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Recover from Google Penguin Penalty the right way!

One of the most important algorithm updates from the last years is definitely Google Penguin. It was first announced on April 24, 2012 and it has affected dozens of thousands of websites and business. This update affect websites that have a lot of low quality, unnatural backlinks.

Although it is possible for your website to recover, there are lots of business that are still affected by the Penguin ranking penalty.

I’m going to show you in this article how can you recover from Google Penguin Penalty the right way, so you can get your reconsidered by Google and then back in SERPs where it was before the penalty.

Step One: Analyse your website backlinks and identify the suspicious ones

  1. Firstly, you need to analyse your backlinks using a tool like Backlink Checker (if you have troubles in doing it, check this step-by-step guide) backlink checker
  2. Look for the backlinks that come from low quality websites, low quality links like footer/sidebar backlinks (most of them will probably have zero relevancy & same anchor text) or anchor texts that repeat too much (except brand anchor text). or which have lots of links in their footer .


Step Two: Remove the low quality and spam backlinks & Monitor your actions

Be patient and pay attention to this step, bececause it is extremely important (perhaps the most) and if you do it wrong in the first place, there may not be a second chance to do it again.

  1. Contact the webmaster of the website of each of your suspicious backlinks and try to convince them to remove your backlinks. As I mentioned before, be careful and try to personalize your email for each webmaster. Take in consideration these tips: 12.
  2. Monitor your backlinks and see which ones of your suspicious backlinks got removed/changed (our tool is automatically notifying you if there were made any changes to one of your backlinks added in your dashboard account).
  3. If there are still backlinks which didn’t you wanted to, but didn’t get removed, try to contact the webmaster again in 2-3 weeks from the first e-mail
  4. Wait for another 2 weeks (time while you hope that your second emails were took in consideration 🙂 )

Step Three: Get your list of removed backlinks & Make a Google Reconsideration Request

  1. Export your backlinks (check this step by step guide) as a .CSV file using “404 not Found” filter.Export suspicious backlinks
  2. Make a Reconsideration Request using your .CSV file. Take in consideration these tips: 12.
  3. Be patient (again), wait and don’t send another request, because it can take a while until your website will be reconsidered (from one week to two months).

I hope that this guide will get your website back where it is his place (front pages of SERPs) and that our tool is helping you in monitoring your backlinks. If you have any question, please ask them using our comments form.

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