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Ask Me Anything with Razvan Girmacea, CEO of Monitor Backlinks

Yesterday, Razvan Girmacea, CEO of Monitor Backlinks, participated in a “Ask Me Anything” session on Twitter with @StartupKit. You can find the entire conversation using the hashtag .

Q&A Session Summary

Vlad Stan: Thanks @monitorbacklink for doing this #startupAMA! 1st Q: Why & when should startups pay attention to their SEO strategy?

Razvan Girmacea: Startups should start paying attention to their SEO strategy before launching their website. This is when they should do keyword research and optimize the code. . After the website is launched, watch out for opportunities to get backlinks with the help of their connections.

Vlad Stan: How does @monitorbacklink work?

Razvan Girmacea: Connect your domain on @MonitorBacklink and you will get e-mails when something important happens. You will get new link email alerts for your website and your competitors. You can track your SEO progress with our reports.

Vlad Stan: Could you develop on the backlinks part?

Razvan Girmacea: Entrepreneurs should contact bloggers in their niche and websites that write about startups and tell their story. Don’t be afraid to ask others to write about your startup (they will also add a link). Not asking and waiting will not work.

Vlad Stan: How much experience do you have with SEO?

Razvan Girmacea: I have been working as an SEO in a way or another for about 7 years (along business & web development). Every decision I’ve made, I’ve also though how I can benefit from SEO in the long term.

StartupKit: How valuable are these backlinks?

Razvan Girmacea: Before Google ranks you for some specific keywords, they look at your website if it’s relevant. Then Google looks for that other websites “vouch” for you with backlinks. If these websites are relevant and strong, you are worth ranking well, and Google will place you on the first page.

Andree Mihalcea: Could you share an AHA moment related to your business?

Razvan Girmacea: After launching, I discovered that I have competitors :). I pivoted to find the market fit (1 more year).

StartupKit: Who are your competitors? How is @monitorbacklink different that competition?

Razvan Girmacea: Any other SEO tool is a competitor, even if they don’t offer the same features. This is because the user will only use a few tools. We choose not to offer complex features so we can target markets and entrepreneurs, making SEO consultants our second market.

Andreea Mihalcea: What actions does Monitor Backlinks help me take?

Razvan Girmacea: helps you discover relevent websites that can write about you by following your competitors. You can manage relationship with people that write about you by knowing immediately after they link to you. Our tool also helps you recover your website if it’s penalized, by showing you the bad links that you should disavow in GWT.

StartupKit: This sounds great! And could you somehow quantify the impact @monitorbacklink has on a startup when used constantly?

Razvan Girmacea: You can see how the links that you are monitoring affects your average keyword position and finally Google’s organic traffic.

StartupKit: And our last question. Thinking about the future of your product, what are you the most excited about?

Razvan Girmacea: We are growing steady now so we will be able to focus more on innovation than on revenue.


Do you have any questions for Razvan? Leave your comments below, or connect with him on Twitter.



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