use this tool. Is the free trial version need my credit card details or not?

Felix Tarcomnicu

Hi Sonia,

Thank you for your kind words. The free trial doesn’t require your credit card details 🙂

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