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What Domain Extension (TLD) Is Best for SEO? How to Achieve Domain Domination

Almost 1 billion domains have been sold since 1985.

Nowadays, choosing a domain name is much trickier than it used to be a few years ago.

Brandable domains are a dying species.

Many people have started to register domains with extensions that are less popular and not so good for SEO.

If you want to buy a new domain for your business or mobile application, there are several things you should consider.

In this article, I will give you some tips for buying a good domain name for SEO and choosing the right extension.

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Now, on with the tips!

What Domain Extension (TLD) Is Best for SEO?

When buying a domain, it’s important to understand that you must choose only Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD).

These domains can help you stay competitive in search engines and will also increase your brand reputation. Why? Because these domains don’t target specific countries and they are widely known.

According to Google, these are the Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) recommended if you want to compete worldwide.


Does this mean the rest of the domain extensions are not good for SEO?

Yes and no.

If you want to rank high in, you must choose a gTLD.

For instance, if you own an electronic store that sells products worldwide, choosing a .com, .net or .org domain extension would be the best solution.

However, there are times when you’ll want to stray from this list. If, for example, you want to sell products only in Germany, you can go for a .de domain extension, and Google will understand that your goal is to rank higher in

One Common Domain Mistake to Avoid

Due to the lack of brandable domains available, many entrepreneurs make the mistake of choosing a country-level domain without realizing that this will hold them back from ranking in Google internationally.

Let me give you another example. The website may sound very brandable and easy to remember, but, in fact, it’s not a good domain to have if you want to rank for worldwide terms. Google considers this domain regional and it will only rank in

Domain Domination: More Tips for Buying the Right Domain

Once chosen a good domain extension for SEO, you can find a domain name that’s easy to remember and easy to spell. Here are some tips you must consider:

  • Choose a short domain with maximum 20 characters. Longer domains will look like spam.
  • If available always choose .com .org or .net domain extensions.
  • Pick a domain that’s easy to remember and one that you can build a brand around it.
  • Avoid more than one hyphens in your domain name.


Think about who your audience is and determine what type of domain is the right one for your unique business.

Don’t buy country-level domains for the sake of owning a domain that sounds nice. Give yourself the power to go global with an internationally-appealing domain.



Ali Abrahm

Thank for the tips Felix, appreciate it. I only knew that regional domains are pretty restricted to its location. I was about to get another domain (.my) as I’m from Malaysia but luckily I found your article first. Have a good day Felix.


I am glad the post was helpful for you Ali. Thank you for your kind words.

Matthew Chalk

Great write up! Interesting however. I think new tld’s (such as the .marketing tld) will stick in a potential customers mind, as apposed to a boring .com 🙂


It could be the case 🙂 Have you seen the new extension .sucks? 🙂 Taking trolling to the next level


Ah, this explains why my domain ending in .xyz has such poor SEO — thanks for the confirmation.


Unfortunately, those domains are not very good for SEO.


Dear Felix,

What about extensions like
? For a worldwide audience?
Thank you!

Felix Tarcomnicu

.co domains are ranking fairly well in Google. unfortunately .estate is not very valuable for SEO


Hello Felix,

Great post 😉
What do you think about SEO for .asia domain ?
Will it be as good as .com gTLD?

Felix Tarcomnicu

Hi Jarod,

Go for the .com if you have something available 🙂 It’s easier to remember and it’s the best for SEO

Phillip Blackwell

I’m assuming .us domains rank well within the United States, but would a state name after that increase ranking within that state?

For instance..

Felix Tarcomnicu

Hi Philip,

Yes, having the keyword in the URL will definitely help.


Many people think that picking domain name with keyword will help a lot, but it can work otherwise. Google likes brands, and seeing domain like “” won’t help. Especially when you can’t use your brand in content. You’re out of brand and it brings more problems than advantages. Of course it’s not always like this, but its better to use only brand or brand with keyword.


Hello Felix i have read your article on domains extensions quite educative for me,i am having problem with my online shopping store we have launched 3 months before but SEO result are very heartbreaking for me our domain URL is i think domain extension is the main problem please tell me if you any solution

Felix Tarcomnicu


Indeed your domain extension is not very good for SEO. I suggest you buy a .com, .net or .org domain, and move the website. Do a 301 redirect to the new domain. That should help


Hi Felix
is there any other solution ..?because we invest many in domain marketing and also 4 letter domain is not available in .com .net or .org domain extension i have 5 other domains related to our company name in etc is this help full in this case …?


Hi Felix, I’m a Web designer and I recently purchased a .website domain in hopes of get more noteriety. Do you think this gtld will take off for developers? It seems like getting a decent .com with under 15 characters is nearly impossible.

Felix Tarcomnicu

Hi Ken,

.website is not a TLD. You can find Google’s TLD list here:

also, do consider that all TLD extensions are weighted the same:


Hi! Interesting article 🙂

I am from the Netherlands. I only want clients from the Netherlands, so a .nl extension seems logical. I am a professional, does for instance the .pro extension rank high in google. There is a large amount of websites / companies that already have domains with good keywords for my business. And what about a .edu domain? I have got a company in education/tutoring What do you recommend?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


Janak Kumar Yadav

Great insight Felix, but it seems like .Gov is a country specific domain, mainly for the US. I have a question in my mind, what if someone buys country specific or some other GTLDs not menioned above in your post but creates great content for worldwide visitors(thus generating traffic worldwide), will then that country specific domain be featured as per its ranking to search engines???

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