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How to check if your backlinks are indexed by Google

In order to have a successful SEO campaign, you need to check if your new backlinks have been indexed by Google. Whether you are building links using guest posts, forum marketing, broken links or any other method, monitoring your links is very important.

In this article, I will show you how to verify if Google has indexed your new backlinks.

Check your links status

To check your links, you will have to login to your Monitor Backlinks account and go to “Backlinks”. If you haven’t created an account yet, you can start your free 30 days trial now.

On the “Backlinks page”, you can find all the links pointing to your website. Look for the 3rd column, “GI” (Google Index). The links that have a check mark, like in the screenshot below are the ones indexed by Google.

links indexed by Google

When your backlinks are not indexed, you will see in the column “GI”, their status as:

  • PNI – Page Not Indexed. Sometimes it takes a few days for Google to crawl new pages.

  • D+P – Domain and Page not indexed. Either the robots.txt is blocking Google bots to crawl it, or the website is new, and Google has not yet verified it.

Links with SEO value

If the links are indexed, do they pass Page Rank?

Just because your links are indexed, it’s not always the case that they also pass Page Rank. You can easily verify if they do, by checking the column showing your links status. Those with the “OK” status, will be considered by Google, and therefore, they will pass SEO value.

These are the indexed links that do not pass any Page Rank:

  • Nofollow

  • Meta Nofollow

How to manually check if my links are indexed by Google?

If you want to verify just one or two backlinks, you can copy and paste your links in Google. Let’s say for example that I want to check if a Pinterest link has been indexed by Google. Here’s the results that I get when the link is not indexed:

Manually check if link is indexed



iSpy Quality

Backlinks are no good to you if they aren’t indexed.

gốm sứ Minh Long

how to make google index social profile?

Felix Tarcomnicu

be patient, Google will index them once it will find them.

Jimmy Dev

Hey i would like to know how to index backlinks manually? so that penguin won’t get chance to penalize my website……….

Felix Tarcomnicu

I am not sure what do you mean. Google penguin doesn’t penalize website because they have unindexed backlinks.

Rohit Singh

Thanks Moniter backlinks is one of the best software to keep track of your links which helps tremendously to improve our ranking in google

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