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4 Ways to Use a Free Backlink Checker to Jump Start Your Link Building Strategy

Have you ever had a dead car battery?

No matter how hard you twist the key, your car just won’t get started.

Until it can get the jump start it needs, the car is stuck.

Unfortunately, dead car batteries happen all the time.

When you’re not paying close attention, you can make mistakes—and they can cost you.

Think of an unmonitored backlink strategy like a dead car battery.

It’s there, but it’s not really working the way it should. You’ve neglected it, and now it needs a jolt to get back to business.

In order to get your backlink strategy to start benefiting your website, you need to give it a jump start.

And the best way to do that? With a backlink checker.

These tools have a simple purpose: to help you analyze your link profile and re-energize your strategy.

Using the Free Backlink Checker from Monitor Backlinks, I’m going to show you how to get just the voltage you need!

What Is the Free Backlink Checker?

The Monitor Backlinks Free Backlink Checker provides you with an easy-to-read overview of any website’s most popular backlinks.

As part of the free tool, you can assess the 300 best backlinks for any domain, as well as your total number of backlinks and how many unique domains are pushing to your website.

To get started, just enter the URL of your website and hit “Check”.

You’ll be given a list of your top 300 backlinks and their most important metrics, so you can assess exactly how your link profile is performing.



The Free Backlink Checker is a toned-down version of the Monitor Backlinks main tool.

It gives you one free website report a week, which you can use to check your own link profile or your competitors’ link profiles, to get a feel for how your backlinks are stacking up against the competition.

Although the free tool is a limited version of the main tool, it can still provide you with the information you need to jump start your backlink building strategy and decide the next step to take.

Let’s take a look!

4 Ways to Use a Free Backlink Checker to Jump Start Your Link Building Strategy

1. Get an Overview of Your Website Authority

When it comes to backlinks, search engines will want to push sites with more authority towards the top of their results list. In order to build your authority, you need to secure backlinks from other high-quality websites.

Knowing which backlinks are the most influential to your SEO strategy can help you know which types of websites to target for additional links.

With the Free Backlink Checker, you’re given a rundown of your top 300 backlinks. You can clearly see where your most important links are coming from, what page they push to within your website and what your anchor text is.

When you know which links are contributing the most to your SEO strategy, you’ll know what additional links you can target to improve your website authority and get even closer to the top of SERPs.

The Free Backlink Checker will also show you the Trust Flow and Citation Flow of the domain. These metrics, scored out of 100, tell you how trustworthy and popular a site is.



In an ideal world, you want your Trust Flow to Citation Flow ratio to be as close to one as possible (with the average Trust to Citation ratio sitting at 0.5).

With the Free Backlink Checker tool, you can assess how the two compare on your own link profile, as well as how they compare to your competitors’ profiles.

2. Keep an Eye on Your Competition

While the Free Backlink Checker is great for understanding your own backlink strategy, it can also be used to get to know your competition.

Through scanning for your competitors’ backlinks, you can check the websites linking to their content and compare how your link building strategy is working.




When you run a report on a competitor, you’re given access to their top 300 inbound links. You can also see their number of total backlinks, their Trust Flow and Citation Flow, and what unique domains are pushing to their content.

However, to improve your own SEO strategy, you’ll want to take a look at the sites that are providing them with high-quality links.

By evaluating sites that are contributing to your competitors’ SEO strategies, you can create a new list of websites to reach out to.

Knowing that these sites are interested in what your competitors are sharing typically means that they’ll be interested in linking to your content as well, if you’ve created something of equal or—preferably—better value.

3. Control Your Anchor Text

One of the key metrics shown in the Free Backlink Checker is the anchor text used for each backlink.

This is the text that the reader will need to click on to go to your website, and having relevant anchor text is important for attracting new leads and showing search engine crawlers what your content is about.




Unfortunately, your backlink anchor text may be largely out of your control.

While you want the text to be as relevant as possible, you don’t have the power to make the changes on your own.

However, using the Free Backlink Checker can help you identify any anchor text errors that may be hurting your SEO strategy and allow you to ask for changes or updates.

The tool doesn’t give you complete control over your anchor text (no tool does—you’re at the mercy of webmasters!), but it can give you the ability to make connections and pinpoint areas that need changing to help your SEO strategy improve.

When you’re keeping a proper eye on your anchor text, you can reach out to website owners and request a change when it’s needed.

4. Know Your Best Backlinks

One of the best features of the Free Backlink Checker is that you’re able to recognize which websites are truly contributing to your SEO strategy.

While you want to gain backlinks from high-quality, valuable websites, sometimes your best backlinks aren’t the ones you expect. Knowing which ones are bringing you the most attention can help you refine your link building strategy.



With the free tool, you’re able to see which pages are contributing the most to your SEO. You’re shown the top 300 backlinks so that you can get an overview of the links passing on the most support to your SERPs positions.

With this information, you can understand which of your pages are getting the most links—these are the ones you should be using for targeted outreach.

Since people have already gotten value from your content, you have a higher chance of getting more backlinks with that content and boosting your strategy.

After you’ve identified your best backlinks, you can also reach out to the owner of the websites already linking to you and see if they’d be willing to include additional links to your page (or other pages on your site).

Keep Your Link Building Strategy Rolling

When you’re starting with little to no link building plan, or your strategy has fallen flat, the Free Backlink Checker can give you all the information you need to bring it to life.

However, if you’re serious about improving your website with a link building strategy, you’re going to want to dig a bit deeper than what the free tool can offer you.

With limited access to reports, information and insights, the free tool only scratches the surface of what you really need to know. Upgrading to the Monitor Backlinks main tool can help you keep your link building strategy running like a well-oiled machine.

When you upgrade, you can run full reports on your website as well as your competition. By eliminating the one search per week limit, you can keep an eye on how your strategy compares in a more efficient manner.

Additionally, the main tool allows you to set up alerts for any time you or a competitor has a change in their backlinks, so you don’t even have to do manual checks!

Monitor Backlinks offers customizable pricing plans, making it easy for businesses of all sizes to gain access to the main tool and start building the inbound link strategy they need to truly see their website take off.


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