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6 Ways To Do SEO Even If You Are Not An SEO Professional

Your website is important. You know this already. It’s the platform that helps you convert visitors into paying customers. Hence why you should care about every aspect of it. More traffic usually equals more sales and the chance for business expansion. In your journey to getting more quality traffic and leads, Monitor Backlinks is the best tool that can ease things up for you.

Let’s dive into the 6 ways Monitor Backlinks can help you do SEO, even if you are not an SEO Professional.

1. Outsource Link Building

Did you hire an SEO company or virtual assistant to do link building for you? Do you know what they are doing and what links they are building? If this is your case, don’t be one of those who trust the contractor fully. Putting all your eggs in your SEO company’s basket, without analyzing the backlinks they are building, is a recipe for disaster.

SEO is mostly about backlinks; Thus it’s important to know what links your website is getting. Ask your SEO company or virtual assistant about the strategy they want to implement and what kind of backlinks they plan to build.

With Monitor Backlinks, you can easily keep track of all your website’s links. Our SEO tool sends email alerts when you get new backlinks, so you can be up to date with your SEO company’s progress.




It’s important to understand that not all SEO companies and virtual assistants are trustworthy, and some of them might use sloppy techniques, like building low-quality backlinks that can penalize your website. And trust me, you can’t afford having your website penalized. It often leads to bankruptcy.

With that said, always compare the reports your SEO company or virtual assistant are sending to you, with the reports you get from Monitor Backlinks. Use the metrics provided by our tool to determine if the new backlinks are good or bad. If you think something wrong is going on, stop any collaboration with those that are doing link building for you. Check our article about the difference between good and bad backlinks.

With Monitor Backlinks, you’ll get weekly SEO reports, automatically. Each report includes data about organic traffic growth, keyword rankings, backlinks details and more.

2. Analyze your SEO progress

What makes Monitor Backlinks great is the fact that it’s simple and built to save you time. Unlike other SEO tools that give you data on demand, Monitor Backlinks gives you all the reports automatically, right when you need them. Best of all, you’ll get the weekly summary and backlinks alerts by email.



Using Monitor Backlinks you won’t have to login to your account every day to see what has changed, and this way you’ll get more free time for things that matter. Our SEO tool also includes a keyword rankings tracker that can give you insights about your progress in Google.

3. Protect from negative SEO attacks

Unfortunately, negative SEO is more common than you would think. Hence why protecting your site from such attacks is required. Negative SEO works like this. If your competitor wants to outrank you using black hat methods, they can send hundreds or thousands of spammy backlinks to your website. Most of the time these links will use the same anchor text, and they will come from websites with a stained reputation. If Google sees that your backlinks are unnatural, they will penalize you, and this way your competitor can outrank you. It’s a shameless and disrespectful way of doing SEO, but unfortunately it’s a common practice these days.

Even if you are not an SEO professional, you should know if such attacks are unleashed against your site. With Monitor Backlinks, you’ll be alerted immediately, and have time to act before it’s too late. It’s easier to prevent than recover from a Google penalty. Do consider that recovering takes time, and there is no guarantee that you’ll ever fully recover the lost traffic.

4. Maintain a good business reputation

Nowadays competitors would do anything to outrank you, hence why your business reputation is vital. It’s important to keep a clean backlinks profile, not just for SEO, but also for a good reputation. Think about this for a second. What reputation would your website have if hundreds of spammy backlinks from unrelated forums or blogs would link to you? Definitely not a good one.

Monitor Backlinks will let you manage your reputation online by telling you when and who is linking to your website.

5. Spy competitors online marketing strategies

Another thing you can do with Monitor Backlinks is to spy your competitors link building campaigns. Every ten days, our tool automatically checks the backlinks your competitor has received and gives you a quick report. This way you’ll see what bloggers have reviewed their products or how they are getting more backlinks. You can use this feature to your advantage and get in touch with those that have already interacted with your competitor’s products.

Replicating the best backlinks of your competitors will help you outrank them in Google and become the authority in your niche.

Can you do SEO as a Non-SEO professional?

Yes, you can do SEO and manage your campaigns if you use Monitor Backlinks. Numerous entrepreneurs and small business owners are already using our tool to get more insights about their website’s performance. If you haven’t yet created an account, start the 30 days free trial and give it a try. It’s worth it.


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