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Keep Track Of Your Backlinks And Link Removal Campaigns

Building backlinks requires a lot of efforts, hence why you have to make sure they will last. For best SEO results, your best backlinks have to stay alive for as much as possible. Losing links is not a viable option if you care about SEO.

When backlinks are removed or changed, Google might consider them unnatural.

In this post, I will show you how to keep track of all your backlinks and assure that your rankings will last. If you are running link removal campaigns and you want to know when your links are removed, this article will also be of help.

Why should you monitor your backlinks?

Link building campaigns are not just about building or earning links. What’s the point, if you can’t keep them? Monitoring your backlinks is just as important as building them. Sometimes, it happens that a webmaster accidentally removes one of your links or maybe decides to change your link from dofollow to nofollow. If you know exactly when your backlinks are removed or their status changes, you can act ahead of time and maybe there’s still time to get the link back.

Monitoring your backlinks helps you keep a healthy link profile for your website and maintain your rankings in Google and other search engines.

If you are running a link removal campaign, keeping track of your links is critical. You have to know when your bad links are being removed.

How to monitor your website’s backlinks

Manually checking each backlink is time-consuming and most of the time not worth it. If your website has hundreds or thousands of backlinks, you might end up spending hours doing something that can be done automatically without any effort.

With our SEO tool, Monitor Backlinks, you can keep track of all your website’s links, automatically. To get started, simply register an account and then connect your domain with Google Analytics.

Once added your domain with Google Analytics, our tool will keep track of all your backlinks. When any of your links is removed or their status changes, you’ll get an email alert and also see the new status in the backlinks page.



Using Monitor Backlinks is the easiest and most convenient way to keep track of your link building campaigns and backlinks. Connect your domain, and everything else is automated. It’s as simple as that.

With Monitor Backlinks, you can also add tags to your links. It can be very useful if you want to see how the links of your workers are evolving, or if you are running different link building campaigns. To add a tag, go to the left side of the backlink row and click on the gear icon and then on “Edit.”



To find your tagged backlinks later, you can use the top filters and sort your links by the tags you’ve created.

What should you do if a link gets removed

Once you are alerted that one of your backlinks has been removed, quickly decide if it was a good backlink or a bad one. If it was a good backlink, try to get it back by contacting the webmaster.

Guard your good backlinks and make sure none of them is accidentally removed.


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