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Why checking all your links HTTP Status is important

If you have broken links in your website or bad redirects, you can lose a lot of SEO power.

Scenario: Losing great page PageRank value

Let’s say you build a page named example-of-great-tool.php. It has great content, people link to it, but in your website where you want to mention your page, you sometimes make a typo mistake and type emple-of-great-tool.php (see the missing a in example). Without even knowing it, you will lose link value and people will get a 404 Page not found HTTP Code Error.

Using HTTP Header Status Check

There are various offline tools to crawl your website and search for bad HTTP Status links (like 302 Redirects or 404 Not found), but if you want to check really fast a web page, you can use our new SEO Tool: HTTP Header Status Check

See a sample of a report for bellow:

If you see any errors or want us to add new features, let us know what you think about this tool.

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