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How you need to change your Guest posting strategy post penguin?

Today I am going to tell you how you can do guest posting in a Google friendly way post Penguin 2.0.

When this article was published on Problogger, it sent shockwaves throughout the SEO community. Guest blogging became an instant hit immediately after the Panda and Penguin updates. But with Google’s latest Link Scheme updates sites that accept guest posts and sites that do guest posts for links may get penalized.

The reason for this is the low quality of content that gets passed on as Guest posts. Today it is no different than article marketing.

The kind of guest posting pitches  that I get every day have it made quite clear to me that it has been done to death by spammers.

Dear marketer, I am not looking for a high quality article on finance that my audience would find heavenly when you have not bothered to know my name or the kind of posts that get published here.

For example,I rejected this post because the guest blogger mentioned that he had seen some guest posts here but I have not published a guest post yet. It is quite evident that he/she did not spare a moment going through the blog.

guest posting post penguin

When you send an e mail requesting to guest blog please make sure that there are no grammatical mistakes. Your e mail is your resume here.

Guest posting request bad grammar

Do not go for sites that are not related to your blog. It would hurt your rankings.

Guest posting wrong niche


What is the right way to do guest posting?

Guest posting is not about the links it creates,  its about the relationship that you create with a blogger. There is no better way to connect than a one to one way created with a personal approach and nothing gets more personal than you taking the time to study a blog.

Let your best posts be guest posts. You are meeting a new audience with your guest post and you should religiously work towards impressing upon them that you are different. That is the only way in which you are going to create an impact on people and lead them to your site.

Why not write something closely related to what has been already doing well with the blog?

Search for the best blogs in your niche that allow other people’s content. And if that blog does not usually allow that then make it your goal to be on that blog. I have heard it is next to impossible to be guest blogging on Glen Allsopp’s blog ViperChill or on Smart Passive Income. Why not give a try?

Does this strategy work?

If you ask Leo Babauta on how he built a blog that ranks among the 25 best blogs on the world wide web as per Time Magazine he would attribute that to guest posting.

It is all about quality, what exactly is quality?

Do you know the reason why links from article directories were considered as spam. It was easy to get a link and as a reason people submitted thousands of articles that served no purpose. It gives quite a bad impression about your site. On the other hand if you do guest blogging on  a site from where it is easy to get a link then your link may not be that worthy.

Spinning your guest posts and publishing its copies all over the web is not a good idea either.

Watch this video where Matt Cutts explains Google’s views on guest posting.

The wrong way of guest posting, writing for links

Guest posting on lot of sites too does not add any benefit since it would give an indication that you are indulging in some form of malpractice like buying guest posts to have so many  anchor text optimized links popping up too soon.

It will not work for long.

Don’t forget to read why Neil Patel says that it is not an SEO trick but a legitimate way to build a million dollar blog.

And guest posting that is done in a way that gives a do follow link may not be very healthy for the site owners either.

Instead of linking to your website, link to the author account of the author on the site. Let Google know that you are the creator of the content and let them appraise you as an authority.

Even though the “rel=author tag” is not a ranking factor right now but in the future your sites may be ranked based on which field you built your expertise via guest posting. Copy blogger declared the year 2013 as the year of the online writer. Authorship is the future.

One more thing is that when Google sees links coming to your site from neighborhoods that are entirely not that cool, house a lot of spam then it would classify your site too as one bad apple. Be careful of where you guest post.

It impacts what you will be in the future.


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