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[Case Study] How to Boost Your Digital PR and SEO with Monitor Backlinks

Looking to improve your digital PR activities?

To inform your link building outreach and keep track of your results?

Wish you could check out your competitor’s SEO and link building strategies to see what’s working?

Or, are you just looking for an all-around SEO boost?

Monitor Backlinks can help you with all of that—and we’ve recently spoken with a Monitor Backlinks user who’s really taking full advantage of the tool for digital PR purposes.

Below, she has been so kind as to share her positive experience working with the Monitor Backlinks tool.

[Case Study] How to Boost Your Digital PR and SEO with Monitor Backlinks

Name: Kat Quinzel

Website: Vintage Cash Cow

1. Why did you decide to start using Monitor Backlinks?

Well, it’s been a bit slow on the PR front. I haven’t been doing PR for very long at all, it was just something I was trying my hand at to help the business out.

It was hard getting journalists and high authority blogs to link to us. My biggest issue was that I didn’t know what was newsworthy. What would they want to write about us?

When I saw that Monitor Backlinks would show me where my competitors got their links from I thought it could really help me to narrow down great places to target for PR and give me ideas for stories to pitch.

2. How do you use Monitor Backlinks?

I love the Competitor Links section! This one:




From here I check how many links my competitor is adding and at what frequency. I find out where their links are coming from, the quality of the links, and who’s talking about them. This is gold for PR.

The other bit that’s super important for me is our own backlink profile.

Something I didn’t appreciate about PR is that when you pitch to someone or answer a journalist request, they don’t always tell you when the piece goes live.

The very first time I logged in to Monitor Backlinks I was blown away. I thought most of my PR efforts had fallen flat, but here were a tonne of links we had about us that I knew nothing about!



It surprised me even more to find that some of the articles we’d been mentioned in had been syndicated to other platforms and not always in a good way.

And last but not least, the keyword rankings. I’ve been learning SEO too! So having somewhere I can log in and easily see all our top Keywords and monitor competition for them is really useful. Also because it shows you what your competitors’ keywords are it gives you ideas for new ones!

3. What are your favorite features of Monitor Backlinks?

All of them! But, if forced to choose it would be these:

The Link Analysis section. It’s great to see an easily digestible set of graphs that explain your backlink profile in detail. It’s also a great way to share that information with other people in the business.

The dashboard for the same reason. Being able to see everything quickly and easily makes it easier to prioritise what to work on next.

4. How has Monitor Backlinks improved your website or e-commerce business?

Well, so far we’ve been able to identify links we didn’t know we had and clean them up too!

According to our dashboard our average keyword position has risen by 13.9% and as a result our organic traffic has grown as well.

A surprising side effect is that we’ve been able to drop rankings for keywords we didn’t actually want to rank for.

It’s also given us new ideas for links and rankings that we are currently working on.

5. Has Monitor Backlinks solved any problems for you? Has it made any tasks easier for you?

Yes, it has made actually monitoring the backlinks easier, but I think the biggest problem it solved was on the PR side of things.

Not knowing when a journalist or blogger has written about you means you can’t maximise the coverage by sharing it, etc.! So that’s the biggest problem it solved for me.

6. Has Monitor Backlinks help you improve SEO metrics or manage your site’s growth?

Our average keyword position went up by 13.9%.

We got 4 new backlinks.

20.5% increase in organic traffic from SE.

As far as I can see we haven’t had a huge number of sign-ups, but it’s early days for some of our better links.

So, in part, yes. It has helped me with growing links and finding new sites to approach and some new ideas for growth have come about from looking at the competitor section.

With the SEO I think there were many factors to the rise in our rankings. It’s something we’ve worked very hard on recently.

7. What recommendations do you have for other Monitor Backlinks users?

Absolutely make the most of the tool. Click around, click on everything! The tool will actually teach you what you need to know. If you hover over any of the headings it explains what the metric is and what it’s used for.

So, my recommendation is to spend a good amount of time understanding how to get the most out of the programme.

8. How can we improve Monitor Backlinks?

I actually can’t think of anything I would change about it. Maybe in the future you could add an option to contact the owner of the site or maybe include a link to a contact us page on their site. Just a way to more easily get in touch with site owners if you need it?

9. What other tools are you currently using to manage your website?

We use a tonne of tools. SEMrush, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Screaming Frog to name just a few.

10. Have you used other tools similar to Monitor Backlinks? If so, which ones, and how do they compare?

I think Ahrefs does something similar and I’ve recently started using that for keyword research. I think Ahrefs is great for different things, like monitoring PPC campaigns.

Even though it gives me similar information on the link profile to Monitor Backlinks I prefer the clean and easy-to-read design of Monitor Backlinks.

Like what you saw in Kat’s case study? The next step is to try out Monitor Backlinks for yourself with a free, 30-day trial of the tool.

If you have an amazing experience with Monitor Backlinks, then you’re welcome to submit your own case study too! See more information here.


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