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How To Build Links Using Monitor Backlinks SEO Tool

A common question among our customers is: “How can I build backlinks to my website, using Monitor Backlinks?”. Therefore, we decided to write an article and show how Monitor Backlinks can help you get more links and improve your organic traffic.

Monitor Backlinks is an SEO tool that helps you determine what links are good or bad for your website. It also helps you keep track of your rankings in Google and spy your competitors SEO campaigns.

Monitor Backlinks is not a link building tool. However, if used right, it helps you find new opportunities to build backlinks.

Without any further ado, here’s how to build links to your website, using Monitor Backlinks.

Spy competitors SEO campaigns

For each domain you connect in your account, you can also add up competitors, and spy their backlinks.

To add your competitors click on ‘Competition Links’ tab and then on ‘Add new competitor’.



Monitor Backlinks automatically checks for your competition backlinks and gives you a list with all their links. When your competitor builds new backlinks, you get an email report, so you can catch up with their progress.

Spying your competitors backlinks gives you a huge advantage and helps you find new link building opportunities.

Replicate your competitors most important backlinks, and eventually you will outrank them in Google.




To determine what are the most valuable backlinks of your competitors, you can compare:

  • Trust Flow
  • Citation Flow
  • Number Of External Links
  • TLD/Hosting IP Location
  • Anchor Texts

Backlinks with a “Common Backlink” tag are from domains where you already have a link.

Take the most important backlinks one by one and determine how your competitors have gotten a link on those websites. Find a way to replicate the backlinks that have the most SEO value, and the results will come.

Be very careful when choosing competitors, and make sure you are spying the ones that are not using backlinks that are violating Google’s guidelines. It’s best to find competitors who are actively doing link building campaigns and follows the best practices.

Find websites linking to wrong pages on your site

It sometimes happens that a webmaster links to your website but accidentally misspelled your URL. Therefore, instead of linking to the correct article, it links to a page that gives a 404 error. Needless to say, such links won’t help you gain better rankings in Google unless you ask the webmaster to replace the link with the correct one.

With Monitor Backlinks, you can easily identify backlinks pointing to broken pages and redirects.

From the “Your Links” page, click on ‘Destination page with’ and then check ‘Pages with errors/redirects’.




Once identified these backlinks, contact the webmasters and ask them to replace the wrong URL with the correct one.

Identify your website’s best backlinks

To understand what backlinks you should build to your website, you have to pay attention to those that are influencing your rankings right now. Build more similar links and keep the momentum going.

With Monitor Backlinks, you can sort your links by the numerous filters available and determine the ones that are the most valuable.

If your website gets more high-quality links, you’ll see how your average keyword position will increase, and the traffic along with it.



When building backlinks, make sure you are not abusing your anchor text. Otherwise, you might end up being penalized by Google Penguin. Always keep an eye on your anchor text distribution, from your ‘Links Analysis’ page.



Also, look at your website’s pages that have the most backlinks. Try to create a diversity and make your backlinks profile looks natural.


Monitor Backlinks can help you analyze your website’s backlinks and keep track of your SEO campaigns. Use our SEO tool to find new opportunities to build backlinks and grow your organic traffic.

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